Monday, 10 December 2012

Punished on the African Queen

Good news, we had relatives the weekend bearing Christmas gifts. Early visit from them this year as they are away over the holiday period. 

Bad news I didn't get spanked.

So what to post when there's no spankings around and no news worthy snippets. You tell a story and you know I like stories so here's one I'm re-visiting, its true, it was the first time I was ever punished and was quite shocking for me, it happened on a river boat in West Africa which added some glamour and got me over it quicker.

That's the actual boat

This is a bit long but it's what happened but you are my friends and guests and I don’t want to bore you with too much background (especially those that will remember it) so if you want to skip to the spanking  just scroll down to the italics (or skip the post altogether:o)

We were treated to a holiday by one of our friends, a regular customer, and his girlfriend; he had his own civil engineering business and he'd been given the holiday for 4 by a supplier, anyway we went to the Gambia for 2 weeks. Fabulous holiday.

Eric had booked the four of us into a hotel near Gatwick airport for the night and drove us down in his Silver Cloud, don't get me wrong he wasn't posh just wealthy through hard work and he bought it on a whim only to sell it a few months later, didn't like the ride (which was very soft and floaty), actually I thought the seats would be very comfy if you had a sore bottom, which I didn’t, not at that time anyway. We overindulged in the hotel restaurant and bar, P threatened to spank me but didn't, and we all struggled to get up at 4 am for the flight. Anyway we made it and slept half through the flight to Banjul, which was the tiniest most ramshackle airport I'd ever seen. It might be bigger now, I'm sure the whole place has changed, but over twenty odd years ago it was definitely third world and charming for it.

We did lots of sunning, swimming, P learnt to windsurf there, I did some early morning exercising and jogging on the beach which was lovely with the lush jungle fringing it and early morning bird and animal noises to keep me company, always within sight of the hotel security guards who were there to protect against muggings. The hotel still used mosquito nets even though it was 5* and right on the beach, it was really quite romantic. We did several sightseeing trips – one of them was on a boat for two days up river and that's what I want to tell you about, it was a fantastic experience and it was also the first time I got spanked as a punishment, which really got me at the time although I'm these days I'd regard it differently.

The boat was a major form of transport, local people used to use it to travel up river to buy and sell goods and visit family inland and in the capital Banjul. They would take their animals with them on the boat, sheep, goats, pigs even a cow, they were in the basement of the boat and confined to that area. Tourists had cabins on the upper deck and were also restricted for their own safety, although Eric and P ventured down into the 'value' section out of curiosity and wished they hadn't. Quite an experience.

We had to board the boat in Banjul harbour, we got there early and went off sightseeing. Now at that time Gambia was considered safe 'with care' for tourists - it meant safety in numbers, not wearing jewellery, dressing modestly as it was mainly Muslim, not straying off, not taking photos of people without asking etc. Don’t ask me exactly how but I strayed off in the main market in Banjul, against instructions to keep close, one minute I was with P, Eric and Jane and the next they'd gone and the crowd was impenetrable, I had no idea even which direction to look. The market was both fascinating and disgusting, it had open sewers, trenches really, crisscrossing it and next to them were meat vendors with great slabs of flesh all glistening black with flies which would buzz up angrily when they were disturbed by a purchaser. Some traders were calling me, obviously a tourist and alone, to visit their stalls, dodgy characters, frightening place - thing were looking bad.

To cut the story short, just when I was really getting panicky, along came a German tourist party with guide – I thought thank goodness, tagged along didn't care where they were going just happy to feel safe, as it happened they emerged close to the jetty where Eric and Jane were - phew! - P was dipping in and out of the fringes of the market looking for me but sensibly keeping his bearings, and then he saw me safe and sound and joined us with only about 20 minutes to spare to board the boat. P was relieved but also very mad oh yes I could tell - outwardly polite, calm words but fewer of them, well he wasn't going to shout at me here, and the thought of him spanking me just didn't occur because he'd never spanked me for anything like this and once we were on the boat he'd forget about it. Think again Ronnie. No way. I got spanked hard, I really didn't know how to handle it, if we'd been at home I'd have been off, put some distance between us, maybe even have stayed a night over at a friend's but on a riverboat your options are somewhat limited.

