Monday, 11 February 2013

Have you ever met a Spanko off line?


Last Monday I met a spanko face to face. First time for me. She is a reader and comments around blogland and is considering starting her own blog. I hope she does because it will be enjoyed.

We've been emailing for a while and as she was going to be in my neck of the woods suggested we meet for dinner and, for the first time ever, I agreed.

We decided to eat at Jamie Olivers Italian in Birmingham city.

It was packed and I mean packed, we hadn't booked so had to wait just over 1/2 hour for a table but with a couple of large glasses of red we were happy to stand and chat and boy did we chat, we didn't stop. You would think meeting a fellow spanko, you would just be talking about spanking and the ones we get from our hubbies but no not at all, we talked about jobs, children, family (don't get me wrong, spanking was in there too, it just didn't dominate). Everything. We exchanged gifts. She bought me a wonderful basket of delicious home cakes and some cheese.

We were like a couple of schoolgirls, laughing and giggling especially when we saw wooden boards around the restaurant. 

And thinking of their uses.

I could see a few faces turn in our direction.

She's lovely, open and friendly, a working mom with a family who are clearly her pride and joy. 

She shared some secrets about her husband, a very busy man and I had to laugh when, not long into starters, she received an urgent text message - "Bet that's from hubby, checking up on you" - and it was indeed but not checking on her, he was looking after the kids and they were out of cling film and he didn't know where it was kept, (he needed it for his packed lunch) then can you believe it 15 minute later another txt to say he couldn't find the kids swimming things. How normal and how nice and, hey all you men out there, can't you do anything without us:)

I know you have to be careful meeting people you've only known online, but after a while maybe you build up confidence and take the plunge. In this case I'm glad I did and I know we'll meet again.

Thank you for a wonderful and fun evening Sarah.

A couple of days after our meeting she sent me this lovely email I'd like to share with you.....

Letter to a well spanked, well loved, friend :

Dear Ronnie,

What do you think the bystanders made of us ? Meeting, hugging, chatting, laughing, reflecting, listening----arm in arm walking and sharing gifts and fine wine and food ? All with our delicious mutual 'secret'----we are happily married, middle aged women who are spanked by our husbands ?

Who knows ?


We're content, loved and cared for...and whilst TTWD is not 'perfect ' it's as near as perfect can ever be in the world we live.

And, dear Ronnie, I'd like to thank you for these things :

1. For my gifts --- so carefully chosen both for me and for Peter (he LOVES the heart shaped wooden spoon), I'll maybe grow to love it Thinking smile emoticon

2. For making the effort to meet in person after you have shared candidly on your blog....there was every opportunity for you to dip out...

3. For making me roar with laughter (so wise of you to move to that private table....and I was pleasantly surprised how easily our conversation developed about....well...EVERYTHING )

4. For reminding me how fortunate I am to have this lifestyle and people to share it with....and with you....face to face.....a HUGE added bonus...

5. For reminding me about protecting myself emotionally and practically....and for not judging me to be lame for not having my own blog (yet !)

6. For expressing your delight at my home made summer picnic for you and P to enjoy ---- in lieu of your summer holiday. Did you enjoy the panetone summer fruits pudding? Were the date and walnut scones light enough? was the Belgian chocolate crunch slice chocolatey enough ? And MOST IMPORTANTLY did you plan your summer spanking on the strength of it ? !

7. For listening to me wax lyrical about my family....yep, I'm smitten...let's leave it at that, shall we ? !

8. For sparing me an evening with works colleagues who enjoy nights away from home in a wholly different way to me. I mean, meeting a spanko or dining with a bunch of really was a no-brainer !

9. For sharing worries about responsibilities you have for your own family members. And believe me as I work largely with mad, bad and ill adults and children I forever see the darkest shades of human nature. Your sense of commitment is refreshingly unique.

10. For reassuring me that we will meet again and hopefully embrace a meeting with American bloggers in August 2013.

11. For making me realise just how much my life has moved on since I typed 'spanking ' into goggle 3 years ago Winking smile emoticon.

The rest, as they say, is history...

