Monday, 26 November 2012

What would you Choose

How was your weekend?  Hope our friends across the pond had a wonderful Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday.

That time of the year again when thoughts go to Christmas presents.  I'd really like a new implement. No use telling P though, he always says no, we have too many. So if I want one I'd have to buy it myself, then I'd get spanked for buying it when I'd been told not to:)  Yes, I know, I can hear you all say - perfect, win, win situation but no, I wont be doing that.

What I'd like is a flogger.

We do have a small one and it's lovely for using on, well you know, the more intimate parts of the body but I was thinking of a larger one.

What new implement would you choose? 

Love to hear.

Have a good week.


Please from Red Charles.


Anonymous said...

This could be interesting for you. My recommendations depend on what you want out of a flogger! The comments below are my personal opinion.

You may need more expert advice so going to a proper fetish market where there are a number of vendors is a good option. A search on the internet will reveal them- (BBB in Birmingham or London Fetish fair (aka London Alternative Market) to name 2 in the UK). Also going to a fair is a good way of finding a flogger (or other implement) because you can feel them before purchasing.

For sensuous play nothing can beat a really nice soft suede flogger. It is equally fun on your upper back (between the shoulder blades and your bum. Obviously it can be applied with force and that will certainly be felt.

For a more intense flogger something like a leather or rubber flogger with reasonably wide strands can make for a interesting experience with a bit of thud and some sting.

The thinner the strands are the more stingy the feel is likely to be. You could of course go for even more severe floggers such as a cat of nine tails or similar. There are some particularly evil ones around.

The most evil flogger I experienced was hand made for my Domme and was made from a sheet of silicon.

The tails were approximately 1/4 square and there were about 40 of them.

You could also be adventurous and majke one yourself, there are plenty of sites out there that will explain how to do it!

Irishey said...

Hi, Ronnie. That flogger in your photo reminds me of monster-sized licorice whips, and recalled to mind an incident from high school... I think I'm going to go blog about it, instead of hijacking your post with my comments!

I don't know what I want for Christmas, but you got me thinking. D and I went shopping for toys a couple years ago, and we had such a great time. I think that is exactly what I want - just to have fun going toy shopping again with D. I'm sure we'll pick out something new, and have even more fun!


Roz said...

Lol Ronnie, does sound like a win/win :)

Hmm, not sure what implement I would choose, but definitely leather.


PK said...

I did survive the weekend! I always want a new implement. I really don't like our flogger at all - I would like a nice suede one though. I liked a paddle I saw over at Blondie's too.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Floggers are not difficult to make. You should find some DIY ideas on the web.

Hermione said...

I'd like to try a suede flogger too, but not sure Ron would want to go for lessons in how to use one. Maybe if I find a Youtube video first, and show it to him, he might get inspired.


Anonymous said...


Great choice for an X-Mas present,a heavy flogger feels wonderful on the back.

I would pick a paddle with fur to give a spankee a soothing rub after a spanking.


June said...

Hmmmm...I think a lovely, heavy leather duty belt...yummy. Conina has a how to on her blog for rope floggers. I imagine it wouldn't be difficult to adapt to leather. I've made some from window splines, can feel quite soft and lovely or terribly, evilly wicked.

There are how to flog videos on youtube, Hermoine. If I can find the one I saw Ill drop you the link.

Dawn b said...


I wish I was crafty enough to make my own flogger. A suede one sounds nice.

ronnie said...

TheLondBean - Thanks so much for the information. We wanted to go to the LAM but not an option now. I didn't realise there was one in Birmingham (just google it and one coming up in December) I do have a Kinky Craft book which has a flogger in but I'm not very practical at making things like that:) Thanks again TheLongBean

Irishey - I enjoyed your liquorice-whip post and love the name for it. Thanks Irishey.

Roz - Leather is good. Thanks Roz.

PK - You mean you wouldn't like a nice new cane, small one for when your over Nick's lap? I can recommend one:) Thanks PK.

OBB - They are for me:( Thanks OBB.

Hermione - A small suede flogger which we have) is wonderful for sensual play. If June, finds the clip, maybe you could share it with us. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - Now I like the sound of a paddle like that. Thanks Joey.

June - Hello. Clever of you to have made one from window splines. Don't think I'd like a rope flogger, a little too much for me. Thanks June.

Dawn B - Hi. I'm not crafty enough to make one. Suede is good. Thanks for stopping by.


sunnygirl said...

