Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tops Spot

Thanks for joining me for another Tops Spot

This week we have one from a fellow blogger - Joey

My favorite implement, an acrylic cane. 24" with a diameter of .25 inches

I really like this implement as a bottom or a top. 

I paid about $15 US for the cane.  Although it is not long or wide, I find that the cane stings as much or more than a rattan cane.  And, I am amazed at the burn after a stroke. Wow!  I find it very easy to control because it is not very long.  I have placed it in carry on luggage and have taken it on the commuter train to spanking parties.  I could not do that with a long rattan cane.  Also, in small space, I can swing the acrylic cane. Sometimes, I do not have enough space for a long rattan cane.

My female top friends love this cane.  Angel told me it is easy to control and she loves my reaction to the sting and burn.  

Joey also likes to hand spank.

I feel more connected with the bottom and enjoy the tactile feel of the skin as it warms from my strokes. I can also use my hand to gently rub the bum to sooth it between strokes.

I'm quite partial to a OTK hand spanking:)

Thank you Joey.

If any tops, male or female (haven't had one from a female top yet) who would like to do a review of an implement they own or tell me about a favourite they have, and why, please email me. I'll keep it secret if it's just for me but if it's OK for me to post it please say so

Don't forget to come back next Wednesday for another Tops Spot.



Roz said...

Ooh, that thing looks scary to me LoL Nothing like a good ole otk hand spanking too - skin on skin.

Nice review Joey. Thank you Ronnie. I'm really enjoying this series of posts.


Hermione said...

I'm not sure if I'm ready for acrylic yet. That cane looks like pure evil! Thanks for sharing, Ronnie and Joey.


ronnie said...

Roz - I think it could leave you with quite a sting to your bottom. Thanks Roz.


ronnie said...

Hermione - Joey said it stings more than a rattan cane, yikes. Thank you Hermione.


SNP said...

I always like to read what Joey has to say since he has both a top and bottom experience. I've never been spanked with a cane. I don't know that I ever will be, but never say never. I loved his reasoning about the hand spanking and feeling connected. That is special. Thank you both.

SirQsmlb said...

Thanks Joey for your insight. It is particularly great to hear from you because you have both a Top and bottom perspective. I think that is such an awesome perspective to share! I'm still on the new-to-caning front. I love the cane, so far (as long as it isn't wielded to do damage.) But stingier, I don't know if I would be able to manage that yet.

Thanks Ronnie for publishing.


sunnygirl said...

Thanx Joey and Ronnie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ronnie for posting my comments.

Among my American bottom friends, the cane is a subject of constant discussion. Many of us have read stories of traditional English punishment scenes with the sting of a cane as a central part of the experience.

Let me say two things about a caning. One, the anticipation of the caning, even six strokes, will set your heart racing and knot your stomach. Two, once you have bent your bare bottom over a desk, heard the swish of the cane, and felt the sting and burn from six of the best you will experience an endorphin rush that is magical!


Kaelah said...

Thanks for sharing, Joey and Ronnie! The cane (albeit a classical rattan one) and the hand are my two favourite implements as well when topping. :-)

Terpsichore said...

thanks for sharing :-) hand over the knee still is my favorite...that cane is a little intimidating to me at the moment...

ronnie said...

SNP - Yes, never say never. I think every girl should try the cane at least once:) Thanks SNP.

Fiona - As we use the cane, I think I'd like to test run with one like his to see how much stingier it is:) Thanks Fiona.

SG - My pleasure and thank you SG. I'm thrilled that Joey was kind enough to play along. Hope you enjoyed your break.

Joey - Oh yes, bending over the desk and waiting for that first stroke mmmmm. I really appreciate you participating Joey. Thank you.

Kaelah - I would say they are P's favourites as well. Thank you Kaelah.

Terps - I used to think OTK would be the only type of spanking I like but oh how that's changed:) I can totally understand how the cane can be intimidating. Thanks Terps.


Anonymous said...

Eek, I'd run a mile from an acrylic cane.Mind you I used to say that about the ca change.

As for the, just wow...because Peter can get in all the nooks and crannies.Love it when he keeps his suit jacket on too...great pic. Sarah,LD,UK

kiwigirliegirl said...

thanks Ronnie, thanks Joey. I dont like the does the acrylic one differ from the rattan - is it less bendy?

hey ronnie how about a similar spot for bottoms...their least favourite implements - you could call it bottoms bared or something :)

ronnie said...

Sarah - Oh yes, a man in suit, OTK in the office. Mmmmm. Thanks Sarah.

Kiwi - That's a great idea Kiwi, thank you and if you don't mind I'll take that up. I think I have three more Tops Spots then I'll starts a Bottoms Spot every Wedneday. Hope you will be the first to let me know your least favourite.

In my opinion the acrylic would not bend. Maybe if Joey reads comments he can let us know. I said to Joey I'm sure one so going to take a look over the weekend.

Thanks again for the idea Kiwki.


Anonymous said...

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Lea said...

Nice review, Joey. I've encountered that cane and quite liked it.