Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tops Spot

This week we have one from Nick.

The cane

is probably higher rated by spankers than spankees, it seems to deliver quite a sting with little effort.  In fact in can be a little difficult to know how much sting is being delivered if not for the verbal and facial reactions!   Part of the attraction as a user might be associated with viewing some of the classic disciplinary videos.  In general the cane for us has been reserved as a consequence for some misdeed.  A week of poor diet choices and no exercise with the predictable results has brought out the cane a time or two, sometimes as a wrap-up or finale. 

The cane has one other significant trait, it can be used to produce an ominous whistling, perhaps adding to its intimidation factor before any actual contact.

Thank you Nick.

Nick's PK's husband and wouldn't you know it, she wanted to add her little bit but I told her no, this is a Tops Spot and she would have to wait until it was the turn of the bottoms/spankees:)

Don't forget, if any bottoms, male or female who would like to do a review of their LEAST favourite implement and why, please email me. I'll keep it secret if it's just for me but if it's OK for me to post it please say so. Pictures are always good.



Let me know if picture is yours.


sunnygirl said...

I know PK hates it and that's probably why Nick thinks its wonderful. He gets in the last word.

Poetic Estrus said...

I received my first caning a few weeks back. You're right, the whistling sounds does get your attention. And the sing is deep. I didn't like the feel of the cane and stood up and protested against it. He said maybe we should try it again, i would get use to it. Swish, the cane was in two pieces. Did I ever tell you this little tomboy was also a black belt. hehehe.. His eyes was really big until I mentioned he could take the price of the cane in trade. Boy did he get his money worth.. I guess I should write about that on my blog.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I told you I felt the hair brush was the worse. We don't have a cane, but something probably as bad. It's the plastic rod on window blnds. I've felt that on my bottom a number of times. My wife does not like using it so I don't get it that often and don't list it as one of our implements. It does have a deep bite to it, but I'd still rather have the rod over the brush. If I still had some pictures of my bottom after having had the rod I'd sent it to you but I don't sorry.

Roz said...

The cane is definitely not my favourite! Oh yes, the ominous whistling sound!


Bas said...

PK is probably busy with writing her essay about the cane.
Clearly, sending Nick and PK this cane, was a very good deed from you, Ronnie.

PK said...

Good deed my butt! I'm not pleased with the cane - not at all, but I'll wait my turn while finding a place to hide the friggin' thing!

Hugs (or should I say strangles),

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Nick for a description of the cane.

I want to add that the anticipation of a caning is fun to watch. I have seen the look of dread on a bottom's face as the appointed neared. No other implement can strike this kind of fear in a person. Yet, we come back for more.

As a bottom, I "fear/hate" the sting and burn of a full cane stroke, but I still crave its sting and the stripes it leaves on my bum.


PS Ronnie, maybe you should send PK some lotion before she strangles you. LOL.

Hermione said...

The "whistle" is the best part of caning for Ron, and the worst for me. That sound is so ominous!


sixofthebest said...

For me the cane is the ultimate spanking implement to use on a woman's bare bottom. It's delightful swish, when it lands on her naked derriere, is music to my ears. Oh!, how I love that tune.

Minelle Labraun said...

Ohhhh! PK I know you do not enjoy that cane! Yikes. I do not believe I would either!
I guess that is why Nick uses it for the important 'issues.' LOL

Penelope said...

I LOVE the cane! (But then I think I might be a painslut). It's just so wonderfully, uniquely frightful!

And I love the power it has to evoke deliciously kinky thoughts and feelings before the first stroke is even delivered... just YUM.

Totally agree with what Joey says above about simultaneously hating and craving the cane's sting, and I certainly felt both of those things towards the end of one particularly severe thrashing. Along with intense horniness and extreme pliability. Sheer bliss.

Michael M said...

A good description and nice image.
The cane and receiving it is a favourite pastime of mine.
Different strokes for different folks. The cane is like marmite - and I love both.

ronnie said...

SG - I don't know why she hates it so much:) Thanks SG.

PE - You broke the cane on its maiden voyage? You should definitely write about it. Thanks PE.

Archedone - I can't image what a plastic rod would feel like. Thanks Archedone.

Roz - But what is your least favourite Roz? Thanks.

Bas - LOL. Bet it's a long one. Thanks Bas. Great to see you.

PK - You are so ungrateful. It is normal to be over the moon when a friend sends you a present. At least I know Nick appreciates it:) Thank you PK and please thank your dear husband.

Joey - Yes, I know exactly what you mean, the fear/hate but you still crave it. I think I would like to see someone else being caned.Thanks Joey.

Hermione - I bet Ron teases you with that sound. Thanks Hermione.

SOTB - I think we know your love of the cane:) Thank you SOTB.

Minelle - You may actually like it. I think every girl should try the cane at least once:) Thanks Minelle.

Penelope - Yes Joey said it perfectly, the hating and the craving of that sting and yes, it's wonderful and frightful at the same time. Funny that.Thank you Penelope.

Michael - Yes, I agree a very good description. I love and hate the cane but I hate marmite more:) Thanks Michael.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Oh my goodness, what is it with the cane?? Shudder. I agree that it makes effectively but the thing hurts so blasted much. I say we ship all the canes to the people who actually like them.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have never felt the cane per se, but my husband has used the switch on me a number of times....when a switch that is 1/2 Inch in diameter dries out a little, it is more rigid but still quite! I am always a very good girl after the switch...and I agree, the sound of the whistle through the air gets your attention!

Anonymous said...

Ugh...Peter marches round swishing it, not uttering not a word. My knees begin to wobble very quickly.But why is it that I feel comfort in the fact there is a cane nailed to the back of our bedpost ? A psychologist would have a field day with me ! sarah,LD,UK

SNP said...

How fun that Nick wrote a post. I don't think I've heard much from his perspective. I'll look forward to what PK has to say in the future. Thanks again for another great Tops post, Ronnie. Hugs.

grace said...

Hi Nick! How've you been? Thanks for the review, I will be sure to NOT send Bosssman over for a read. I'm just laughing that for once PK had to keep her mouth shut! Way to go Ronnie!


ronnie said...

Ana - LOL. As long as you don't send any my way as we already have 4. Thanks Ana.

Anonymous - Hello. I think I'd prefer the cane to the switch. Thank you Anon.

Sarah - LOL. That would be an interesting report to read. Thanks Sarah.

SNP - As Bas said, PK is probably writing an easy on the cane:) Thanks SNP.

Grace - I can tell you it was hard:) Thanks Grace. Good to see you.


Kaelah said...

Sorry to hear that this is the last tops spot. As I have said before, the cane is my favourite implement, too (apart from the hand). I don't only love the marks that the cane produces, its sound and its style, I also love the fact that one has to practise in order to handle this implement well as a top.

Terpsichore said...

Thanks Ronnie for sharing another Top Spot and thanks Nick for your description of the cane. Hmmm...I think I still fear the idea of it...though I know one of the responses in the comments was everyone should try it at least once...then again there is the whole curiosity killed the cat thing...I just don't know...maybe I should ask PK... :-)

ronnie said...

Kaelah - Yes, P says that abut practising. The hand is my favourite followed by our leather rose paddle and then the cane. Thanks Kaelah.

Terps. That comment was mine:) There's no rush in trying the can but I'm glad P added it to our play. Thanks Terps.