And for all readers, believe me when I say that Ronnie is the real Mc Coy....funny and warm and caring and REAL. She says it like it is and lives it like she wants to.
And she knows that she is as lucky as me.

4 February 2013 ---Jamie Oliver's Restaurant in Birmingham, UK --- we were THERE. Wish you had been able to join us too.

Much love,

Sarah,LD, UK xxx

Have a good week.



Rogue said...

Thanks for sharing, Ronnie! I love when bloggers get to meet! Just proves we are all real people. :)

And yes, Sarah should have her own blog. Go Sarah, go Sarah!

dancingbarez said...

Oh, it sounds like a wonderful time. So glad you got to have that experience.

Anonymous said...

I love this! So wonderful that two online friends become real-life friends as well.

Elisa Xo

Erica said...

Lovely story. :-) And yes, it's wonderful meeting online spanko friends in person. I recommend it for one and all!

Darren said...

Hail fellow spankee well met!

I've twice met fellow spankers - coincidentally both English ex pats passing through London railway stations.

Educated, charming, (one happily 'out' and an internationally renowned Professor of literature) like Ronnie's new friend they also had much to talk about in addition to our shared interest and we've since continued an email correspondence.

With a little initial care and caution to protect anonymity and the possibility of encountering the unbalanced I'd recommend meeting one's peers. - they're really just like us.


Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is that I wish we could do it all over again tonight. Starting the 5/2 diet is NOT a substitute !

Already planning the next time....we got our training agenda and I'm looking specifically in your area.

Very much agree you have to exercise some care.But it also develops relationships and certainly made me feel less isolated.I'm kind of at the stage where I think 'why not' and also want to forge meaningful friendships that will continue to stand the test of time and be of mutual benefit.But, oh blimey, that spoooooooon ! Sarah,LD,UK

Roz said...

Ronnie, this was lovely, thank you for sharing this with us. How wonderful to have that connection in person. It sounds like a wonderful evening together.

Sarah, I enjoy reading your comments around blogland and hope that we can maybe persuade you to start your own blog :)


Turiya said...

Sounds like you both had a wonderful time. :-D I've never met anyone from the blogosphere, but I have met online friends before. It's always been a fun and wonderful experience.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie, it sounds like you had a wonderful time and I'm glad you had a chance to meet. I know I would enjoy meeting both you and Sarah one day.

I can't help notice the difference between how women visit with each other and how men visit. You two were immediately like sister with the giggling and sharing. We guys might share the vital statistics--two kids, one wife, where we work, hobbies. But we'll find a safe subject to discuss like fishing or some sports thing (which bore the heck out of me) And we never discuss intimate details of our marriages--it's just one of those rules.

Differences aside, I think it would be cool to get to meet fellow bloggers in persons and I'm glad you got to.

Anonymous said...


I am happy that you met a spanko offline and that the encounter was lots of fun. Thanks to Sarah for writing a nice letter to you. I hope that she starts a blog.

Thank you for sharing a fun story.


PK said...

I am so happy the two of you got together - the spanko's I've met in person have been fantastic too! The friendship is all ready there for talking about the job and kids but also sharing the TTWD with someone guarantees a special closeness.

Hope she starts blogging!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We have enjoyed many pleasant meetings with like minded folks. Some became close friends. We met their kids and they ours.

Sometimes I think that spanko's would rather do anything than to come out and met others. Spanking is no crime.

Bas said...

To answer your questions:

1. Have you ever met a Spanko offline?
No, but reading this post makes me jealous.
Sarah, has been around for some time in Blogland. I remember once looking for the blog of this well-known Sarah. And not finding it. Maybe that will correct itself now.
"The adventures of a heart shaped spoon", would be a good blog title.

2. Cannot you men do anything without us?
No, absolutely nothing. We need you!


Susie said...

Sarah would be awfully fun to meet! I'm glad you two had such a good time.

findingsara said...

Ronnie, I am so happy for both you and Sarah! There's nothing quite like having a friend who shares TTWD. It's very special, as are both of you! Taking risks in the right moment can have hugely positive payoffs. It was really fun hearing about your dinner so thanks for sharing that !


Michael M said...

Hi It is unlikely that i would get to meet spankos off-line as my wife would not approve.

