Monday, 1 October 2012


There were words.....

......And there were more words 

There were even raised voices, well one actually (not P's, I might add)

Then there I was over my husbands lap 

Being lectured on my attitude (over not going on holiday which I'll explain another time) and my less than ladylike language. 

Then that same raised voice again only this time for an entirely different reason.

And 15 minute later there was a very sorry girl with a very sore bottom.

Have a good week.



SNP said...

Attitude and unladylike language does not add up to good things being over husband's lap. Well, maybe not all bad. It is hard to know the right WORDS to say. I hope you have a good week, too:)

Malcolm said...

Fifteen minutes???

MrJ said...

I'm sure youn will have a GREAT. ladylike holiday soon.
Best of two world, isn'tt it?

Anonymous said...

Hm, wondered when the lack of a break would push you to your limits.W/e away to visit Christmas markets???!!!

Blimey, am I grasping at straws ?

Oh god, it's raining again.


Bas said...

Ahhh, the joy of simple ways to make your wife see your point of view.
Other couples get divorced over these issues!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Of all the bloggers, it would you and P that I would want to see on a reality show with cams running all the time to capture when you start getting mouthy and when he sorts you out. I think it would fun to hear and see.

PK said...

I've always liked P's style!

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...


You gave us just enough details to tease our imaginations. I hope you fill in some details. Please.


Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to have someone keeping you in line.

I am prone to passionate outbursts but nothing ever happens, no attitude adjustments. :(


sunnygirl said...

Oh, Ronnie - A 15 minute spanking - Wow, no wonder you have a sore bottom. I guess it's all resolved now though, huh.

Turiya said...

I have nothing to say but *hugs*


ronnie said...

SNP - I say too many words sometimes:) Thanks SNP.

Malcolm - I was a very sorry girl after. Thank you Malcolm.

Mr.J. Doesn't seem likely now until next year:( Thanks Mr.J.

Sarah - Don't get me started on Christmas else I'll find myself in that exact position again. Enjoy the markets. Thanks Sarah.

Bas - Yes, simple but very effective. Thanks Bas.

OBB - LOL. I don't think you would. Thanks OBB.

PK - I do most of the time:) Thanks PK.

Joey - Not meant to tease:) Cheers Joey.

Hedone - Sorry you don't. I certainly need it from time to time:) Thanks Hedone.

SG - No OTK for all that time but it's resolved until I blow again and you know me:) Thanks SG.

Turiya - Hugs are very welcome. Thank you Turiya.


Hermione said...

I agree with OBB, that would be some show to see!

So when are you going on holiday? I assume P finally saw your point of view:)


ronnie said...

Hermione - For some reason he didn't:) Probably next year now. Thanks Hermione.


Ana said...

My only word:


Glad you are having a better day.

Cowgirl Up said...

15 minutes! Ouchie! I have a new respect for you.......

Anonymous said...

Only a woman with a husband who loves you as much as he does would give you such lavish attention.

I know you appreciate it, just as Lynda does.


Red said...

Ronnie: sorry to hear you are not going on holiday.. but at least you got spanked... and eventually felt the warmth... Also glad to know that P now spanks for attitude and language, whenever inappropriate...
hope you have fun by going out some night in twon.
bottoms up

Minelle Labraun said...

words....There must be something in the air!
Well, as long as you are both settled now.

ricky said...

Less than lady-like language?
Oh, Miss Ronnie,
My, oh my, oh my!
err, welcome to the club!

Stormy said...

Sounds like the way it would have been handled husband is not pleased by my raised voice. Not at all.

Lea said...

It's funny how that progression of events can sometimes be universal. ;-)

ronnie said...

Ana - :) Thank you.

Cowgirl - Not OTK for the whole 15 minutes though on some occasions I've been over P's lap for an hour getting spanked on and off.

Mick - I always appreciate it after the act :) Cheers Mick.

Red - Personally I'd rather go on holiday than get spanked:) Thanks Red.

Minelle - For now until the next time:):):)

Ricky - Sometimes I just can't help it, honestly:) Thanks Ricky.

Stormy - Raised voices (always mine) and language do not go down well in our house. Thanks Stormy.

Lea - Your right there:) Thanks Lea.


harry bunter said...

Ronnie, I'm to been dealt with tomorrow, you are good at telling it. I did enjoy my rides alot and am going again Thurs. H

Michael M said...

You seem to have spoken out of turn and been dealt with. Now that is behind you I am sure you can rightfully get on with holiday planning, so long as you offer to take a small paddle with you.

ronnie said...

Harry - Thank you. Hope it's not to ouchy today:) and enjoy the ride on Thursday. Thanks Harry.

Michael - I'd even take a whole case of implements:) Nothing now until next year:( Thanks Michael.


kiwigirliegirl said...

Its not often my hubby sorts me out like this, though even I will admit I need it...ocassionally he will *sigh*. Maybe one day soon he will "get it".
Hope you dont "blow" again for a while Ronnie :)
missed your blog, its good to back reading it
hugs kiwi xx

ronnie said...

KG - Hello and so good to see you. You've been missed.

A quick short spanking always works for me:) Thanks KG.