Monday, 28 January 2013

New Year Resolution Caning

I didn't know how or even if I should measure the progress, or otherwise, of my husband's promise to increase my canings in 2013. I was thinking about it the other day, I mean we were only about halfway through the first month, so about 4%, not much, so logically I couldn't really say he was falling down on his pledge, plenty of time to go. But because he'd said it, and planted the thought in my mind, I'd been kind of expecting some evidence of his good wicked intentions.

Well on the Friday of the snow fall, the first snow fall that is, the 18th of January, I got caned. I know that's over a week ago and I haven't told you about it and I wasn't going to actually because my husband didn't take any photos and - again - I'd got it into my mind that he was going to nokia the results of his handywork as well as actually doing it and I was going to make a nice little post of my first caning of the new year with a photo included, not something I do very often. So, sans photo, I thought I'd wait till the next occasion that the cane surfaces...but then again I don't know how long that will be so here goes. (Yes it's long but you know me)

I got caned because I asked for it.

and because I slipped over on our drive whilst trying to help P clear it of snow, against his instructions. I didn't go to the office that day, I had an appointment in the morning and went straight home afterwards, intending to go to the office in the afternoon but the snow started and it got bad quite quickly, reports on the TV were advising against driving because conditions were worsening. I called P at the office and told him, I knew he wouldn't have been watching out of the windows and I knew he wouldn't be googling the weather, he just gets on with what he has to do. He said he'd take a look, which he did and called me back a few minutes later to say it was much worse than he'd realised and, while he wasn't worried about getting home, he definitely was concerned about our drive and being able to get onto it without any gritting especially if it froze later. So he said he'd be home in half an hour. Goody, I thought, nice and snug inside, snow falling outside, nobody around, spanking a definite possibility.

I decided to remind him of his resolution, well why not, a girl has to look after her interests. I also changed out of trousers, removed my knickers and put on some thin leggings with warm knee high socks and a sloppy woollen sweater. I checked my bum in the mirror before going downstairs, the leggings were a nice fit, I pulled them a bit tighter to emphasise my cheeks then turned round and pulled them up at the front too, my pubic mound showed clearly and I couldn't resist touching through the thin material. Oh if ever a girl needed spanking, if only my husband could be a fly on the wall.

P got home and I made him a mug of tea but he said no thanks, he needed to sort the drive out, it was already difficult to get on so he went off to put his tractor boots on and a warm top and then I heard the garage door open and he was shovelling away and laying grit systematically in small areas. I went out to help but he said no, I wasn't dressed for it, trainers were no good and he ordered me back inside. I didn't go, instead I grabbed another shovel and started helping and bending and shovelling and bending and more bending and then I slipped and fell. 

I was covered in snow down one side when P lifted me up, he walked me into the garage and asked me if I was ok, was I sure, I was laughing, of course I was ok, it was no problem. But P told me to go indoors, I started to object but he gave me a stern look which said he meant it. I brushed the snow off me and was about to go back in the house when I noticed the shovel I'd dropped when I fell; I went to retrieve it and P saw me, he must have thought I was disobeying him. He grabbed my arm and marched me into the garage, he told me if he had to stop his work to give me damned good spanking I'd regret it. I thought I probably would too but the thought still appealed to me. I told him I'd go back in but not because of his empty threat, because I knew the drive needed finishing.

