Thursday, 20 December 2012

Deja Vu moment

We dined out last night, it was a last minute decision, nothing special just a little bistro in town which is inexpensive, friendly and provides reasonable food. It's also a quaint old building with beams and uneven walls and I just like the atmosphere. I had a deja vu moment when the waitress showed us to our table, it was the exact same table we had last time the two of us dined there and I got the 'throne' seat again, a really substantial hardwood seat almost big enough to seat two.

My husband reminded me that the last time I sat in that chair I had a sore bottom, he said it far too loud and I'm sure a man at the next table heard him. I went red in the face and P grabbed his Nokia to take a photo, he says I look cute when I'm blushing. 

I grabbed the nearest thing to me to hide behind, it was a tiny Christmas tree plant.

I'm sure the man on the next table thought we were a strange couple. I suppose we are in some ways:) 



Bas said...

Strange? I don't see anything strange. Adorable couple maybe?
It's good that P didn't know that you'd end up on the same throne again. Otherwise he might have wanted to recreate the same situation in all its details.

Michael M said...

Not that strange I hope. Judging by the increase in sales at Ann Summer's this year, of handcuffs,paddles and blindfolds, there are loads of spankos out there.

kiwigirliegirl said...

aren't we all strange in our own wonderful way :D cute post - love the chair

Roz said...

Cute post. I remember the original post. Glad you were sitting more comfortably this time :)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Every time I see one of those mini-tree's I will think of you. Nah, I am a new baby duck every day.

Anonymous said...

I remember the original post, that chair does look very hard for a sore bum.

I am sure you enjoyed the meal better this time.


Hermione said...

I remember that post too, and P obviously did as well. You're lucky the table decoration wasn't a candle.


elle :) said...

Lol :) love the tree. :)

sunnygirl said...

I think they're probably envious and don't think you're strange as all.

Red said...

Always a wee bit of fun when overheard... gives people something to talk about. You are lucky P didn't say "the stripes on your sweater are about the exact same spacing as the red stripes on your bottom the last time we came here to eat.....
love the post
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Bas - P usually gives me a red bottom before we go out to eat. Says to make sure I behave myself. I mean what can a girl get up to in a restaurant:) Thanks Bas.

Michael - Don't think so much spankos just wanting a bit of kinky fun:) Thanks Michael.

Kiwi - You wouldn't want to sit in it with a sore bum:) Thanks Kiwi.

Roz - Surprise I was. Thanks Roz.

OBB - LOL. Thanks OBB.

Joey - Last time I had to ask for a cushion. This time there was one already there but I didn't need it:) Thanks Joey.

Hermione - LOL. I wouldn't have posted my picture. Thanks Hermione.

Elle - There were three of them right next to me. Thanks Elle.

SG - It's a good job you haven't seen us then:) Thanks SG.

Red - God, I would have died it he had said that. Thanks Red.


abby said...

Not strange, but fun! I bet most envied you!
hugs abby

Minelle Labraun said...

I love that bit of sweet daring! I remember that post too! I guess he didn't make you red on one end so he felt he could indulge his fancy and make you blushing red!

Anonymous said...
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MrJ said...

Oh yes - very very strange, if not weird.
Please remain so.
Will do the same - promise!

Anonymous said...

Damn it ! That makes us weird too.And I thought we were reassuringly middle aged and middle class.We'll have to start doing the Tesco weekly shop together and recreate the illusion. Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

MrJ - Your on:( Thanks MrJ.

Sarah - Never, weird it is:( Thanks Sarah.


Lea said...

Cute picture. I hate hard wooden seats at restaurants, whether I'm freshly spanked or not.