Friday, 4 January 2013

P's New Year's Resolution

I woke up New Years Day a bit earlier than I would have liked to. My husband's hand was resting on my pantied crotch, his middle finger idly rubbing my slit through the wispy silk.

"I made a quiet new year resolution last night," he said, "I had to do it rather privately, well just to myself at the time, because it wasn't suitable for airing in front of the company we were with, or any company at all really." 

"What are you going on about?" I mumbled sleepily, enjoying what my husband's hand was doing.

"And I didn't wish to alarm you anyway," he continued, "but I woke up this morning still thinking about it so I reckon it must be the right thing to do...."

"Yes P, go on, tell me then," I said, "and please don't stop doing that down there." I was awake now.

"I'm going to cane your bottom more often than I did in 2012, quite a lot more I like your attitude after you've received a caning."

I gulped and think I emitted something between a squeal and a dirty moan and my hips raised against my husband's hand, whose finger was now inside the gusset of my knickers sliding and rubbing and teasing in my growing wetness 

"I also browsed a few pics I'd got from previous spankings of you, on my phone, not enough actually, and made a second resolution this morning...

must take more pics. So I'll do that too."

So there we had it. Simple. My husband doesn't mince his words.

"Why? Do you think I'm getting naughtier?" I asked. The word naughty or any of its derivatives has some kind of effect on me when I'm aroused and this was no different, I reached across for his manhood but his left hand held my wrist as his right masturbated me.

"No, not really, just because I've decided to," said P, "but if you do happen to be naughtier I shall have to cane you even more and probably a lot har......."

And that was as far as he got because I pulled my hand from his grip to stifle my mouth and started wriggling like a worm on the end of a line as an orgasm suddenly overtook me. My husband turned as it happened and held my face into his shoulder as he worked his hand and fingers harder to squeeze the most exquisitely dirty seeming orgasm I'd had in ages from me.

Have a fun weekend.




Fondles said...

hm... i think i would like those resolutions a lot if I were you.

good luck!

Michael M said...

Great early morning gift and good news about the canings. Sounds like a resolution that should be easy to keep to, at least for hubby.

Anonymous said...

Good news indeed ! Peter says a proper caning really clears the air too.I hate the cane but love it and know you'll know what I mean in a roundabout kind of way.Has P ever recorded a snippet of your gasps during a spanking....such things are a nice reminder to P when he is travelling away.Best,Sarah,LD,Uk..PS Boring resolutions,blah...and we'll keep to them because we do that anyway...must be getting old.

MrJ said...

Sounds like your great weekend has started already, with prospects of even better!

1manview said...

You are so naughty... You wrote this so creatively erotic. A erotic note I'm going to call it. It was so vibrate a person could envision want was going on to the point of your release. A lot of wet panties and stiff shorts are going to be leaving your blog today.. :) It's so wonderful to read about love and intimacy still roosting in a long standing marriage...

"started wriggling like a worm on the end of a line as an orgasm suddenly overtook me" That line put a big smile on my face... (Not as big as yours.. hehe )

Peace and love

Roz said...

Phew! It sure is getting hot in here Ronnie! very nicely told :)

Sounds like a very happy start to the new year. Great resolutions!


Abby Sage said...

oh wow.
That is my kind of new year's resolution.
*fans self energetically*

Our Bottoms Burn said...

started wriggling like a worm on the end of a line

I am sure that everyone will be wanting one of those now.

Anonymous said...
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Hermione said...

I love P's resolutions. I must find out what Ron's are.


SirQsmlb said...

Hooray for New Years resolutions!!!!

PK said...

I'll comment later - I need a cold shower right now.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Oh, Ronnie. The cane! Eek!! Better you than me. *shudder*

Only why do I have the suspicion that this will only cause you to be naughtier?

sunnygirl said...

Love the wake up call, wish I had one like that today. I'm not sure about the caning, the spankings yet but th caning seems a little ouchy.

Pics too, wow he is too much fun.

elle :) said...

