Friday, 11 January 2013

London Tanners Ouch

I'm glad I bought the London Tanners strap. It's officially called a CP ruler paddle

but to me it's a strap; it flexes like a strap, it smells like a strap and it bites like a strap, so to me it's a strap. Rulers are wooden and were the things we had at school and they didn't come in leather. 

Anyway I bought it, and would possibly invest in some more of their stuff one day because it's good quality, though a tad on the expensive side. I was introduced to it intimately, or should I say my bottom was, last Sunday evening by my husband, who had no idea where it came from but saw it laying on my side of the bed glistening and became curious. So much so that he called me upstairs.

When I arrived in the bedroom he was sitting on the bed running it over his hand. I gulped. I'd forgotten I'd left it out.

"So what's this, why's it lying on the bed and what's the shiny stuff on it?" he asked.

I told him I'd bought it before Christmas and I'd just been oiling it, I'd read on someone's blog recently about leather implements being oiled, it was maintenance I said.

"Well it doesn't need maintenance if it hasn't been used, does it? 

And what sort of oil have you put on it, vegetable oil, olive oil, engine oil?" I could see my husband was amused, he hadn't finished... "And why were you doing it now? I've got a perfectly good strap and it's never needed oiling, have you ever found my strap to be lacking?"

"No, P, not at all, I was just experimenting."

"And were you going to spank yourself with it? I mean where was the experiment going?" I didn't answer, I didn't have an answer.

"I think you'd better take your jeans off, young lady." I'm not a young lady but I don't mind being called one, especially in a stern voice. I took my jeans off.

"Knickers too, this thing's got oil on it," said my husband.
"It's only massage oil, P, it doesn't stain."

"I said knickers off!" My husband growled and my knickers almost jumped off me in fright. 

I didn't have to be ordered to do the next bit, I clambered across my husband's lap.

"Who said I want you across my lap?" he asked, "I don't know if this position is suited to the implement, I might need a longer swing to get the best vocals from you."

I let a tiny squeal escape my lips, then sensed P raising and lowering his right arm a few times followed by the strap falling softly across my backside, then just the top few inches on the right side then the left and finally quite a hearty thwack which caught both sides evenly and must have made my cheeks wobble.

"I like it, I think it'll be ok," pronounced my husband and without further ado, no consulting with me, he launched a spanking or should that be strapping. He started modestly to lull me into it but varied the cadence and force (upwards mostly) as he went along, 

he chatted a bit about leather and suppleness and bounciness of bottoms and redness and such things as he did it. I must say he was in particularly good humour and although he had me squirming after just a few minutes his mood was infectious and I was enjoying it and every time I implored "Please, P!" or "OOOh please!" etc, he deliberately interpreted it as wanting more, "Oh so you want more do you young lady, well I'll give you plenty more, we'll see how much more you want when you're bottom's as red a beetroot." He shouldn't say such things, with the good vibes undercurrent they fire me up in spite of the pain and I turned my squirms and wiggles into lascivious gestures, raising my bottom cheekily and greedily for him to paint red.

In the end, or actually before the end really because my meaningful gyrations must have distracted my husband, away from the task at hand, the implement was discarded and I was hoisted onto the bed on all fours and he took me doggy which I think caused more vocals than any of the preceding spanking.

As we lay, post fucking, my husband said he hoped that had taught me a lesson and I told him it had, I would leave implements out more often:) Then I asked him what he thought of it, he said I'd be the best one to judge that, surely, but I said I couldn't say exactly because I'd been a bit excited and also he seemed to have finished rather abruptly, and in any case there are always two sides to an implement; giver and receiver. "Hmm," pondered my husband, " perhaps we should continue then." I laughed and said thanks but I'm fine, wouldn't mind his opinion on it though, he said he'd tell me, I'll hold him to it.

Have a good weekend.


Last picture from Au fil des Jours. Let me know if the second one belongs to you.


June said...

Sounds positively yummy! I think it just went back on my wish list:)

MrJ said...

You are being loved a lot.
Wonderfully written!

Turiya said...

I love your stories! :-D

But I have to say... Asha was reading over my shoulder and now he wants one of those things... YIKES!



Turiya said...

I love your stories! :-D

But I have to say... Asha was reading over my shoulder and now he wants one of those things... YIKES!



bobbsroom said...

What a lovely way to break a strap in Ronnie :) I Christened it much the same when I bought there paddle strap and tried it for the first time. Like you said nicely crafted but a bit expensive. I have had a lot of oh’s and ah’s from it since from several lovely ladies. One of my fav’s

Have a good weekend


Anonymous said...

So many questions?!! And the ouches were the only replies needed.Top tip though, Ronnie HIDE IT NOW Sarah,LD,UK

PK said...

Sounds wonderful! Soooooo much better than the cane. A leather strap is my implement of choice nearly every time. I'm glad you both liked it.


Bas said...

I'm glad you learned a valuable lesson.

Hermione said...

It does sound lovely; just the right length and thickness.

Ron has the same reaction when I ask him what he thinks of an implement. He always tells me I'm the best judge.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

That strap looks like it could get any young lady sorted out. And it seems to have worked magic on you.

