Thursday, 17 January 2013

Our Friend

There are many bloggers in our community I admire.  Far too many to list but there is one I'd like to mention......

......Our friend Hermione.  

How she posts 7 days a week is beyond me. (She recently published her 1500th post. Congratulations Hermione) Not only that, but her content is always so fresh, funny, creative and informative with her personal spanking stories, extracts from books she shares on her Top of the Shelf posts, Caption Saturday, Wednesday Wins, Friday Fails and many more. Also the friendly and encouraging comments she always leaves.

Hermione, I just want to say - 

Thank you for all the help you willing give and especially for making us smile.

If you haven't visited Hermione yet, I suggest you do.



SpankCake said...

Agreed! I love her blog as well as yours....though I don't comment as often as I should! Here's to new beginnings!


Erica said...

Lovely tribute to a special blogger among us! :-)

Roz said...

A lovely tribute Ronnie and I couldn't agree more. I always enjoy visiting Hermione and don't know how she finds some of the amazing things she posts!

Thank you Ronnie. Congratulations Hermione on 1500 posts!


Anonymous said...

I'll certainly pop over.... Sarah, LD,UK

Bas said...

Hermione's Heart is certainly proof that wizardry really exists.
Posting that much, selecting extracts from the Top of the shelf book, finding captions, wins and fails, etc., etc., must already take 48 hours a day.
She always finds the time for helping others with technical problems.
And then there's the important matter of getting spanked herself.
No, without wizardry all this would not be possible.
Thanks Ronnie for thanking Hermione!

kim b. said...

Not to mention Hermione is truly a friend to new bloggers and it seems like she just started as a WELLRED WEEKLY CONTRIBUTOR!

Congratulations on your 1500 post

Anonymous said...

I am also amazed at the number of posts she publishes. I join you in thanking her for so many very funny and witty posts.

I am also very appreciative of her many excellent comments.

Of course, I feel the same way about you and your blog.


abby said...

Well said and so true. Many morning she starts me off with a smile or a chuckle. We are blessed to have her.
hugs abby

Bonnie said...

I'd like to second and amplify Ronnie's endorsement. Along with her wonderful blog, Hermione is active behind the scenes in ways that most readers don't realize. Her selfless generosity makes each of our blogs better and our community as a whole more cohesive and enduring.

Congratulations and thank you, Hermione.


Minelle Labraun said...

I agree! I always read Hermionie and you as well Ronnie. Most of the time I comment, but I definitely do not miss visiting.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - I am completely overwhelmed by your touching post and the generous praise of all the commenters. Thank you so much. Dare I say I'm even speechless?

Believe it or not, I actually do have time for other things during the day, thanks to my magic Time Turner. (Just kidding;)

It is friends like you that inspire me to keep on blogging.

Warm hugs to all,

elle :) said...

Agreed! Great tribute to hermione! :)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

She is most kind to all, a very caring person.

SNP said...

Very nice of you Ronnie and well deserved from Hermione. It is really something to post every day. As you mention, the content is always fresh and fun. Good job. You both have great blogs that I love to visit often. Hugs all around!

sunnygirl said...

Hermione is a must read every day. She is always so real. I can't tell you how often I have emailed her for help on my blog technicals and she has been so very helpful and patient. I can't imagine blogland w/o her.

ronnie said...

SC - Next time stop and say hello Thanks SC.

Erica - She is special. Thanks Erica.

Roz - She works ver hard making us smile and we are all grateful to her for it. Thanks Roz.

Sarah - Do take time to pop over. Her blog always makes me smile. Thanks Sarah.

Bas - I always thought Hermione must be a wizard:) Thank you for thanking me thanking Hermione.

Kim - Hello. She loves new friends joining our community. Thank you Kim.

Joey - I don't know how she does it every day. Cheers Joey.

Abby - Yes we are. Thank you Abby.

Bonnie - Well said. She's very special. Thank Bonnie

Minelle - I never miss her posts. Thank you Minelle.

Hermione - Well that's a first, you speechless:) It was my pleasure. We have a lot to thank you for.

Elle - She deserves it. Thank you Elle.

OBB - One of the best. Thanks OBB.

SNP - Hermione's blog is never boring. Thank you SNP.

SG - She's our techo wizard:) and blogland just wouldn't be the same without her. Thanks SG


Ami Starsong said...

What a wonderful tribute! Hermione deserves every word of it. I try to follow your posts as often as possible even if I don't always have time to make a comment. I love the 'add a caption' posts of hers especially. But you have a great blog too Ronnie, and I find it very helpful. It's good to see an expert in action! Many hugs, Ami

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea, Ronnie
Hermoine's blog is a staple - wonderful reading!
Keep them coming...:D

PK said...

Thought I commented this morning! We couldn't do with out Hermione out here - she is a fixture, I can never decide if I like seeing Wed. wins or Friday failures the best!

Hugs, PK

Florida Dom said...

That was a wonderful tribute to such a good blogger.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree. Thanks for mentioning her wonderful blog.

I like your blog, too.

ronnie said...

Ami - Hermione is the real expert. I love her caption posts. Thanks Ami.

Lillie - I hope she's blogging for many more years. Thank you Lillie

PK - Me neither but if I rresally had to choose I go for Friday Fails. Thanks PK.

FD - One of the best. Cheers FD.

Mick/Lynda - My pleasure, she deserves a mention. Thanks Mick.


Daisychain said...

I agree completely! Hermione is amazingly awesome! xxxxxxx

Lea said...

Hermione's blog is great and certainly worthy of a mention! I can't imagine coming up with enough material to post every day.

ronnie said...

Daisy - She certainly is. Thanks Daisy.

Lea - I couldn't post every day and keep it so fresh. Thank you Lea.