Friday, 1 February 2013

Spanking Knickers

Display your bottom in all of its glory with Coco de Mer's deliciously naughty silk Spanking Knickers. 

In a bloomer-short-style with a keyhole cut beneath a flap of fabric that can be unfastened to reveal your bare cheeks for a Valentine spanking.

Have a fun weekend.



MrJ said...

VERY practical indeed!... and so cute!

Dee said...

Haha. Practical I guess. But call me a skinflint..... £58???
For a pair of knickers with a hole in them?? Lol

Dee x

mrandmrsb said...

Useful for breaking wind too!

Florida Dom said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures. Very sexy.


Michael M said...


Our Bottoms Burn said...

How about one pound and a pair of scissors?

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I bet they are very expensive.


Hermione said...

Lovely, but so expensive! A thong would do as well.

Thanks for sharing!

Tess said...

Is it just me, or is that "window" a bit...limiting? LOL (and thanks Dee, for teaching me yet another fabulous British term, you skinflint, you:)

Red said...

fun idea... allows you to be spanked in front of guests, but keep your modesty intact.... smiling
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Mr.J - yes, kinda quite. Thanks Mr.J.

Dee - You and me both. Dearer for the black ones. Thanks Dee.

Mr&MrsB - LOL. Thanks both.

FD - I'll have to take a look at them next time I'm in London.

Michael - I like silk. Thanks Michael. Hope all's well.

OBB - Not quite the same:)Thank OBB

Joey - Very expensive for a pair of knickers. Thanks Joey.

Hermione - My pleasure. Thongs aren't the same but I wouldn't spend that much on a pair of knickers. Thanks Hermione.

Tess - There are quite a few skinflints in the UK:) Thanks Tess.

Red - I wonder how many tops would actually like them. Thanks Red.


Minelle Labraun said...

Looks like some tights I've seen on Eden Fantasy's!

Anonymous said...

I could never own something like this, my teenage daughter would see them in the laundry and have kittens....but they are very cute :)

Anonymous said...

The flappy bit would just get in the way.And P would spank you for indulging in a bit of silk that get's pushed open.Something tells me he'd be up for the £1 and a pair of scissors scenario.Or maybe the whole idea is that if you buy them you get spanked for buying them (you mischievous thing, you !) Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Minelle - I think I've seen the tights. Thanks Minelle.

Lillie - Cute but far too expensive. Thanks Lillie.

Sarah - LOL. You got him down to a tee - £1.00 and a pair of scissors. Thanks Sarah.



These knickers must create some very interesting VPLs :)


Roz said...

Very cute Ronnie. LoL at some of the comments. Have to agree with Tess, they do look a bit limiting LoL


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Oh good gosh! The price tag! *faints* I am sure they are sweet, but I couldn't get past the price.

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - :) Good to see you. Thanks Pref.

Roz - Cute yet but what a price. Thanks Roz.

Ana - Certainly would deserve a spanking for paying that much for a pair of knickers. Thanks Ana.


Abby Sage said...

So pretty, and oh- to be rich enough to afford to spend that much on knickers.