Walking along the jetty I could hardly believe we were going to live on this boat for two days, I joked to P it reminded me of the African Queen, he didn't answer, but honestly if Humphrey Bogart had been there to greet us he wouldn't have been out of place.

We got allocated our teeny 2 birth cabin only about 4x3m with bunk beds and broom cupboard bathroom, not exactly much unpacking to do as only a 2 day trip and one overnight bag was enough. Under cover of the engines, which were labouring to take us away from the jetty and out into mid stream, P took my arm and dragged me over to the lower bunk and pulled me roughly across his knee, down came my shorts, no panties it was so hot, and he started walloping my bottom so hard I shouted out and then muffled it to a closed mouth Mmmmmm,..with the noise coming from my nose, I certainly struggled and he pinned my arm so firmly it hurt and I told him to stop ……..which he did but only to move my arm to a more comfortable position and wrap his right leg across my two. 

He spoke for the first time since entering the cabin, ''You know what this is for, not just for being careless and ignoring the warnings of the reps but ignoring my direct instruction to stick like glue in that market, its not like the nice little leather craft fairs we have at home''....SPANK ..SPANK 

 resuming with a vengeance...''I'll expect you to stay very close by from now on and this will be reminder you won't forget''.... apart from lecturing me as he went, which makes it all the worse, I knew he was right in what he said about the dangers and I knew he was spanking me to drive the lesson home hard but still I wasn't accepting it well, I was still struggling or trying to but P's legs are powerful and it was effortless for him to keep me in place until he decided I'd learnt my lesson. OMG that little cabin was stuffy when we went in but I'm sure the temperature had raised several degrees by the time I was released.....I was heaving great gasps of air, I'd managed the second half with my face buried in the pillow to mute the noise I was making. After I'd resuscitated I just lay face down on the bed didn't even bother to pull my shorts up until I realised it seemed compliant that I would lie there and let him see my punished backside on display. Stupid isn't it, how suddenly shy you become about your bottom when it's been punished, it was the first time I'd felt this, it was the first time I'd felt punished, I wasn't a happy bunny. P said he was going to take a shower, his voice was normal, back to friendly even, said it would cool him down. While he was showering the weak air conditioning system came on as the boat really got going and things cooled down a little...except my nether region that is, which probably didn't deserve to after all. I lay there wondering if I would be able to speak cordially with him after what he'd just done, wondered if anyone would know, would Jane be able to sense an atmosphere between us, maybe I could tell her, she was a bit older than me perhaps she'd been spanked who knows, she'd never mentioned it.

After his shower P said he was going out on deck, shower worked fine. He came back half an hour later to find out what was keeping me, I was still lying on the bed, sulking I suppose. He told me to get showered and out on deck it was lovely out there, Banjul had disappeared into the distance and it was all river and jungle, Jane was wondering where I was if I was OK. I did shower and joined them on deck, changed my shorts for a longer pair because the tops of my thighs were red where he'd caught them, Jane had made friends with another couple and I soon joined in, I didn't talk with P though.

Later in the early evening, after simple dinner of fresh river caught fish served in the boat's little dining room which could seat no more than 18 at a time, we sat up on deck sipping iced drinks and swatting mosquitoes and I fidgeted and fussed to get comfortable on the white plastic terrace seats as my backside was sore beyond belief.....I think P really didn't want me straying off the rest of the trip..........

Not been back to Gambia since.

Have a good week.


Picture from Uncle Pete's but can't find his site now so if anyone does please pass it on.


kiwigirliegirl said...

oh dear, it would be something i would get a harsh spanking for too. They only have our safety at heart. Id love to hear about how you two got into discipline...who brought it up, was it something you talked about before you got married, etc. As for a first punishment it sure was a goodun Ronnie.
Thanks for sharing.
hugs kiwi xx

Michael M said...

Lovely tale. I imagine that some of the crew knew what was going on.

Hope your Christmas preps are coming on well.

Fondles said...

i have to ask... were you being careless when you lost them? just didn't BOTHER to stay close and keep P in view at all times, or were you really trying to stay close but somehow got lost - what i'm saying is, could you have been more vigilant or was thing totally NOT your fault?

Cos if it was the latter, i'd think your being shaken up would be punishment enough no? I know i would probably cry from relief at being able to find them again!

