Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I need a Spanking


That's what P said to me.

Naughty, how I asked.

You'll know when your over my knee.

And there's me thinking I'd been good.


Spanking photo from etsy.


Lea said...

When they can't even come up with a reason I think they are just being lazy. ;-)

ronnie said...

Lea - Your right but I'll happily take one even if he doesn't have a reason:) Thanks Lea.

PK said...

Oh girl, sounds like you have been! Have fun!


Florida Dom said...

Hope you enjoy it and let us know all about it.


Susie said...

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to do something just a little bit naughty. :)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Reason? We don't need no stinking reason.

Misquoted from Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

I tell Bacall because it will make me feel better.

Anonymous said...


Naughty girls have more fun. I am looking forward to your post with all the details.


@Lea Tops are lazy. Hmmmm. We need to have a conversation. ;)

Hermione said...

You are teasing us, Ronnie. Where are the details?


SNP said...


Bas said...

Sorry Ronnie, but you obviously made a little mistake, thinking you were good.
If P tells you what was wrong,you can tell us when you post about the OTK happenings.

Anonymous said...

Since you're getting one anyway, did it occur to you to go ahead and do something to deserve it? Just a thought.

sunnygirl said...

I love the "just because" spankings, doesn't everybody?

ronnie said...

PK - Me naughty, never. Thanks PK.

FD - If it's a fun one I will:) Thanks FD.

Susie - If I'm going to get a spanking I might as well do something to deserve it. Thanks Susie.

OBB - I really have been good, well in my book I have:) I love that film. Thanks OBB.

Joey - Fun I like:) Thanks Joey.

@Lea - Your in trouble. I'll look forward to hearing about it:)

Hermione - Not mean to tease. If I knew I'd tell. Thanks Hermione.

SNP - I don't know if I will be after my spanking:) Thanks SNP.

Bas - I can't think of anything naughty I've done but I'll be brave, be a big girl and take my spanking:) Thanks Bas.

Mick - You must know me well I thinking up something already:) Thanks Mick
SG - "just because" spankings I like:) Thanks SG.


Ana said...

If you are going to be called naughty, you should get the fun of deserving it. Have fun. :)

garyntboy said...

I guess you must be good at being naughty, me too.

MrJ said...

I', sure you will come up with something during the process - if only because without life there will only be a 'during' time.

Minelle Labraun said...

I think I would just go ahead and be naughty all the time!!

Emen said...

I love just because. Don't even need because. Just do it.

Sweet and very teasy. Reason right there?

1manview said...

My mom once spanked me for something I didn't do. When she found out I really didn't do it, she smiled and said it was for the one I got away with ... :)


Dee said...

I think P is probably thinking hard for a reason too :)

Dee x

kiwigirliegirl said...

Sounds like the almost daily conversation in our house...and when Sir doesnt have a reason its "just because he can"
Have fun
Cool pics btw
Hugs kiwi xxx

ronnie said...

Ana - Exactly, I'm thinking of some already:) Thanks Ana.

Garyntboy - Hello. Seems I must be:) Thanks

MrJ - It's P saying I've been naughty so let's see what he comes up with:) Thanks MrJ.

Minelle - Even I couldn't be naughty all the time:) Thanks Minelle.

Emen - He's teasing I think. Thanks Emen.

1MV - LOL, love it. I bet you got away with a lot.Thanks 1MV.

Dee - P does like a reason to spank though he has just spanked "because he wants to and he can." Thanks Dee.

KG -Yes, that's what I said to Dee - sometimes he spanked because he can. Thanks KG.


Anonymous said...

'This isn't a debate, this is a spanking '.How MANY times have I heard that in this house? Or if I overthink it or want to discuss he can cut me short with a 'I'm not one of your clients to psychoanalyse'. Funny thing is though...there's a curl of a smile as I bend over his knee..... Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Sarah - Many times I'm sure. But I do like to know what I'm being spanked for:) Thanks Sarah.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie!
Maybe you guys can help me? I'm trying to find the right word for something. You know when you want sex, you say "I'm Horny." There's no denying what it means, no confusing it with any other desire. Being 'horny' means only one thing. Well there needs to be a word for when you just need a spanking!! I don't care if it's made up or an actual word. But there must be something that says, "I NEED a spanking! I'm feeling rambunctious and naughty and tumultuous and insecure and stressed out and there's only one thing I need and want that will calm me down! PUT ME OVER YOUR KNEE!" My husband and I have been trying to think of a word. The only thing I can come up with that's close is "Spanksual" (Spank-Shoo-ul). But it's not quite right. It's more like for use as in "Just looking at the collection of implements gets me thinking Spanksual thoughts." It's not quite how to describe the 'Horny' Need/Wanton Desire for the only thing that will satisfy it. Any ideas??

-Ses Q. Padalian

ronnie said...

Good question. I do like your "Spanksual"

Mick, has asked his readers the questions. Why not pop over and see what others have said -


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ronnie, I posted the question to several (More 'Spanko than not') Blogs hoping to get plenty of responses. It's something only we spankos can understand. 'It' just needs a word that clarifies what it is we need!!! It's own special word.

-Ses Q, The word Nerd

ronnie said...

Sorry for late reply. I'm so behind reading around. Has anyone come up with a word yet?