That said, the on-line contact is good fun and satisfying.

Hope you get to meet many more Ronnie.

ronnie said...

Rogue - I am so glad I said yes. I don't think she'll need much persuading to start blogging. Thank you Rogue.

Dancingbarez - It was wonderful. Thanks DB.

Elisa - I'm already looking forward to our next meeting. Thanks Elisa.

Erica - Thanks. Now I've done it once, I hope to meet others. Thanks Erica.

Darren - Hello to you. It seems as though we had been friends forever:) Thank you Darren.

Sarah - Give us the dates as soon as you can. Already looking forward to it. You know, you're going to have to start a blog now:) Thanks Sarah.

Roz - Her comments are always encouraging and friendly. Thanks Roz.

Turiya - Didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised how well we got on. Thank you Turiya.

Mick/Lynda - Mick, If I ever get to America I'll let you know as I think we would have a fun meeting. I know what you men about how we girls visit with each other. To be honest I wouldn't want P discussing our marriage with another bloke. Thanks Mick.

Joey - You know what fun it can be meeting fellow spankos. It was a very special letter. Cheers Joey.

PK - Yes it does guarantee that special closeness, you know. I do hope we get to meet one day. Thanks PK.

OBB - Maybe my next step - attending a spanking party. No, can't see P wanting to go. Cheers OBB.

Bas - Hey. LOL. Perfect title. We can always set PK on to her, she'll have to start one then :-) And we need our men. Thank you Bas.

Susie - She was:) Thanks Susie.

Sara - I'm very glad I said yes. She's a very special lady. Time went far too fast. Thanks Sara.

Michael - Maybe if your wife went along with you. Yes, on line is certainly fun and very satisfying. Thanks Michael.


Cat said...

Hey Ronnie - How wonderful for both of you! Now you have a face to go with the comment or blog (hint, hint Sara) Thanks for sharing!


sunnygirl said...

What a wonderful experience that had to be. I know I've bonded with several of our blogland freinds and would love to meet them in person.
Maybe someday we could have a big convention. It would be fun if we could guess who's who IRL

Terpsichore said...

So fun...would love to meet friends from here in real life... :-) Glad you had a nice time! Take care, Terps

Blondie said...

How awesome is that? Thanks for sharing. That would have been a fun time.

Hermione said...

That was lovely. I wish I could have been there with you at Jamie's restaurant. The breadboard would be a lovely souvenir of your meal.

We have a spoon just like that one.

Come on, Sarah, time to start blogging!


ronnie said...

Cat - I don't think it'll be too long before she start one. Thank you Cat.

SG - Funny you should say that - I've been wondering the same thing, you never know could happen one day. Thanks SG.

Terps - I was fun and hope we can meet some other of our friends. Thank you Terps.

Blondie - You would have loved it. Thanks Blondie.

Hermione - Having you with us would have been fantastic. I hope some day we can meet. After buying the spoon for Sarah's husband I had to buy one for P to give to him on Valentines Day:) Thank you Hermione.


MrJ said...

That must have been a really special conversation, there at the bar!
Makes one wonder what people looking at you were thinnking.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful evening with Sarah. She sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing. It is the next best thing to being there.


Dee said...

Ah it sounds like you and Sarah had a fab time :))
Lovely post Ronnie :)

Dee x

Zoe said...

Sounds like a lovely time. How fun!

ronnie said...

MrJ - Probably thinking - silly middle aged women, husbands not let them out very often:) If only they knew. Thanks MrJ. Hope all's well with you.

Hannah - She certainly was. Thought I could talk but she beat me hands down (excuse the pun:)) Thanks Hannah.

Dee - We did. Only had about 3 hours and time just flew by.

Zoe - It really was a lot of fun. Thanks Zoe.


Daisychain said...

I am SOOOOOOOO coming up there sooooooooooon.... xxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Daisy - Maybe coming your way:) You would have had fun. Thanks Daisy.


Lea said...

That's wonderful that you were able to meet up. It sounds like a great time was had! Every time I've met a spanko friend in person it's gone very well. One can never have too many friends.

ronnie said...

Lea - Sorry missed you. I'm already looking forward to the next meeting.