(having said that, i'm real chicken about getting lost especially in a foreign country. it scares me like nothing else!)

joeyred51 said...


Thank you for the description of your trip on the river boat and the visit to the market. You captured the "feel" of the location very well.

I am sure that the spanking really hurt, but how did you muffle the sounds of a hand spanking on a small boat?

Terrific story! And,not long at all, I found it fascinating from beginning to end.


PK said...

Sound like that was truly intense! But... P got his point across, you two are still very much together and very much in love. To me this worked out perfectly.


Bas said...

P was of course completely right in talking so severely to your backside. You should not lose your company in places like that.
On the other hand, some things are really impossible to ask from your Lady.
I usually tell Lisa to go ahead and wander around as much as she pleases, I will stay right at her back.
Works good.

ians mrs said...

The first time I was spanked for punishment was a safety issue. Ian told me to go upstairs and wit for him and I laughed - I thought he was joking. :( I soon discovered he was serious.
Spanking aside, I loved the descriptive setting, Ronnie - I was right there with you.

Anonymous said...

How life has developed apace for you. And PK is spot on...look at you both now !
I'd challenge anyone to question the wisdom of his actions in that context.
It's nice to reflect isn't it ?Peter talks about a sulk I had over 10 years ago that went on for 5 solid days.There is no WAY that would be allowed to happen now.And it's so much healthier Sarah,LD,UK

sunnygirl said...

Ronnie. Interesting to find out how it all started with P Had you ever discussed spanking as punishment prior to this episode.

The trip sounded like one to remember, spanking aside.

Blondie said...

I would love to be spanked in all the different countries and locations that you have been. Makes me a little green with envy. Thanks for the story

ronnie said...

Kiwi - Started around my late twenties, gradually with playful swats, probably like it does with most couples. Then much later I read some throwaway paperback on holiday, I think a Jackie Collins (not sure), in which there was a brief account of a girl getting spanked and I told P about it, I remember him reading the extract and telling me so and saying it seemed to have done her some good. I think that was probably the first time P ever mentioned it, I mean the actual determined act of spanking, and told him I agreed. Thanks Kiwi.

Michael - Don't think they would have know but I'll never know. I've made a start, have my Christmas cards and that's all. Going out on Saturday and hope to do the lot. Thanks Michael.

Fondles - I was actually being very careful and sticking close and don't know how we got parted. Now we have an agreed place to meet if ever we get parted but that's never happened since Gambia. Thanks Fondles.

Joey - Thanks Joey. Very kind of you.

PK - And P still gets his point across over twenty odd years later:) Thanks PK.

Bas - I don't usually wonder just don't know how I lost them. Thanks Bas.

lillie - They only have our saftey to heart. Thanks Lillie

Sarah - I've had those sulks and your right, now you wouldn't be allowed to go more than a day. Thanks Sarah.

SG - No, punishment spankings never entered my head. Thanks SG.

Blondie - We have been lucky to have visited some wonderful places.
Thanks Blondie.


Hermione said...

How frightening to become lost in a market like that! I would have been terrified! What an adventure.


Minelle Labraun said...

I completely get how upset he was. It had to have scared both of you so much.
I think you and P have a great relationship.You have the perfect mix of fun and discipline as needed!

SNP said...

Enjoyed your story, Ronnie. As Joey mentioned...I got lost in the story and so it was not too long. Thanks for sharing.

ronnie said...

Hermione - I tied to describe what the market was like, quite an experience. Thanks Hermione.

Minelle - We've been together a long time:) Thanks Minelle.

SNP - I always sorry my stories are too long so thank you SNP.


kiwigirliegirl said...

thanks for answering my query ronnie. Sometimes we just meet a like minded person and instinctively we know dont we ? its good when that happens.
hugs kiwi xx

ronnie said...

Kiwi - You know when he/she's the one.

By the way - I thought you were my friend. Fancy telling PK she should send me a Loopy Johnny:)

Thanks Kiwigirl


Red said...


And somehow I thought discipline spankings were something new to you and P.

Do you still react this way with a sulk if spanked for discipline of a serious nature now.

Glad you survived both the ordeal and the spanking, as you are still with a wonderful man. bare bottom up whenever it is truly needed, besides just for fun.


ronnie said...

Red - No, no sulking now, well maybe just for a few minutes:)

Thanks Red.