Monday, 7 January 2013

First New Year Caning

I didn't tell you about the rest of New Years Day, did I? After the very pleasant wake-up I had, which put me in a good mood, I ended up working (unpaid I might add!) and we stayed over an extra night but it wasn't all joy and in fact things went a bit down hill into the next day and there wasn't a spanking in sight. 

You see, two of P's brother's staff phoned in to say they couldn't work, they were apparently vomiting, they said it wasn't anything to do with excessive drinking (P said it undoubtedly was), there had been some kind of virus doing the rounds actually so I think they were probably telling the truth, I know one of the girls and she's nice and enjoys her work so I don't think she was lying. Anyway I told his brother I'd be happy to help out, I didn't ask P, his brother accepted and I ended up serving drinks mainly but some meals too for a few hours, it was fun and I enjoyed it and all the customers were happy and I even got some gratuities!!...which I pooled into the rest of the staff's pot. Good thing was, P's brother asked us to stay over another night and after a couple of phone calls and a few private grumbles (to me not his brother) P agreed.

We went out for a meal because his brother said he got bored eating and drinking in his own place, it was very pleasant until mid way through the evening when P got a call from his mother asking what time he was picking her up from her sister's. He'd already spoken with her sister earlier and told her he wouldn't be back until the following morning but obviously his mom either hadn't got the message or was just being awkward (that might just be my take on it). P told her it would be later next day some time, he wouldn't specify when exactly, and I heard him explaining it was a 3 hour drive and he couldn't be precise and no, sorry, there was no way he could leave tonight because he'd made other arrangements and he'd also had a few drinks. When he switched his phone off I could tell he wasn't happy, I told him to lighten up, his mother was safe and in good hands, he couldn't be her keeper 24/7, his brother told him the same.

On the drive back early next morning my husband was fretting about things he should have been doing in the office, he hadn't planned to stay that extra night, now he had to go collect his mother too, eventually it became my fault, if I hadn't volunteered to help out and work in the pub we wouldn't have stayed over the extra night and everything would have been fine. Oh here we go, I thought. The drive became quiet because I didn't want to engage in conversation about his mother and I certainly didn't see any need to defend my good deed of yesterday.

Under some circumstances I'd wonder if I might wangle a spanking out of something being my fault, even if it would have been unfair, but on this occasion I thought not. It was a bit of a downer to be honest after a nice couple of days. The good thing was by later that evening both our moods had changed and when we were in the bedroom P got out the cane, told me to bend over and gave me a couple of playful strokes and said he was going to give me the first of my New Year canings some time over the next few days, 

he didn't say when exactly and I didn't ask what it was for, I mean this was friendly talk so who cares? I'd gone too long so bring it on P.

It didn't happen and still hasn't but, on Sunday evening, I got strapped. With a new strap too, one I invested in before Christmas from the London Tanners.  I'll tell you about it later in the week.

The implement is called a CP Ruler Paddle (not like a paddle I've had the pleasure of feeling) but feels like a strap and certainly bites like one.



Michael M said...

That's what come of not checking with him first I guess, before volunteering, but he does sound to have been in a bit of a grumpy mood.
Look forward to hearing about the strap.
I bought one last year and it feels delicious, when applied overarm.

dave smith said...

strapping is a good start but not as satisfying as a caning. Oh well, it will have to wait!

Lea said...

What a tease!

Fondles said...

well, thanks to P and you, I think BIKSS and i are going to have a little more time with the cane that we have.

so , gratz on the caning resolution, and i cant wait to hear about the strap.

Roz said...

Sorry for the difficulties Ronnie, but glad it ended well.

Looking forward to hearing about the strap.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, no good deed goes unpunished. Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

You are a kind and generous person Ronnie. I am glad the night was good and you have a caning in your future.


PK said...

You did do a very good deed, so good for you. Post a picture of that new strap. That's my very favorite so I want to hear you compare it to the cane. I'll be curious about your take on the two.


Hermione said...