That does remind me to find out if my fireman has any resolutions like that!
Great post! :)

Red said...

Ronnie: What a wonderful, thoughtful husband that you have. Must have seemed like one of the best Christmas presents ever, being awoken by fondling, and brought to orgasm manually and intellectually with the thoughts of being caned more often, with an added tingling of fright. However, I hope P resorts to more frequent spankings with other implements than solely the cane. The cane is strong spanking, and over far too quickly.
Happy New Year

Minelle Labraun said...

What a wake up call! Nice!
I agree the cane sounds painful.... The pictures sound intriguing however!

ronnie said...

Fondles - I will and I wont, if you know what I mean:) Thanks Fondles

Michael - I think this is one New Year's resolution P will enjoy keeping:) Thanks Michael

Sarah - Yes, I know what you mean about love hate the cane. I've haven't made any this year.

MrJ - For a fleeting moment I did consider hiding the canes:) Thanks MrJ.

1ManView - "Erotic note" like that. Thanks 1MV for your kind comment. A happy weekend to you.

Roz - The year has started well. Thanks Roz.

Abby - Hello. Certainly different from the usual exercising more and dieting:) Thanks Abby.

OBB - The worm or the line?:) Thanks OBB.

Hermione - I think you would and you never know, Ron may have made the same NYE's resolution. Thank you Hermione.

SirQsmlb - Have to admit, certainly a different resolution. Thank you SirQsmlb.

PK - I'm hoping Nick will make more use of HIS canes this year:) Thank you PK.

Ana - I've already had a taster this year. Thanks Ana.

SG - Really, caning are not so bad (she keeps telling herself) no seriously you either love or hate the cane. I love it when I see it but not when I feel it:) Thanks SG.

Elle - I bet your fireman does:) Thanks Elle.

Red - Well I wouldn't say the best Christmas present ever:) Yes I agree on the use of different implements. Cheers Red.

Minelle - I actually like to see pictures of my bottom after a spanking:) Now Minelle, what's this I hear about you being naughty (incredibly naughty) apparently?


Kaelah said...

Sounds like a great way of starting the new year and like a very promising resolution, Ronnie. ;-) A Happy New Year to you and P! May 2013 be a good one. :-)

Minelle Labraun said...

Who have you been talking too???lol

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wow. I like the way P started the 2013.

I guess this means more hot spanking stories. Yeah.


Poetic Estrus said...

Hi Ronnie, I'm back... :) I have been so busy I haven't time to blog or read anyone's blog. I start my vacation today so now I will take a breath and do some catching up. I love this, it was so naughty good. So good I'm coping it and handing it to my BF so he can see how to rev up a lady.. I see my teasing friend read this also (1MV) I also like the erotic note tag he gave it, because that want it is. You shall be seeing more of me as I settle back in.


SNP said...

Very HOT Ronnie! Happy New Year:)

Country Spanker said...

Beautifully described Ronnie, think I will nip off and wake Mrs CS

ronnie said...

Kaelah - One I think he will easily keep:) Happy New Year. I hope 2013 is a good one for you both. Thanks you Kaelah.

Minelle - Now that would be telling. I think you an guess:)

Joey - I'll see what I can do. Thanks Joey.

PE - Welcome back. Our friend is a real teaser. Stop by anytime. Thanks PE.

SNP - Thank you. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Country Spanker - Thank you. I hope she wasn't disappointed to be woken early:) Thanks CS.


Dee said...

what an absolutely amazing and wonderful resolution(s). Go P :)
Lucky girl :))

Dee x

ronnie said...

Dee - Will be an interesting year:) Thanks Dee.


Daniel de Culla said...

It's lovely to meet You. I enjoy Yrs. somuch.
Lustful Blessed Be¡

ronnie said...

Daniel de Culla - Hello and nice to meet you. Thanks.


Lea said...

That's quite a way to wake up! Good luck with the resolutions!

ronnie said...

Lea - Hi. Very nice wake up call That's what I said to P:)but got the look:) Thanks Lea.