Friday, 2 November 2012

Double Warming

A couple of readers emailed and asked why I got my bottom warmed for a second time in one day after my post about telling lies regarding the rose paddle.

I didn't explain it and come to think of it I didn't explain why I got the rose paddle used on me the first time either; well, it wasn't all that interesting to be honest, not in my opinion anyway, and I also thought it would be too much to put in one post and my posts do ramble on sometimes. But I'll fill in the gaps now, nearly two weeks have passed and my lies haven't been challenged thank goodness and I'm feeling that I'll get away without any major embarrassment because time dilutes memories and, apart from the second backside warming that is.

So to bottom warming No.1 - I got it because I hadn't done as I was told. Simple. Those who've known me a while know I operate a modest internet business, I have a website and I also use eBay. I bought a job lot of designer jeans via eBay, cheap cheap cheap, thinking I'd make a killing selling them individually. Well to cut it short they were  'disappointing' to say the least and I just stuffed them all back in their packages and dumped them in a corner to rot. I told P about them and he took a look and told me at least half were ok to sell on and how I should present them etc, as if he knew all about such stuff (his advice was actually quite good) but I didn't bother, probably because I was angry with myself for being so stupid. Anyway it dragged on for a while and after several reminders I just thought I'd get rid of the lot and throw them in our communal recycle bin. Unfortunately my husband saw the packages outside my little store room office and asked me what was up, had I sold the lot? I had to tell him the truth that I was going to bin them but he wasn't having any of it.

He spent some time with me photographing the jeans, labelling and stacking them back neatly in my office, only about a third were virtually unsaleable in his opinion (some were outrageously punky) and he said I should job lot those or give them to charity. For the rest I was to upload the photos and get some decent descriptions online and do my job - sell 'em. Well by Saturday I still hadn't done anything with them, you can see what's coming can't you, and P asked me about them, I mean he had given his time up to help me, and I just said no I hadn't got round to it. Perhaps it was my casual 'hadn't got round to it' which pissed him off, he wasn't impressed that's for sure and he fetched the rose paddle from upstairs, took me over his knee and gave me a damned good spanking, he didn't bother taking my jeans down even and he didn't need to, it got through very effectively. Then he told me I'd better get the jeans online later or I'd be getting another dose. So now you know.

And as for bottom warming No.2 - It didn't happen because I disobeyed him, I actually got most of the jeans online (and I've sold a few pairs too:)), it happened because I told him about the rose paddle incident with our neighbour and the silly lie I told which I thought might bounce back on me. P thought it was funny, then thought it might bounce back on him too if she saw him out front and asked him about it but then he thought about our son being asked questions and that, to his mind, was the worst prospect. He asked me where the paddle was and I told him I'd taken it back upstairs, he told me to go and fetch it, I thought he might be toying with the idea of actually putting a small vanity mirror on one side just for appearance sake (silly I know) so I could show our neighbour next time she came over. 

When I came back he was sitting centrally on the sofa, he reached out his hand for the paddle, I still didn't suspect, I gave it to him and he pulled me closer. This time he undid my jeans and pulled them down to my knees before guiding me over his lap, he told me I shouldn't lie if I can't lie properly and I shouldn't include other people in my lies.

"Well what was I supposed to say, P, that it was just a paddle which my husband had been disciplining me with?"

"Now you're being silly, that would bring us into disrepute."

"Don't you mean bring you into disrepute." I was trying to be funny, I didn't think he was truly mad at me and he wasn't.

He spanked me with his hand....

and then gave me a good forty or fifty stokes with the paddle and on top of the roasting he'd given me earlier it had me vocalising and wriggling like mad against his thighs but unable to get relief from a better position because his left arm is easily strong enough to restrain me. I was sweating when he stopped and gasping too, he'd been holding me quite tightly, I didn't try to get up, just lay there recovering and to my delight his hand started caressing my punished rear, at first lightly over my knickers which he'd left on and then more intimately inside the wispy cotton, down between my cheeks and finally finding my wetness and pretending to be shocked by it, telling me he was undecided whether to spank me some more for getting into that condition or masturbate me while I was still across his knee with a sore bottom. He kept his finger right on my hardening nub as he was saying these things to me and soon the question became irrelevant because I started coming and my husband recognised it and kept working me with his right hand while his left started spanking me, slightly awkwardly because of the crossover of hands, and the effect was electrifying and noisy and breathtaking and so bloody fast and unexpected I thought I would pass out. I didn't, I just kept saying oh christ, christ christ. When I'd calmed down I slithered back off P's lap, undid his fly and gave him the best blow job I've given for a long time....

or maybe he spurted more than he's done in a long time, I don't know but it was certainly a mouthful and I was smiling like a loon as it went down.