P shouldn't have been annoyed with you helping out. HE seemed to be having a good time until his mother phoned.

A strap from London Tanners? I'm so jealous! Their products are very expensive.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Now, I understand the reference to being a hospitality professional. No cracks from me on short skirts or low cut blouses. No, not from me.

I can not recall an appropriate family quote, but family always seems to ramp things up a notch.

Red said...

Ronnie: A good strapping to start the New Year. Quite wonderful. Followed by a sexual romp in the bed I hope.
bottoms up

sunnygirl said...

You did a good deed and you know what they say 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished'.

As I've told you before, caning scares the heck out of me, but the strap, well bring it on.

different strokes, heh

Dee said...

I've been looking at straps lately. Interested to see what you think of it :)

Dee x

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

Dee said...
I've been looking at straps lately. Interested to see what you think of it :)

Dee x

7 January 2013 16:21
ronnie said...
Michael - It looks like a paddle but feels like a strap. He was a little but when you work for yourself it's always with you. Thanks Michael.

Dave - Hello. I do love and hate the cane. Thanks Dave.

Lea - Didn't mean to, really:) Thanks Lea.

Fondles - Your welcome:) Is that going to be a good thing for you? I hope you share. Thank you Fondles.

Roz - These things happen, dont they. Thank you Roz.

M&L - I don't think a punishment is due. Happy New to you. Cheers M&L

Joey - Reminded me of some good times. Thank you Joey.

PK - I will post a picture but it's like a paddle but sure has a bite:) Thanks PK.

Hermione - First time I've ever bought anything from LT. Good quality. Thanks Hermione.

OBB - :) We've owned quite a few pubs, clubs and restaurants but no short skirts and low cut blouses. Cheers OBB.

Red - "Sexual romp but I wouldn't say in the bed:) Thanks Red.

SG - Don't be frightened of the cane. Think I need to try it again before I can say I prefer it to a cane. Thank you SG.

Dee - Shaped like a paddle I suppose so maybe not the sort you are thinking of. Thanks Dee.


Anonymous said...

Awww, can see both sides.But glad the mood lifted and P didn't get bogged down with the mundane demands on his time.Positively had to drag myself into work today.Went swimming first though so I'm feeling reasonably fit and ready for some attention myself.DID YOU HEAR THAT, PETER ! Sarah,LD,UK

June said...

Mmm, I have my eye on that one, Ronnie - the CP Ruler. Can't wait to see what you thought of it. I love, love, love leather!

Minelle Labraun said...

I just think the holidays get too crazy, glad it seems as if everything is back on track!

Blondie said...

Can't win when anything has to do with a mother in law being involved. I think that it was awesome of you to help out his brother. And I like that you are not afraid of his cane. Hmm

ronnie said...

Sarah - I hope you shouted loud enough:) Thank you Sarah.

June - The CR Paddle is different from other paddles I've tried. To me feels like a strap. I think I'll have to ask for a repeat before I can give a full account:) Thanks June.

Minelle - Too many people around this year and yes very crazy time. Thank you Minelle

Blondie - You are so right about MIL's. No, not afraid of the cane at all but I still hate it sometimes:) Thanks Blondie.


Ami Starsong said...

I looked up the London Tanners and just couldn't believe their prices. Is that all we have in the UK? I feel like going to my local saddlery and having a good look around. I looked up the loopy whatsit and it was £50! Oh well, what price pleasure these days!!!

(Smiling from ear to ear...)

Many hugs, Ami

ronnie said...

Ami - I would like to buy another product from them but prices are a little on the high side. Good quality though. The leather is British which if I'm correct is costly to buy.

I've tried a couple of implements from UK suppliers but found them poorly made.

Maybe Ian could give us bloggers a little discount or at least on second item bought:) Thanks Ami.

Thanks Ami.

Kaelah said...

I'm looking forward to reading about the strap, Ronnie. And I cross my fingers that the desired caning will follow soon. :-)

ronnie said...

Kaelah - So do I, well I think I do:) Thank you Kaelah.