Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Have you lost one of your canes?

It was a question I asked my husband on Friday afternoon (as he hadn't mentioned it all day I decided to) in the office and it was nothing to do with gardening.

I'd found one in my underwear drawer, a short one, remember I showed it you. 

It came from Coventry Canes ages ago, as past of a set, and it used to be longer but my husband cut it down and smoothed the tip for otk use, I think it's 7/16" thick if I remember correctly, no idea what that is in millimetres but I do know it's still very flexible and it hurts like hell.  

"Why do you ask?" Said P, turning round from his desk and looking at me as if I was asking a really weird question.

"Because I found one in my underwear drawer this morning....and wondered what it was doing there."

"Was it about two foot long with a black handle?"

"Yes," I said.

"Ah, that one........no, it's not lost at all, I knew exactly where it was, in fact I put it there. Appropriate place for a nice stingy little cane, don't you think? It goes well with things in underwear drawers.......and things associated with such drawers.... delicates, silks, lace, bottoms, intimacy, scents, privacy, intrusion, I can think of all sorts of associations, yep." He was smiling now.

"You still haven't said what it's doing in there," I reminded him.

"Well it's resting, at least for now. But it's got work to do later, it's going to chastise the owner of its soft and silky temporary home."

"Oh really, what for?" I asked feeling myself go all warm inside.

And then the bloody phone rang and broke the little repartee we'd started and it didn't return because things got a little busy for a while and it was forgotten, or so I thought. Just after 5.30pm, P came and stood behind my desk, reached forward and pushed the ans button on the fax anwer machine which sits on the corner of my desk (its big and old fashioned but we keep it because it makes good quick copies, and my desk has loads of space). I swivelled my chair round to face him but he turned me back to my desk and put his hands on my tits, fondling them gently as he told me he hoped I hadn't forgotten our little conversation earlier. Christ, if I had it certainly didn't take me long to remember it and I squeezed my legs together and let out a tiny moan.

My husband started massaging my shoulders, he's very good at that in fact so good I think he could do it professionally but I'm glad he doesn't. I felt the day's stresses disappear, his hand went back to my tits only this time under my top where he could tweak my nipples, I told him someone might come in but he didn't stop and I didn't stop him. Completely irresponsible, I know, as his left hand stayed with my nipples and his right slipped inside the waistband of my trousers and down below desk level where, he said, no one could see what was going on even if they did come in. They would still have seen him leaning over me, obviously groping I thought, but still I didn't stop him and when his right hand slipped under the gusset of my knickers I still didn't stop him, instead I started moaning gutturally and wiggling in my seat. And if a strange DHL man had walked in two minutes later they would have seen a woman behind a big desk wide eyed apparently struggling quite violently as a tall man held her down with one hand by then over her mouth as she orgasmed. And he would probably have called the police or, worse still, rushed to my assistance and gotten into a fracas with P.....or if someone from the other offices, who knows us, had walked in, well I think we'd be looking for new offices:)

After I recovered my composure, I went and turned the snib on the office door and gave my husband a well deserved blowjob. I didn't get caned later but P told me I must keep it in my drawer, he said it'll get used soon enough. 

Promises promises.



Michael M said...

It is nice to have the freedom of the house to leave implements around a little more openly. I am sure that the cane will land soon enough for you. We need warming up a bit in this weather.

Anonymous said...

You can smile to yourself and feel your tummy do a sharp twist every time you open that drawer !

We still have to be very careful but we have our two canes and a tawse nailed to the back of our bedpost. I hated it when Peter had to go scrambling around for them.


findingsara said...

Wow, when I think of what my works days are like...they seem pretty darn uneventful! You've got some nice work benefits going!

Well good for you!


an English Rose said...

Oh. my goodness and in the office too!! WE keep all our toys in a suit bag in my husbands wardrobe. Our kids have left home and still we are not brave enough to leave them about. Sarah, how brazen: nailed to the bedpost LOL , Love jan.xx

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I've never actually felt the cane like most have here, but I feel something very close. If you have window blinds look at the rod the opens and closes them. It comes down very easy and believe me it's very whippy and delivers a big OUCH. Every time we have company and I look at a window I wonder what they would think if they knew a spanking implement was in plain sight.

Roz said...

Very nice Ronnie. I always enjoy reading your stories. Have to agree keeping the cane in the underwear drawer does seem appropriate LoL


DelFonte said...

