Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bottoms Up

Thanks for joining me for another Bottoms Up.

This week we have one from a fellow blogger - Wilma over at barneymarriedwilma.

Out of the multiple implements we have tried, the only thing I cannot stay in position for was bought at a Dollar store if you please.  One would call it a silicone spatula, although it is really a silicone spreader.  It is basically a mini silicone paddle. 

It is about 12 inches in length and has NO flex to it what so ever.  It delivers both a sting (but not like the cane) and a thud.  The pain remains, and for me bruises always appear, (but I bruise every easily).  I know others have complained as well about silicone.  We have a more flexible one~ actually with a cupcake on the end, cupcake meet Willie's buns, and it sure stings too but not compared to this.

I am not a seasoned bottom, about 6 months, but I do have a high threshold for pain (or so I have been told by not just my husband- poor bugger).  I am so interested to see what others have to say.  We have used a version of the cane, because it is quiet. I detest it mostly because there is no build up, and for the most part no lingering.  Maybe I'm an odd ball but I prefer wood to all the things we have tried.

Thank you Wilma and no, not an odd ball at all - I prefer leather.

We have a spatula but P's never used it, well not on my bottom. 

Don't forget, if any bottoms, male or female who would like to do a review of their LEAST favourite implement (you don't have to have a blog) and why, please email me at I'll keep it secret if it's just for me but if it's OK for me to post it please say so. Pictures are always good.

See you next week for another Bottoms Up.




bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

Thanks for carrying over the tops spot to the bottoms perspective and thanks Wilma for the first review. I find it so interesting reading about other people’s likes and tolerances. A lot of people I know do not like heavy wood implements at all and yet love the cane. Others I know prefer something heavy because they like the sensation of feeling there bone bruising.
Can’t wait for the reviews over the coming weeks, certainly stirs my interest.

Thanks again


Anonymous said...

I would imagine the first spank with that makes you jump ouch.
For me I love it when she uses leather to spank me. Like the belt or strop. Love the way they sting.

Lea said...

Silicone is a real pain in the... well, you know.

Anonymous said...

I have never had a silicone object used on me. I am sure that I am not anxious to try it either.

Thank you for the excellent review.


findingsara said...

It's interesting how the composition of the material, the shape, etc, totally effects the level of pain a particular implement delivers. Like the type of wood used makes a huge difference! I'll know to stay away from silicone! Thanks Wilma & Ronnie!

PK said...

I've always thought silicone hurt too much. I once bought (and threw away) a spatula like this. Never showed it to Nick. I tried it on my thigh once I got it home and it went directly to the garbage.


Hermione said...

We have a silicone spatula too, and I can vouch for he stinginess. I like the red one - ours is white.


Dee said...

Haven't ever had silicon used on me. I'll pass on this I think.

Dee x

sunnygirl said...

I just got a couple of swats over jeans from the spatula. Hubby was drying it and just ready to put it away and voila - it met my butt.

It was pretty stingy even over jeans.

Katie Rob said...

Oh- good to know... We have that thing in yellow. I think that I will go hide it before he ever thinks to pick it up. One time, in the kitchen, he grabbed a big spatula. I didn't like that but I bet that it is a whole lot better than the one you are talking about!

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Bob - KiwiGirl suggested it. Michael was first, he gave a good review of the bath brush. I don't like really heavy toys. Thanks Bob and see you next week.

Archedone - Yes, I thought that. Leather is good. Thanks Archedone.

Lea - Never had the pleasure:) Thanks Lea.

Joey - You and me both. Thanks Joey.

Sara - The shape certainly makes a difference. Thanks Sara.

PK - Maybe I should sent Nick one:) Thanks PG.

Hermione - Funny, ours is sitting next to the wooden spoon but P's only ever used it for cooking. Thanks Hermione.

Dee - I'm passing as well. Thanks Dee.

SG - Well if its stingy over jeans, must be a real stinger on the bare bottom. Thanks SG.

Katie Rob - Hello. Yes hide it. Better to be safe than have a sore bottom:) Thank you KR.


Terpsichore said...

Have a plastic spatula...but no silicone...I can imagine it being stingy...

ronnie said...

Terps - Imagine being very stingy. Maybe I just try one on myself:) Thanks Terps.


Anonymous said...

Mental note. Avoid silicone. At all costs ! Sarah, LD, UK

ronnie said...

Srah - Mmmm a nice little gift for you to go with the wooden spoon:) Thanks Sarah.


Roz said...

Thanks Ronnie, and thanks Willie for a great review. We have never tried silicone, and from everything I've heard I hope it stays that way!


Ami Starsong said...

Oh well, they say variety is the spice of life! I wonder what a silicone spatula with holes in would feel like? When one investigates the kitchen the choices are endless....



ronnie said...

Roz - Best hide it you have one. Thanks Roz.

Ami - If you have one with holes, maybe you could try it out for us:) Thanks Ami.