So just how long did you leave it out until he saw it?

Anonymous said...


Wow!!!! Thank you for providing another terrific account of a spanking. I love leather straps. I am so jealous.


sunnygirl said...

First off, I love the pix. Very sensual.

I love leather and that strap looks luscious. Your spanking sounded pretty hot also. Maybe P could give hubby lessons in the lecture department. I so think it adds to the experience.

Thanks for sharing.

ronnie said...

June - I think you'd like it. Just wished they weren't so expensive. Thanks June.

MrJ - I'm not complaining:) Thanks MrJ.

Turiya - Maybe go for the longer version:) Thanks Turiya.

BOB - It certainly makes you oh and ah. I think it could become one of my favourites. Thank you Bob.

Sara - Do you want me to get a spanking, would if I hid his toys:) Thanks Sarah.

PK - I think it was a good choice. Do I like it better than the cane - I think I need a repeat performance first:) Thanks PK.

Bas - Oh I've certainly learned my lesson and will make sure I leave it out again very soon:) Thank you Bas.

Hermione - It can even go in my handbag. Good one to take on holiday. Thank you Hermione.

OBB - I like it. Holey one next:) Wasn't out for long. Thanks OBB.

Joey P has a strap that he fashion from one of his belts but I like this one better. I wonder why Ian called it a Ruler Paddle. Thanks Joey.

SG - P lecturing me does definitely add to the experience. If you like leather you should invest in one of John's paddles from Leather Thorn Paddle (not felexible like this one) Really nice, well I think so. Thank you SG.


Red said...

What a nice reward for buying yourself a Christmas season present.
Nice enocuragement to buy another implement later this year.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Ronnie - I am looking out the window at a freezing Canadian snowstorm and it feels like someone turned the temperature up in here - maybe it is the glow off your bum radiating through cyberspace.

Michael M said...

Lovely strap, great tale told and smashing images.
Thanks for detailing what happened.
I bought a similar one and my wife uses it overhand whilst I am on the bed. She doesn't think it gives much of a punishment so she uses it to give me a treat.
Have fun.

Ami Starsong said...

Wow Ronnie - I feel scared but envious, which is hard to come to terms with. It makes my body feel needy in a tingly sort of way. And to top it all, (I hope no one I know ever stumbles across this comment)doggie is my favourite! I am now viewing the outlay on a 'self present' from the London Tanners with a different viewpoint.

By the way, did you know that a tin of good quality saddle soap is the very best thing for all things leather? It keeps it supple, flexible, smells nice, doesn't leave oily marks on anything (ha ha) and is easy and quick to apply. Just saying....

Hugs, Ami

Anastasia Vitsky said...


Ronnie, you are so thoroughly and gleefully naughty. You enjoyed that, miss sassy minx.

What lesson did you learn? To leave things out?


Happy strappings to you.

Minelle Labraun said...

Maybe just maybe I can convince my Scottish guy to try something like make it sound perfectly delightful.

SNP said...

Thanks for another personal story. Happy Weekend to you and P!

abby said...

I splurged on that strap...I love it!
hugs abby

1manview said...

A Cheeky post Ronnie.. hehe ... :)

ronnie said...

Red - P said we have too many but what does he know:) Thanks Red.

Lillie - It was rather warm. I hope the snow has passed. Thank you Lillie.

Michael - Overhand would be ouchy. Thanks Michael.

Ami - I quite like that way as well, always have:) Saddle soap of course, my grandmother used to use it, I'd forgotten. Thanks Ami.

Ana - Good lesson to learn, wasn't it?:) Thanks Ana.

Minelle - Maybe not the tawse though. Thanks Minelle.

SNP - Thank you for stopping by. Happy weekend.

Abby - It is rather nice, isn't it. Was going to go for the longer one but glad I didn't. Thanks Abby.

1MV - :) Thank you 1MV.


Roz said...

Another wonderful account Ronnie, thanks for sharing. It does look seriously yummt!


ronnie said...

Roz - I think it will probably become one of my favourite toys:) Thanks Roz.


Abby Sage said...

I think you are brave about leaving the new implement out. I know it ends well (magnificently!) but that first step of leaving the implement where he can see it- brave stuff!
This post has somewhat suggested to me that I should be leaving implements everywhere. I have to get me some brave. ;)

Anonymous said...

Leather sounds like it would be very, very nice!

Great post, as usual, ronnie!


Anonymous said...

Also, I finally put up a new post, if you'd like to check it out!

ronnie said...

Abby - This time I didn't leave it our on purpose but you should try it:) Thank you Abby.

Rachel - Leather is lovely. The other leather implement I love is the Leather rose paddle.

I will certainly pop over. Thanks Rachel.


Lea said...

Leaving something lying about is always a good way to get it tested. ;-) I love the London Tanners stuff I have. Well made but definitely pricey. And with the conversion rate to U.S. dollars and shipping overseas, I mean PRICEY. The boudoir paddle I have is definitely my most used implement.

ronnie said...

Lea - Firs time I've ordered anything from them and yes good quality. I did think about the boudoir paddle. Might have to put it on wish list.