Just measured my knicker drawer - to narrow to fit a cane in. Feeling disappointed. What a sight to see every morning.

PK said...

Well I think... I mean I ... Oh heck, I'm just going to take a cold shower!


PK said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a very hot story with us.

Waiting for the cane is sooo hard. P is really teasing you. I hope you do not have a long wait.


Kaelah said...

Sounds like a nice promise, Ronnie! :-)

ronnie said...

Michael - Son away for a few days:) I was in the garden last week tidying up and now this week, shivering with minus temps. That's the UK weather for you.

Sarah - Ours are locked well away in two cases. Thank you Sarah.

Sara - A little irresponsible but hey you only live once:) Thanks Sara.

Jan - All ours are hidden - out of sight out of mind that's what I say:) though sometimes I'd like to be able to hang them in the bedroom. Thanks Jan.

Archedone - We do have window blinds, never thought of the rod and I wont be mentioning it to P. Thanks Archedon.

Roz - Appropriate for who:) Thanks Roz.

DelFonte - Hello to you. This was a larger cane but P cup it down for OTK use. Thanks DelFonte.

PK - Hope it cooled you down. Thanks PK.

Joey - He can be a real joker at times. Thank you Joey.

Kaelah - One I know he wont forget about:) Thank you Kaelah.


Hermione said...

What a lovely nest for the cane. I'm sure it's having a fine time in there with all the laces and silks.

IS there a part-time opening in your office? What a pleasant place to work, and the benefits are great.


Dee said...

And who said office jobs were boring :)

Dee x

Our Bottoms Burn said...

panting..heavy breathing...
Well, you have jumped started my morning.

Nothing like inducing anticipation, (putting the cane in drawer) and then talking about it to get your mind right. And then the fondling at the office, sealed with a promise for future action.

You guys are living the good life.

Bas said...

With these kind of happenings in the office and at home, who needs to go outside in the UK weather?

That said, could you please stop sending that weather to us?
My spring-flowers are freezing to death in the garden!

sixofthebest said...

Yes, the joys of anticipating a good caning on your bare bottom Ronnie, must be most pleasureable indeed. Here's hoping that wonderful feeling will soon come about.

Meg said...

My, what a pleasant work environment! Thank you for sharing.

MrJ said...

You sound like longing forward...

Cat said...

Oh my...definitely getting warm in here! Dang, that's what I call outstanding employee benefits.

Would still get rid of the darn cane. ;)


sunnygirl said...

Don't do this to me first thing in the am, it's not fair. Now I'll be squirmy all day. lol

ronnie said...

Hermione - It can stay there for a long as possisble. There are a number of offices in the building and we each have are own keys for front and back doors so can come and go any time. Thanks Hermione.

Dee - LOL. Not me. Thanks Dee.

OBB - I'm getting to the stage, who cares, you only live once so enjoy as long as we don't get caught:) Thanks OBB.

Bas - Have to send it somewhere - I hate the cold. It was -6 -7 in our area last night. Thanks and good to see you Bas.

SOTB - I hate waiting. Thanks SOTB.

Meg - Hello to you. Being self employed and having your own office certainly has its benefits:) Thank you Meg.

MrJ - Now what makes you think I'm looking forward to being caned:) Thanks MrJ.

Cat - I have a good boss who gives me plenty of office benefits. Thanks Cat.

SG - May I suggest you go and have a word with hubby:) Thanks SG.


1manview said...

Naughty, naughty.. Being caught must of raised the
excitement.... P is such a tease leaving that cane in your drawers, i mean panties, no knickers.. hehehe...
Now we know why you keep that daytime job.. :)

peace and love

Minelle Labraun said...

What a great way to beat the stress of the day...Whew girl!

Terpsichore said...

sounds like a good day at work...hope you don't have to wait long for the promise... :-)

Zoe said...

Very hot and at work. The cane in the drawer would definitely have me thinking. Love the interaction.

Lea said...

Wow! Well that's certainly one way to spice up a work day! ;-)

ronnie said...

1MV - Was a little naughty, wasn't it:) Thanks 1MV

Minelle - The benefits of having our own office. Thanks Minelle.

Terps - A good day in the office:) Thanks Terps.

Zoe - Hello. He can be a joker at times. Thank you Zoe.

Lea - I like those type of work benefits:) Thanks Lea.