About half an hour later P came in and declared the drive safe, he asked me how I was and I said I was fine and I'd put the kettle on. He asked me what I'd meant by 'empty threat' when we were outside, he'd really meant what he'd said. I said 'Oh, ok I just thought it might have been one of your empty promises like the new year spankings you threatened me with'. He thought about that for a bit and then the penny must have dropped and he grabbed me firmly by my upper arm and ushered me out of the lounge. I don't know what's worse, being admonished whilst being taken for a spanking or the stony silence I was getting now. I think perhaps the silence because you can't gauge how bad it's going to be. I used my free arm to lift my sweater and expose my backside as much as I could, exaggerating the sway as I was pushed awkwardly up the stairs and into the bedroom. P told me to stand by the foot of the bed while he went and rummaged under his side of the mattress, he stood up holding a 24" otk rattan cane then went back under and retrieved a much longer whippy so called 'junior' cane, 

he weighed them up for a few seconds and settled on the 'junior', though god know why it ever got the title junior as it is an instrument of terror which bends in a full circle 

and makes a swishing noise exactly how your imagination expects a cane to sound when it's in full swing. He looked me in the eye as he walked around the bed.

"Are you sure you're ok?" He asked.

"Yes..... well at the moment," I said in a subdued tone.

"Very well, so you're disappointed that I haven't as yet caned you this year. Let's address that situation immediately." He walked around the bed, rested his cane on the duvet, stood behind me and put his right hand on my bottom, his left guided my shoulders forward and down, my bottom pushing back into his hand. "Both hands flat on the bed and don't dare move out of position until I give you permission." Then the heat of his hand was gone and I sensed him move to the left and heard the terrible swishing noise as my husband gave me the first stroke of the cane, bringing an altogether different heat to me thinly covered cheeks. 

I gasped and cried out as my bottom shot forward in an instinctive and useless attempt to ride the cane stroke, I suppose somehow like a boxer learns to ride punches. It didn't work anyway, it never does, and then I heard a sharp command, "Come on, bottom up!" My husband likes me to present my bottom correctly for the next stroke, no matter how much it's hurting, he says it shows obedience. I was going to present it anyway, I didn't need him to order me, I pushed up as far as I could and wiggled it too, to show I wasn't afraid. I hoped my bum looked attractive for him to punish, isn't it strange the things that go through your mind when you're getting physically assaulted.

I had to present my bottom five more times for my husband to thrash with that bendy whippy evil cane, six strokes in all, very traditional I thought as I danced from foot to foot. Then the cane was dropped on the floor and I felt his right hand on my backside again, his left slid round my front and burrowed under the elasticated waist of my leggings and down to my mound. I was dry, the cane had been hard but I'd wanted it and I knew I'd be wet soon if he started working me which he did. He told me I was a naughty girl not having any knickers on, he said if he'd known he'd have caned me harder, I squealed at the words and felt a trickle run from me. P felt me moistening, he withdrew his hand and licked it leaving it covered with saliva which he slid back in to help me along, I don't think I needed it, I was quite looking forward to him having to force his way in before I was quite ready. I didn't have long to wait as it happened, P's right hand tugged my leggings down to me knees as his left continued working me, then I could feel him between my smarting cheeks

the head slippery and far too big to penetrate me. Lovely just the way it should be and I pushed up and back until the position was perfect for me to impale myself on him causing both of us to exclaim aloud and launch urgently into frenzied coitus.

It was the most satisfying sex I'd had for some time, I think the no nonsense caning helped, as did my husband's genuine concern for my well being. Funny isn't it, a man can be all worried about a little fall in some soft snow one minute yet take a long stick and beat your bottom the next.

We both sat and watched the snow falling later. With a cup of tea of course.

Have a good week.



Anonymous said...

Hurrah for the cup of tea ! Finest English, strong, with a good spoonful of sugar, I trust.

I'm rushing but going to reread this at my leisure later on.Well told.

You must have felt very well cared for.

Of course he does not want you to may break your ankle and then he'd not be able to spank you for a while. Sarah,LD,UK

1manview said...

A easy fall can break or strain things. A control butt whipping is just that... Controlled... haha.. You made me wonder about some of those spontaneous outings we be having. A little show and tell on purpose to get the blood pumping. You ladies are devious.. lol .. Now tell P he has to keep his promise about the pictures too. Always a pleasure to read you.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your long real-life spanking stories with so many fun and erotic details. I agree that the name of the junior cane is misleading, it has a nasty sting. And, a perfect ending to the story with hot sex and a mug of tea.

