Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tops Spot

Another of my Tops Spot - Thanks for joining me.

This week we have one from Bob

Shoe Horn

Walking around the basement at Selfridges in Oxford Street a particular rack stole my attention. It was full of very long shoe horns. 

Needing very little excuse I picked one up and started to look more intently. Having looked across at my wife B, she knew exactly what i was thinking; very strange thing that, rolled her eyes shook her head and carried on browsing. Had to cut a little of the end off and it was ready for use.

The horn itself is made of a reasonable light wood but imparts a nice little sting, so i am told. I would say having no flexibility it is easier to use than the cane and a less concentrated sting. It also has a kink in its shape over the last 8 – 10 inch’s so you need to be in the right position for even coverage so to speak.

Very good warm up implement and it has certainly made both naughty recipients wiggle under its impact.


It is amazing what you can find wondering about in kitchen departments. More eye rolling and head shaking from B.

For the more perceptive among you, you would have noticed Jamie Oliver’s name up by the handle and it is in fact his Bruschetta Serving Board. It was almost 3 times the size but i seen the potential in it straight away and with a little cutting, shaping and sanding i had the perfect little paddle that can be used otk or standing.

Being made of a very dense hardwood i can only describe it as a right little nasty bastard. Even when used lightly it imparts a very deep, concentrated burn and therefore one of my favourites when certain ladies want their limits pushed a little.

Having reviewed these two items i have to say i agree with Joey, i like hand spanking it is a lot more intimate.     

Thanks for reading.


Thank you Bob. 

See you next week for another of my Tops Spots.


Implement pictures property of Bob. Let me know if the last one is yours so I can give credit.


Michael M said...

We came across a long handled shoehorn in a London hotel many years ago,together with a clothes brush. Both were used to good effect I seem to remember and in fact my wife gave me a good spanking on the morning after the night the night before, because she was so pleased with the hotel and its facilities. Good choice on my part.

kiwigirliegirl said...

yeeehaaa i can comment today.
Great post. The paddle looks "almighty" and i am so glad my Sir doesnt do any sanding or shaping of any kind, the paddle we have is bad enough
and i agree from a bottoms pov there is nothing ever in this world like a good old fashioned over the knee spanking...cant beat it (parden the pun)

Roz said...

Great review Bob, thank you. Thank you Ronnie for posting, I am really enjoying this series.

That paddle looks downright scary! I'm glad we don't have one quite as hefty!


Florida Dom said...

You never know when you are going to find good spanking implements. Thanks for sharing.


Hermione said...

Oh, the Jamie Oliver board again! I suppose I could buy a generic one but it just wouldn't feel the same. Or would it?

Wooden shoehorns are SO stingy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bob. I have to look for one of those wooden shoe horns.

That Jamie Oliver paddle looks really, really nasty.

Thank you for the shout out, the hand is still the perfect implement.


Terpsichore said...

thanks for sharing...I like the hand, too...

ronnie said...

Michael - Fancy having them in the room. Glad to hear your wife made use of one. Cheers Michael.

KG - Sorry you've been having trouble commenting. I know the paddle Bob is talking about and even though he's cut it down I wouldn't want to feel that on my bottom:) Thanks KG.

Roz - I've seen the before version and it is:) Happy you've enjoyed them. Thank Roz.

FD - I'm always on the look out for a spanking implement when I go shopping. Thanks FD.

Hermione - Definitely wouldn't feel the same:) Don't think I'll invest in a wooden shoehorn. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - The Jamie paddles are quite heavy. We have a plastic long shoehorn, doesn't do anything for me. Thanks Joey.

Terps - I wonder if male bottoms like hand spanking as much as us female bottoms. Thanks Terps.


sunnygirl said...

I like hand spanking the best. Of course, I am not a wood fan at all for this purpose.

dancingbarez said...

The hand is my favorite too but as much as one complains about wood it is missed when it us not used for a while. Go figure.

ronnie said...

SG - No, I'm not much of a wood fan. Thanks SG.

DB - No, I never miss our wood implements:) Thanks DB.


Anonymous said...

Our biggest bargain was a 99p plastic shoe horn from IKEA. It packs quite a punch.Know how much dear P likes to be frugal....Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Sarah - LOL. We have one of those plastic shoe horns. It was son suggestion I buy it for P:)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Lea said...

Thanks for posting, Ronnie. I've never been spanked by a shoehorn but hear a lot about them. I'd be curious to try one if the opportunity arose.

ronnie said...

Lea - The plastic one we have does nothing for me but a wooden one I think would be different. Thanks Lea.