Wednesday, 12 December 2012


A while back pk mentioned the cane and wondered what one would feel like so being the good friend I am - I sent her two and now in a recent post she's blaming me for sending them. I mean, how ungrateful is that:)

Then Kiwigirl said she thought canes were horrible and PK should send me a Loopy Johnny.

Just for the record, I want to state here and now I do NOT like the LJ.  A few years ago P bought this from Cane-Iac

and in my opinion worse than the cane. OK I know the cane can pack more of a punch but if you can image a thousand bees stinging you all at once, that's what this little devil felt like.

It was the first and only time I've ever used our safe word. You can read the story here.

Have you ever had to use your safe word?



Bas said...

Hi Ronnie,
Yes, we have a safeword and no, it has never been used. I wonder if Lisa would remember her safeword when she might need it.
She was not really interested, when I told her about safewords in the beginning of our DD experience. She just cannot imagine ever needing something like that. Well, maybe that is because we use no fierce implements like Loopy Johnnies and canes.
That LJ looks so innocent. A lot less impressive than a cane. Sure, you don't want to give it another try?

abby said...

I do have a safe word, have not used it. Master seems to be an expert in reading how much I can take.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...


I have used yellow and red as safe words. Yellow means slow down and red tells the top stop. I have used yellow about 8 times and red twice.

I remember both scenes were very long and hard.


Hermione said...

We have never discussed having a safeword, nor can I imagine ever needing one.

The loopy Johnny looks formidable, but much less so than the thinner wire ones I have seen.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We have never needed a safeword, we can read body language.

PS, loopy johns are for pain sluts.

Dawn b said...

The Man recently got a similar otk loop except it has a delrin rod as the core. Yeah it's horrible and has only been used twice and not very seriously since it is pretty unbearable. I can't even describe what it feels like it is so strange. Closest I can get is it is like being spanked with a metal pipe which is strange since it is also covered in rope.

I have a safe word but have never used it. He is pretty good at reading my reactions.

Minelle Labraun said...

I have never used one but we don't really get that intense. If it was too much I would maybe yell stop. LOL
PS I would NEVER want to use the loopy!

dancingbarez said...

We started out with a safeword but as we got to know each other better Master decide it was no longer necessary. He did not feel a safeword was necessary since he would decide when enough was enough and I tend to agree. Now if a cramp or nasea comes up I just tell him and he adjusts as necessary. He knows me well enough that this works.

The cane is a favorite around here, the loopy johny not so much but we use both for play and discipline.

MrJ said...

No, my beloved sub never used it thus far.
About the LJ: Interesting. In iur experience, it kis compoarable to the cane, that is nasty enough to be good for punishment only, but not worse than the cane. the thousands stings, could that have to do with the thousands twists this particular version has?

ronnie said...

Bas - I woujld never have thought of using it until that time but on thinking I probably could have just rode it out:) Thanks Bas.

Abby - P is usually the same. I was probably a whip that day:) Thanks Abby.

Joey - It would be a must to have a safeword at spanking parties. Thanks Joey.

Hermione - I can imagine a thinner one being very stingy. Thanks Hermione.

OBB - I do love a little pain now and then:) Thanks OBB.

Dawn - I think it was probably my bottom being tender from the night before and all the swimming I'd been doing during the day plus just coming out of the shower. Thanks Dawn.

Minelle - I'm not sure if I'd like to try it again, It's back in it's suitcase for now. Thanks Minelle.

Dancingbarez - Think too much swimming made my bottom tender:) Cane is the favourite at our place as well.

MrJ - You could be right on the twists making a difference. I think I'll ask for a re-run sometime:) Thanks MrJ.


PK said...

I've never used a safe word. In play I've never needed one, even mild whining gets him to stop, so it's never been necessary. On the rare occasion that it's been for something real, something he cares about in my own head it wouldn't be right to use a safe word.

Hugs (around your throat if you send any more canes!),

Erica said...

Those Loopy things are dreadful. Not just because of the sting, but because of their shape, it takes a very skilled spanker to avoid going too high or too low.

I used my safe word once, with ST. I really don't know why I needed to; he wasn't doing anything different from what he usually did. But he was going fast and hard at me with a large strap and somehow, I just couldn't absorb it. It happens... sometimes, there's no explanation. But it takes a lot of pain to overcome that pride and stubbornness!

Bobbie Jo said...

I used a safe word once and I think my top was testing my limits. I didn't want to use it, but I told her that I had to and I said yellow. She stopped immediately. It was just about the end of the session anyway. I have not had to since. She is very good at reading my body language.

ronnie said...

PK - Dear me and there's was me just helping a friend out:) Thanks PK.

Erica - Similar, P wasn't doing anything different (except for the new implement) I think of trying it again but some things just don't work and no saying why so with so many implements out there, should I bother. Thanks Erica, appreciate you sharing.

Bobbie Jo - As Erica says, happens. It's still in isn't suitcase and if P wanted to use it again I wouldn't say no but I wont mention it:) Thanks Bobbie Jo.


elle :) said...

No safe word here. I don't think we would need one. Maybe one day, but definitely not now :)

Lea said...

I have used a safeword before. It was to slow things down because I was reaching my limit though, not to outright stop. I've developed a love for the cane and quite like it in a skilled hand. LJ's I've never tried and nothing I hear about them makes me want to experiment.

ronnie said...

Elle - To be honest we don't need one (even though I used that once:)) When we started TTWD we both decided to have one. Thanks Elle.

Lea - Sensible. I think every girl should experience the cane at least once:) (or any of the gentlemen) I remember you saying you haven't tried a LJ and I suggest you don't. Thanks Lea.