Wednesday, 26 December 2012

New Hairbrush

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day. 

This lady had a present she wasn't expecting. I wonder if our friend Hermione received a new hairbrush in her stocking.

Scheduled post. Family still around so catch up with you all soon.

Enjoy today.


Let me know if the picture belong to you.


Anonymous said...

Very cute cartoon.


Michael M said...

Just the thing for a quiet Christmas day for a young couple.

MrJ said...


ronnie said...

Joey - I hadn't seen it before. Thanks Joey.

Michael - "Sigh" If only. Thanks.

MrJ -:):) Thanks.


sunnygirl said...

You find the greatest pictures. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy boxing day with your family.

smuccatelli said...

It's been around for a while. It was done for Colorado Spankers by Jay Em, one of my favoritist artists. ;-0

Minelle Labraun said...

Hope Christmas and Boxing day were great.

Lea said...

I gave someone a Mason Pearson brush last Christmas. He's halfway across the country though so I was safe. Lol. Hope you're enjoying the holidays!

Anastasia Vitsky said...

Ronnie, I hope you got a hairbrush as well.

Merry late Christmas!

ronnie said...

SG - Christmas hectic but lovey. Hope you had a great Christmas. Picture just lucky finds. Thanks SG.

Smuccatelli - Thank you. If I remember correctly if was you who kindly gave me link to a website I wanted to link:)

Minelle - Busy but great time. Most of family gone, one away later and the other tomorrow. Hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas. Thanks Minelle.

aLea - LOL. Yes enjoying the family but will be gld when it's the 1st January:) Thanks Lea.

Ana Hope you're enjoying the holiday. Thankfully no hairbrush for me but I did buy P a little implement.