I bough a suede flogger and we love it. Even hubby likes me to use it. I don't mean to do a self-promotion but I did a post on it along with a picture back on May 4th. I would give you the link if I knew how. What I thought I knew didn't work.

Have fun shopping.

June said...

Here is the link I promised to Hermoine - a nice how to flog demo
They have a subsequent demo on how to construct a flogger :)

Bobbie Jo said...

I don't actually have any toys per se. I did have a hand-carved Maori war club I got when I was in Hawaii and I did a stupid thing and gave it away I think. I can't find it so I must have. :-( I'm not into paddles exactly, but it made a very good one. I suppose I could find one or even make one. I have the carving tools to do it.

I am more into leather, though. If I was to get something, it would probably be an OTK strap or leather paddle.

Maybe I will carve a Maori war club. Too bad I lost mine. It was made by a Maori.


if you haven't a good flogger, I think that P should be informed that it is a must have :)

for myself, I just realized whilst reading this post, that I have never owned my own riding crop and I do love them to be a part of play. The small impact zone is such a contrast to so many other toys.


Red said...

A new toy is always fun.... Go for it... but only after a big sale on your website.... However, upon reflection, you could use the money you made selling a few jeans you were going to discard, that P spanked you for not originally putting them up for sale. Now, that money was really mostly earned by P, so he will actually have already paid for the implement. Lovely logic :)
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Ronnie- The one in Birmingham has been going about 15 years and is very close to New Street Station. I used to go quite regularly (no longer in UK). link is

It has a friendly atmosphere and there are plenty of people there who will be able to help you choose the right flogger.

Who knows, You might get a spanking just for going there:)

Lea said...

Floggers are lovely but can run up a high bill. Worth it when it's well made and it gets a lot of use though. I've been fantasizing about riding crops lately. Any recommendations on where to get a good one?

Anastasia Vitsky said...

OUCH is all I have to say about a rubber flogger.

I hope you get what you want, but it sounds like you may get *more* than you want!

Call me old-fashioned, but I love a good hairbrush. The solid heavy kind, not the plastic hollow ones.

ronnie said...

SG - Our small one is made of suede. I'll pop over and have a read. Our friend Hermione did tell me how to link in comments but I forgot to transfer the email to my new machine and old one gone. Thanks SG.

June - I'll take a look when I'm not at work and no ones around at home. I'll pass the link onto Hermione. Thank you June.

Bobbie Jo - What a shame you gave that away. You must be very crafty to be able to carve/make a paddle. Both an OTK strap or leather paddle, lovely, Thanks Bobbie Jo.

Prefectdt - We do have a small one which is made of suede and it's lovely but I'd like to try a larger one. You should get a riding crop,love ours. Thanks Pref.

Red - Peerfect logic, I think:) Thanks Red.

Thelongbean - Thanks very much. I had no idea. I'm sending the link to P as we speak:)

Lea - I've looked at a couple and some are very expensive. P always gets out riding crops from Equestrian Centres, good quality. Thanks Lea.

Ana - I don't actually want one made of rubber but just a larger flogger than the one we have. We do have a hairbrush but P rarely uses it, thank goodness:) Thanks Ana.


Anonymous said...
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Florida Dom said...

You certainly sparked a good discussion. I think they're all good.


ronnie said...

FD - Me too:) Thanks FD.


Anonymous said...

I believe the photographer is Red Charls


Michael M said...

I would like to buy my wife a new wooden spoon for the kitchen - a longish one such com the 16" walnut spoon from

but I am worried that she might be insulted that I came up with a domestic item instead of a romantic gift.
Perhaps I should just get it as a stocking filler?
Wooden spoons are seriously ouchy but a rapid dose of the spoon after a "get your trousers down and bend over the table " session in the kitchen, leaves a lingering and satisfying glow.

ronnie said...

OTK Rod - Hello and thank you. Will credit.

Michael - I was thinking about you yesterday not seeing you around.

I like the look of the wooden spoon. Probably a win win situation. Your wife could spank you for not buying her a romantic gift or she'll love it and spank you any way. Personally I think buy it as a stocking filler. Thanks Michael.


Jack Jill said...

I bought my hubby a leather paddle from The London Tanners in London.
Really stings - but sure looks good!
That flogger looks fantastic!

Malcolm said...

how about something like this? Leather is always good.

ronnie said...

Jack Jill - I like the look of The London Tanner paddles. We have one a rose paddle from John, Leatherthorn paddles, lovely. Thanks Jack Jill.

Malcolm - Nice but I think suede would be for me. Thanks Malcolm.