Friday, 8 March 2013

Ebay Spankings and.....

Rambos Amadeus Spanking. Original movie photo - Slatkoi od Snova.

Could this be your Great Grandma?

Rare 1930s Jim Black

.....This is what I found in my underwear draw this morning. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 

Have a fun weekend.



Anonymous said...

Oooo the big meanie...has he put it there so you're left angsting all day ? I don't think I'll ever shake off the love/hate with the cane.We've got the same all works out for you.Probably best to put your best knickers on so at least there's a time delay as he lovingly unpeels them...but, no...that's doesn't help either...oh dear...I'll go and leave you to it...I'm making things worse.Gulp. Sarah,LD,UK

sunnygirl said...

I'm thinking he's thinking about his new years resolution. Have fun.

Michael M said...

Enjoy yourself. I don't think it is an obscure message.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I think you are right, but to remove all doubt why not ask him? Great old pictures.

MrJ said...

I am not entirely sure whether I am thinking what you are thinking, Ronnie. ;-)

Ami Starsong said...

All I'm thinking as I write this is "what an extremely TIDY underwear drawer you have"!!! I shall now have to go and totally sort mine out! Nice crop by the way - could lend you a 'schooling whip' if you'e like?! LOL!



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, great pics, thanks for sharing. Hmm, I'm with Sunny. Have fun :)


PK said...

I'm not sure, were you thinking 'Quick, hide the damn thing?'


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the vintage photos.But, I like the last one best of all.

I hope that you have a really fun weekend.


Hermione said...

I like the sketch of the woman spanking a bare bottom in the pool.

Have a great weekend!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I had never considered the width of a drawer to be so significant. Perhaps this is why Bacall has her panties in a narrow drawer, but mine are in a wider one. But, not wide enough for a cane. Looks like someone is going to have a good time this weekend.

Cat said...

Hey Ronnie...Thanks for sharing the pics, they are great.

Not sure I'm thinking what you're thinking...I'm thinking "hide that darn thing quick!".

Have a great weekend.


ronnie said...

Sarah - LOL. P uses that cane mostly for OTK so I can't have been that naughty:) Thanks Sarah.

SG - I wasn't:) Thanks SG.

Michael - Neither do I:) Thank you Michael.

Archedone - No, I'm waiting for him to say something or use it which ever comes first. Thanks Archedone.

MrJ - I know you are thinking exactly what I'm thinking. Thanks MrJ.

Ami - You call that tidy. Thank you for the offer of the schooling whip but if you don't mind I'll pass:) Thanks Ami.

Roz - You both could be right. Thanks Roz.

PK - That's what you'd be thinking:) Thanks PK.

Joey - I'm not the best at taking photos but that came out OK. Thanks Joey.

Hermione - Quite a nice one. Thanks Hermione.

OBB - So in your opinion, getting a caning the weekend is having a good time? I totally agree:) Thanks OBB.

Cat - Did think that for a minute but I dare not do it. I have put it back where it belongs. Thanks Cat.


Julia said...

I am thinking fun night last night...:)

ronnie said...

Julia - Hello. That's what I'd like to say but hasn't happened yet:) Thank you Julia.


1manview said...

You do realize that us guys are not looking at the cane, but wishing our ladies had a assortment of panties like yours (Blushing ).. ;)

abby said...

Love the pics...and oh...the anticipation of finding something unexpected in the undies drawer...looks like a fun time ahead!
hugs abby

Dee said...

Ahahaha, this made me smile, probably just like you did :)
Have fun :)

Dee x

Minelle Labraun said...

I think I'd be hiding with that thing...with something else maybe not!

ronnie said...

1MV - :) I do have a knicker fetish, buy far too many:)

Abby - I quite like that cane. Thank you Abby.

Dee - I did smile at first. Thank you Dee.

Minelle - My firs thought but that would be worse for me:) Thanks Minelle.


MrJ said...

OK, we may have had the same thought. Bow what really happened?

Anonymous said...
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findingsara said...

In your underwear drawer? Subtle is he? Have a wonderful weekend Ronnie, and great pics!


ronnie said...

MrJ - The caning didn't happen. Thanks MrJ.

Sara - id make me smile for a minute. Thanks Sara.