Monday, 18 February 2013

Choosing your Weapon

By that I mean - do you get to choose what you're going to be spanked with

or does your partner always decide?

For us, P decides though on occasion he will ask me (of course that's if its a fun or erotic spanking) The other sort (you know what sort that is) I don't get a say.

So do you get to choose your weapon? 

Have a good week.


Let me know if the implement picture belongs to you so I can credit.


Anonymous said...
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Turiya said...

No, I have never been asked. He likes to choose both for fun and for the other kind too. He's got a favorite for the other kind... it's a braided suede belt. It hurts like crazy and barely leaves a mark, which means he can go for as long as he wants. Ugh...



Anonymous said...

When the Mrs. spanks me, all the implements come out, and once I'm in position, she will usually ask what I'd like to be spanked with first, second and so on. It really does not make a difference as she will spank with all of them.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, very rarely and as you said, only in play and he usually gives a selected option to choose from! Other than that, he always chooses.


PK said...

I don't usually choose all though he doesn't seem to mind suggestions. I'm always about trying to give up control so I just let him do the picking most of the time.


Anonymous said...

I don't get to pick either. Unless like you said for a fun spanking ;)

Bas said...

I always choose my own weapons.
The one time I let Lisa choose, she came up with a weapon that made even me shiver. Don't think she had any idea what damage that thing could do.

Anonymous said...

I will choose the implements most of the time when I spank. However, I have asked a bottom to pick four implements for a spanking that will be delivered in an hour. I like to create the anticipation of a spanking and picking implements adds another element to the mix.


Anonymous said...

Nah, that's very much his call.Not that I don't try to moan and fuss my way out of anything and everything, of course.Recovering from a tummy bug.Past the stage of wanting to die but feel washed out....Peter very nobly said that I was allowed a 'night off' last night. Too bloody right. Sarah,LD,UK

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Most of the time, the spanker will get out things the spankee enjoys. Sometimes we get out what we want used on us. Other times, the spanker gets out something that has not been used in awhile for variety.

Hermione said...

Ron chooses three from our wall rack of implements (it looks very much like the assortment in the picture above) then I get to choose one from the box of smaller implements.


sunnygirl said...

He gets to choose. Once in a while he will take one of my suggestions but after a few swats, he goes back to his choice.

ronnie said...

Turiya - We had a braided belt and yes ouch. Thank you Turiya.

Anon - Hello. But at least she gives you the choice you want them in:) Thanks Anon.

Roz - I don't think I'd want to choose for that other sort of spanking:) Thank you Roz.

PK - I think P knows I would choose the hand too many times:) Thanks PK.

Tricia - I like to choose for a fun one. Thank you Tricia.

Bas - Really, what was the weapon? Thanks Bas.

Joey - I hate to be told to go and get a particular implement when I know it's not a fun or erotic spanking. Thank you Joey.

Sarah - I still fuss and moan even though I know there's no point. Hope the tummy bug wasn't from the wine:) Thanks Sarah.

OBB - Next time I'll leave one out and see if he uses it. Cheers OBB.

Hermione - Nice assortment then. Thanks Hermione.

SG - Obviously doesn't like your choices:)Thank you SG.


Michael M said...

Nope. The choice is made by the boss.

Dee said...

Actually no. I don't know why I'm surprised by my answer but I am. I'm usually trying to state what I don't want lol! He tends not to really listen to that either :)

Dee x

ronnie said...

Michael - Has she ever given you the choice? Thanks Michael.

Dee - Funny, not getting the choice but it's usually us that buys the implements:) Thank you Dee.


sixofthebest said...

My favourite Ronnie is the cane. I love to use it on a feminine bare bottom. It feels so good in my hand. And when it lands on my lady's naked rear end. It sexually makes me feel better.

MrJ said...

Oh yes, I normally choose.;-)
Sometimes I offer her a - more or less prestructured - choice though. And soon a written assignment will be due where she reviews the range of instruments from the receiving end's perspective. That will certainly influence my future choices.

Anonymous said...

The missus chooses what to spank me with and it's usually two or three implements. Occasionally she'll text me with something like "Put on your spanking panties as soon as you get home and bring the hairbrush downstairs with you." It certainly builds the anticipation!


dancingbarez said...

It is rare but sometimes he will ask. The weird thing is answering is something one really struggles with. It did become clear very quickly if the choice was given it should be taken advantage of. If not the combination of the thick wood paddle and the twisted loop would be my fate.

Florida Dom said...

I think an interesting question would be does anyone have an assortment to match the implements in the picture?


bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

I generally always choose and tend to mix it up a bit. If i have new implements i do like to let the recipient try to guess what is actually being used, all adds to the fun.

Have a good week


ronnie said...

SOTB - I would have guessed the cane was your favourite:) Thank you SOTB.

MrJ - I'd hate to have to do that sort of assignment:) Thanks MrJ.

Benjamin - And I bet the hairbrush isn't one of your favourites. Thank you Benjamin.

DB - I think I'm glad I don't get the choice very often:) I hate our twisted loop thing. Thanks DB.

FD - We have quite an assortment we collected over the years. Would like one of the larger floggers. Thanks FD.

Bob - Guess the implement. We've done that a few times, fun. Thanks Bob.


Susie said... late reading.

I don't believe I have ever been given a choice...but I have also never been sent to fetch the implement. For that I am thankful.

Lea said...

The top usually chooses the implements when I'm spanked. Sometimes I'm told to bring something to them or pick one out on my own which adds an extra submissive feel to things. Choosing your own doom is hard work!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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ronnie said...

Susie - If its a punishment spanking I going to get, I hate to be told to fetch whatever P's going to use. Thank you Susie.

Lea - I'm glad I'm not given the choice for punishment spankings. Thanks Lea.