Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Should Police Spank Them?

24th March 1968 - News of the World (allegedly)


Not sure where I got the pictures from.


1manview said...

He's probably still smiling about it know...

I say yes!!!... hehe ...

Bas said...

Now isn't this much nicer than using pepper spray or tasers!

PK said...

Hmmm... depends. I'd need to know a little more about the crime.


Anonymous said...

Can't tell, but the editor was a spanker, wasn't he.

Hermione said...

Yes, they probably should, but they would get into big trouble here, and would probably be sued.

Tasers, on the other hand, are perfectly okay.


SNP said...

Interesting find. I noticed the date--1968. That is the year I was born:)

Anonymous said...

Spanking in schools was a common practice in thar era, but that kind of behavior now would cause a stir.

ronnie said...

1MV - I wonder if he spanked his partner. Thanks 1MV. Can't see your email address on your blog.

Bas - We had a demonstration of a taser, I wouldn't like it. Thanks Bas.

PK - Shoplifting maybe. Thanks PK.

Mick - It would see so:) Thanks Mick.

Hermione - I think a lot would benefit from it:) Thanks Hermione.

SNP - Lot of protests around the world in the 60's Thanks SNP.

Joey - Yes, couldn't do that now:) Thanks Joey.


sixofthebest said...

Yes, indeed. The police by all means should take their knicker's down and spank their bare bottoms. And rightfully so.

Minelle Labraun said...

It looked like a mild spanking!lol

Christina said...

Probably more effective than some of the tactics police use now! LOL

MrJ said...

Exactly. Fully agree with many of you. Should be judged comparatively in terms of effectiveness.


No I do not think that they should spank them. In my fantasies of that era spanking is the exclusive duty of WPCs.


Anonymous said...

Power corrupts.I'd be worried about giving the police a free rein.A spanking after a properly officiated trial with due access to top notch legal representation...well now, that's a whole different matter. If found guilty nothing like a robust spanking to cure all....Sarah,LD,UK

Blondie said...

A spanking instead of something else sounds good to me.

ronnie said...

SOTB - Maybe not with their knickers down. Thanks SOTB.

Minelle - I think it was:) Thanks Minelle.

Christine - Could be very effective for some minor offences. Thanks Christine.

MrJ - I agree. Thanks MrJ

Pref - A WPC who wears glasses:) Thanks Pref.

Sarah - Gosh, no, couldn't give the police power to carry out something like that without a trial first:) Thanks Sarah.

Blondie - Some could do with a good OTK:) Thanks Blondie.

Blondie - Some could do with a good OTK:) Thanks Blondie.


Florida Dom said...

Notice the garter belt. Do any women out there still wear them in this era of pantyhose?


kiwigirliegirl said...

just goes to show how times have changed....these days the officer would be hauled up with charges against him. I do think its a better way for the police to deal with young offenders...long gone are the days where you were afraid of your local bobby and getting a "clip" for being cheeky or naughty.
Shame really. Youngsters these days have no respect
Hugs kiwi xxx

Red said...

If permitted, this would certainly swell the ranks (and other parts) of the police force. :)
bottoms up

ronnie said...

FD - Definitely. I for one do. Not as much as I used to. Thanks FD.

Kiwi - Yes. We were always very respectful to our police. A OTK for some of the youngsters would do them a world of good:) Thanks Kiwi.

Red - You could be right there. Thanks Red.