Friday, 28 December 2012

Heston's cake got me Spanked

How's the holidays going?  

Last Christmas, Heston Blumenthal was making (not personally) hidden clementine Christmas puddings for Waitrose supermarket and they went ballistic sales-wise, you just couldn't get them, the company sold out within minutes of new stock arriving and people were selling them on Ebay for 10x mark-up, it was ridiculous.

This year clever Ronnie got her hands on a Heston Christmas fruit cake that tastes like a chocolate-brownie, tipped to be another sought after confection. 

I happened to be in the store when a delivery arrived, people clustered around the cage in which a 'partner' transported them to their place on the shelves and, seeing they obviously wouldn't last long before selling out I shoved a little old lady aside to bag one (joking about the little old lady). I paid the normal shop price for it which was £19.99, later the same day I saw them on Ebay for £50. I was tempted:)

P saw it in the kitchen and told me I must be mad to pay twenty quid for that crap (his word not mine), I said it was bound to be good and people were selling them on the internet already for much more and he said I ought to do likewise. I told him I had no intention of doing likewise and we would all be trying it over Christmas and then he took me over his knee and spanked me, 

not hard just enough to be stingy and with a post spanking warning that it better be good.  

But here's the rub...I opened the prized sticky treat on Boxing Day (too stuffed on Christmas Day) and it was, sadly, a tad on the dry side. I only took a thin sliver from it, I gave P a little taste and another slice to one of our son's friends, P doesn't like chocolate cake or cakes at all really, but his taste is good and he agreed it was dryish and unexciting and that he'd told me it was a mistake buying it. Our son's friend was diplomatic enough to say she didn't eat that kind of cake often enough to have a constructive opinion, but I noticed she didn't eat it all and the rest of the family (except for the kids) said it was too dry. 

So clever Ronnie wasn't so clever after all and Heston Blumenthal Christmas cake pudding wasn't either. Maybe I should have tried to make a quick buck on it before Christmas on Ebay.

Ah well, it got me spanked.

And might get me spanked again if I leave what's left of the cake out on view for long enough.

We've had a busy, busy Christmas but lovely. Have friends arriving later and staying over night. They are on the way up to family in Scotland then I think we may be away for the New Year.  I'll be glad when it's the 2nd January:)

Have a fun weekend.



kiwigirliegirl said...

isnt it funny the kind of things that get us spanked. Merry christmas to you and yours ronnie, sorry about the cake...they never live up to expectations do they?
love kiwi x

Michael M said...

Hubby was right. You should have sold it or taken it back. Time for the wooden spoon from the kitchen utensil pot I think.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

$32 for a cake. I would still be spanking Bacall.

Anonymous said...


I admire your courage for purchasing the cake knowing P's possible reaction to the price. Once again, you cleverly earned a spanking.

My son once purchased a small $40 cake from the Cake Boss in Hoboken of TV fame. It was very average.

Thanks for sharing your story.


Hermione said...

Too bad about the cake. Our Christmas pud went back in the freezer for next year - we are too full and too many leftovers to eat.


PK said...

Wish you could have tried it the day you got it - it might have been moist and perfect - get one next year and see. Even if it's not, you'd probably get another spanking.


Anonymous said...

When everyone runs for it, run away from it! Then tell everyone especially that you spoiled the holiday that should earn you a nice roasting. I did that with aj and usually I spank him but this time I got roasted for complaining that I ruined the holiday by not buying the "IN" thing. Have a Happy, Healthy, and Netherly Hot New Year.
Rachel Widget

MrJ said...

So the question obviously of most concxern now is: where are the remainders of the cake sitting?

sunnygirl said...

Most of the time, the hype is always better than the product. The good news is you got something out of it and it wasn't fattening

Have a lovely New Year.

Bas said...

It must be a special talent. Everything can get you spanked.
But I agree that this cake was indeed heavily overpriced.

Ami Starsong said...

Oh Ronnie - I got the pudding with the orange inside it! It was fabulous! Starman has had about six portions to date. It was moist and nutty and seductive!!! (Am I rubbing it in just a bit?!!!) I ordered and bought it weeks ago. It was probably the only thing I managed to get before time. The turkey this year was a complete and dismal failure! It's hard being spanked with your tummy full of Christmas pudding though! Even an extra special fun spanking!!!

Hugs, Ami

ronnie said...

Kiwi - Don't think I've ever got spanked because of a cake before:) Thanks Kiwi

Michael - I might still take it back as I do have the receipt but I think I'll leave it hanging around for a day or so:) Thanks Michael.

OBB - Was a tad on the expensive side but was quite pretty:) Cheers OBB

Joey - Your right about cost and P but to be honest that didn't enter my head. I wont be buying one of his next year:) Cheers Joey.

Hermione - It did look nice on the buffet table boxing day. I had room for my Christmas pud:) Thanks Hermione.

PK - I don't think eating it a few days earlier would have made any difference. Thanks PK.

Rachel - I know what you mean, been spanked for that. Have a great New Year yourself. Thanks Rachel.

MrJ - Right on display in the kitchen but only because I want to show friends that are over tonight:) Thanks MrJ

SG - To be honest I should know better but I wanted the one he made last year but didn't get it so I was determined this year. Yes got something but not fattening, very good.

Bas - Now, if the cake had been really yummy and no one had complained the price wouldn't have been mentioned. Thanks Bas.

Ami - Yes you are rubbing it in:) I wanted that one last year but had sold out. Didn't see them this year though didn't look at I just thought the Christmas pudding cake was the one. I wonder if they still have any. I might just pop down to Waitrose this evening:) Sorry the turkey was a failure. Thanks Ami.


Erica said...

Just goes to show what I've been saying for years -- fruitcake is evil. :-)

Minelle Labraun said...

For some reason I was remembering the sandal purchase with this one!
I remember you saying he hates spending money! The cake was pricey, but if it tastes good or's worth it...right?

Roz said...

Sorry about the cake Ronnie. Sounds like it was worthwhile though :)

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season!


Anonymous said...

We have Booths, not Waitrose, but equally ridiculous prices.Whenever I'm rushing and resort to a shop bought cake everyone moans without fail.You'll have to send P on a Mary Berry baking course ! Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Erica - Should have listened to you:) Thanks Erica.

Minelle - I would have preferred both to be good:) Thanks Minelle.

Roz - Thanks. I'll be glad when it's 2nd January and back to work fully.

Sarah - I've heard of Booths but never been. P doesn't need one, his cakes come out better than mine. Our son made some mince pies this year and hate to say it, they were better than mine as well. Thanks Sarah.


Lea said...

A lot of things seem to get you spanked! Paul McCartney, Molly Malone's, abs. I wonder what the common factor is here? ;-) Hope you enjoyed your holidays.

Red said...

Definitely a conversation piece if you leave it out, and you can then look forward to another spanking. Sort of a win win situation.
Happy New Year
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Lea - And thank goodness I do:) Thanks Lea.

Red - I took it back to the shop and complained and got a full refund. Maybe that will get me a good girl spanking:) Thanks Red.