Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wearing P's Underpants Got Me Spanked

You may remember I mentioned in my Yes/No meme post that I had a story attached to this picture.......

......Our family bathroom is way overdue for re-decorating, there's some flaking paint on the skirting. So on Saturday I told P I'd give it a quick lick of paint, only take an hour or so while he was at the office.

I put a pair of P's old underpants on and then joked to him that as I was doing boys work (I know it's not only boys work) better dress appropriately. "What do you mean", those aren't my jeans".

So I loosened the button and pulled the waistband of his pants up for him to see what I was wearing underneath my jeans. He doesn't wear them anymore they're years old, I keep them in my drawer because there's a story attached to them, anyway there was soon to be another one, or so I hoped, short sharp and sweet. He took the bait. ''Well you can take your jeans right off and come with me into the bedroom before you get started, I can see you're in a cheeky mood and I wouldn't want you doing a less than exemplary job so I think five minutes across my knee should help you take it seriously. You'll get the 'boys' work done with a sore bottom, and you'd better do a good job or it'll be the bath brush when I get back from the office''.

Now this was all in good fun as you can imagine from my telling but even so the spanking was carried out with P's customary efficiency and I did indeed have to get on with it with my cheeky bum well warmed, I enjoyed it too and looked forward to his return, making sure I'd missed a few bits. I got the work done minus the missed bits, left the brush out, silly dizzy me not knowing it needs to be washed.

Then what happened, our son came home unexpectedly early, I called to watch out there's wet paint in the bathroom and went about some ironing. Twenty minutes later son appeared in the kitchen, ''You missed a couple of bits, Mom, I filled them in for you and cleaned the brush up.'' And with a peck on the cheek he went to put the brush and paint away in the garage.

When P returned a bit later he said I'd done a good job, he probably figured the threat of the bathbrush may have helped, I told him actually I hadn't done a great job at all, I'd missed some and if it hadn't been for our son the paintbrush would have dried up and gone rock hard. He just smiled and said oh well it all turned out fine so no problem.

Well maybe it wasn't a problem for him but I'd been primed and I'd been looking forward to a telling off from that bathbrush for my girlie carelessness and it didn't happen. 

That was one of my more amusing spanking accounts that happened a while ago.

Hope the scheduling works.  Back tonight.



1manview said...

Even the best plans can go wrong.. lol.. Such a wonderful son, to take care of his mom.. :)

Bas said...

Scheduling worked great.

Poor Ronnie.
It is not easy being a spanko.
All that painting, all that energy, and then nothing happened.

PK said...

And when you WANT the kids to be helpful they are no where to be found...

Glad you'll be back soon, I've missed you.


Anonymous said...

I swear these children must have radar or a sixth sense concerning how to ruin their parents' good time.

Regardless, that boy of yours sounds like a fine young man.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for scheduling a story for us. I liked the twist at the end although I am sure you were very disappointed.

I hope you are having a great holiday and have a safe trip home.


SNP said...

You did a great job with the scheduling because we are seeing the post! Fun story. I agree with the others...your son sounds great, but funny about his timing!

Fondles said...

oh, good son. but BAD son.

sigh. and you really can't be upset with ANYONE!

how about asking for a spanking anyway? for trying to "manipulate" him into giving you one?

Minelle Labraun said...

I would agree, great son!
I think you will figure out another...'mess' for P to straighten out!

sunnygirl said...

Scheduling perfect.

Loved that your son "fixed" your mess but created a "problem".

Anonymous said...

What's a girl got to do to get the attention she needs.Hope your break gives you time to think of new ways and means. Sarah,LD,UK

Michael M said...

Hi = its a nice tale but I still have no idea why wearing your husband's pants appealed to you for the task of decorating? Wearing one of his old shorts seems sensible but were you expecting your pants to get splashed with paint. Maybe you were holding the brush in the wrong place to do those difficult corners.

Poetic Estrus said...

Hahaha... i see what 1MV was talking about. Devilish thinker like me. The only problem is J hasn't progress that far as a spanker yet. He would of just pulled them off and went at it. Half a deal would of been good though... I've leaned something, now let's see if he has... (devilish smile)

Anonymous said...

"the best paid plans of mice and men...."
Well, you have a lovely son Ronnie, a fun loving hubby and a newly painted bathroom - life is good, even with the frisky fun of an afternoon cut short.

Red said...

Love the story... I think I know P a little,a nd his reaction to this deliberate attempt to be punished! You were punished by NOT getting the spanking you desired... Better you should have done a good painting job, and asked for a good girl spanking... and I think he would have agreed...
Great son you have..
bottoms up

ronnie said...

1MV - Best laid plans never seem to work for me:) Thanks 1MV

Bas - Well at least the bathroom looked better:) Thanks Bas.

PK - Seems like I've been away for ages. Thanks PK.

Mick - He's one in a million. Thanks Mick.

Joey - Back safe and sound, thank you.

SNP - It's not the first time something like that has happened. Thanks SNP.

Fondles - I couldn't have said I'd done it on purpose:) Thanks Fondles.

Minelle - You know me, I'll come up with something:) Thanks MInelle.

SG - I think I like the new blogger:) Thanks SG.

Sarah - Just what the doctor ordered:) Thanks Sarah.

Michael - His shorts wouldn't fit me and that would be too obvious. It's a little joke we have. When I wear his underwear I get spanked.:) Thanks Michael.

Poetic Estrus - We girls have to do something to get spanked. Thanks PE.

Lillie - P has his moments and as you said we had a newly painted bathroom:) Thank you Lille.

Red - Your probably right but much for fun my way:) Thanks Red.