Ten minutes later I could have gone again, must be something to do with the new food deprivation regime I'm on, didn't happen though. Ah well can't be greedy.

Have a fun weekend.


Third picture from Miss Pink.


sunnygirl said...

Loved the story thanks for sharing.
Sex after a spanking is just so much fun, isn't it.

joeyred51 said...

I love your stories. Double spanking and sex. Wow!

I hope you have a great weekend.


Hermione said...

Isn't it annoying when husbands give advice about things they know nothing about? That's what they learn on Mars, I suppose.

Thanks for clearing uo the mystery of the double spanking.


PK said...

Wow, I didn't realize I'd need a cold shower this cool morning. Sounds like it was a good day.


Maryann Lovejoy said...

Lovely story and not at all boring!

SNP said...

I agree with the others! Great personal story and not boring:) Happy Weekend to you.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I think you should put the paddle back in plain view. That seems to work out so well for you.

Bas said...

I'm sure you deserved all the spanking, but somehow, halfway through the story, I forgot the reason why. Ah well, who cares.

ronnie said...

SG - Yes and have had some of the best sex after a spanking. Thanks SG.

Joey - Thank you, Have a good one yourself.

Hermione - LOL. I have to say P's advice was good. Thanks Hermione.

PK - Sorry about that:) Thanks PK.

Maryann - Hello and thank you. My true accounts are sometimes a tad too long:)

SNP - Kind of you to say. Thanks SNP.

OBB - I do love John's rose paddle but not that much:) Thanks OBB.

Bas - Too long. Never know when to cut:) Thanks Bas.


Michael M said...

Wow, quite a happening round at your place. Hope you get a little bit more this weekend. Your hubby must be thinking it's Christmas, never mind

Red said...

Wow!!! a wonderfully hot event, and proves the point that discipline spankings with love can lead to wonderful fabulous sex. Must say (as I mentioned to you a long time ago when you were not into discipline spankings - ps congratulations P) that it is far better than a regular scheduled spanking and sex, because that can lead to expectations, also deadly thought: ROUTINE instead of spontaneity -oh my it's 11:00am saturday -time for a spanking,
Spontaneity has wonderful rewards, as does unexpected sex... The thrill of the unknown.
bottoms up
(PS again: you seem to extremely less offended when being spanked without you deciding the when.. because the great advantage is you get spanked! :-)


The punishment for the jeans could have been worse. You might have been instructed to wear one of the bad pairs in public.


Poetic Estrus said...

I don't think it was too long, it was a appealing story. I'm glad 1MV (1ManView) pointed me this way. I'm new at spanking and 1MV had suggested I read you when I could, because he thought we had similarities, and it sounded as I was more or less interested in a spanking relation like yours, Here are those similarities he gave me. Hard headed, stubborn, curse, like to be spanked, love sex, and like to be submissive at times etc. But he also said we both were both smart, witty, and lovable people. He also said that you were a very good writer, which I agree with him. But when he said down to earth, that reason made me read you, because he's the same way. Simple as he calls himself. And he can be a big nut when he lets you know him. :) So I shall be lurking in the shadows, seeing how to get what I want. Or maybe I should need... :) (I'm long winded too) :)


ronnie said...

Michael - No chance this weekend, busy and people around. Thanks Michael.

Red - I'm still not into discipline spankings. I used to like my maintenance Sundays but I have to say spontaneity has it's merits:) and the sex afterwards is always wonderful - as you know. Thanks Red.

Prefectdt - Thank goodness he didn't think of that:) Cheers Pref.

PoeticEstrus - Hello and welcome to you. Blushing as I read:) 1MW is such a lovely person. I would class myself as down to earth and simple, exactly right.I'm glad he pointed you in this direction and I hope you de-lurk sometime and comment, would love to hear from you. Thanks PoeticEstrus.


Red said...

Ronnie: I agree that the idea of one person disciplining the other is not intellectually a good idea. We need to find a more consensual word than discipline, for this type of spanking! Maybe motivational spanking for change.. :)
bottoms up