As an avid reader of your stories, I hope that P lives up to his resolution.

Thank you for sharing.


PS The stories never seem long to me.

Hermione said...

The wonders of a good snowfall! I loved the story, and the build-up to the caning was perfect; not too long at all.


Minelle Labraun said...

Sounds like a good time was had by both of you. The cane doesn't sound easy to me, however!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I woke up feeling a bit randy and after reading this account, I am so ready. Alas, Bacall is not physically able to take or give anything at present.

Super hot story. I like the way you write.

MrJ said...

Somehow I sense resolutions will form now on be fulfilled more consistently.

PK said...

Awww... Now that's what I'm looking for (minus the cane of course, we can use something else). Sounds like a lovely afternoon! Let's hear it for snow!

Terpsichore said...

sounds like you got what you hoped for...nicely told story. quite honestly the idea of a cane scares me - Yes, I am a spanko and a wimp! :-) Best wishes!

sunnygirl said...

Very nice story and you didn't have to make it up, even better. I love the life "Funny isn't it, a man can be all worried about a little fall in some soft snow one minute yet take a long stick and beat your bottom the next". If I have your permission I may use that line in a future fictional story.

Thanks for sharing

ronnie said...

Sarah - No sugar for me. I'm sweet enough:) Thanks Sarah.

1ManView - We ladies have to be sometimes:) Thank you 1MV.

Joey - A real sting it has. You're very kind Joey. Thank you. Great story of yours.

Hermione - Thank you Hermione. Sometimes I think I go on a little too long.

Minelle - I never thought I would ever ask for a caning. Thank you Minelle.

OBB - I hope Bacall recovers quickly. Thanks so much Bogey.

MrJ - I certainly hope so:) Thanks MrJ.

PK - Like the belt perhaps:) Yeah for the snow. Thanks PK.

Terps (Do you mind if I call you Terps?) - Hello. Even after all these years I love the cane but still hate it:) Thanks Terps.

SG - LOL. Yes of course you can use it. I look forward to reading the story. Thank you SG.


SNP said...

Very nice and satisfying sex...well Yay! I am smiling for you and P.

sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, I am very pleased your husband caned you. One day I hope he takes down your knicker's and the caning will be given to you on your bare bottom.

bobbsroom said...

Thank you Ronnie

Another perfect little account of your spankings

have a good week


ronnie said...

SNP - It certainly was. Thanks SNP

SOTB - I'm sure he will. Thanks SOTB.

Bob - Hello and thank you. Have a good week yourself.


Roz said...

Very nice Ronnie, I always love reading your encounters.

Hurrah for snow days eh? oh, and of course, tea!

That cane does sound pretty wicked though - ouch!


kiwigirliegirl said...

An fine english caning to start and a fine english cuppa to finish - lovely :)

Penelope said...

Mmm... a wonderful account of a badly-needed punishment, Ronnie! I'm all goosepimply now. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Ronnie,

I so wish I had more hours in my day to get me online and reading on your blog much more often. I have wonderful visuals of you and P relaxing tougher.

Hugs KayLynn

Red said...

Fabulous story... hope you have snow a wee bit more often... Great caning and sex.... and I totally agree that the whippy cane is far worse than the solid one...
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Kiwi - Caning and tea seem to go so well together:) Thanks Kiwi

Penelope - My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by.

KayLynn - I know what you mean. I don't have the time to read as much as I would like.

Red - Some great sex happens after a spanking as you know. Thanks Red.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie
What a cozy encounter :)
I am always amazed at the contradiction in HoHs as well. Ian will be so concerned about my well being, what comes to mind is the horror that he has when he accidentally slaps my hand with his belt - and yet he uses that same belt to roast my behind without so much as a whimper of concern....?
I think this is yet another common HoH characteristic.

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

Lillie - We wouldn't have it any other way though:) Thanks Lillie.