Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Due a Spanking

I told you the other day I was going to get spanked, after P told me I was. I didn't tell you what for though and I didn't know myself until the weekend when he told me it was because I was still harping on about not getting my summer dose of sunshine, sand and sea.....(there are more s's like spain, sex, sangria etc, funny that).... even though he'd spanked me for it once. Well he's right I haven't really let it drop and I even emailed my friend Janet and asked her if she fancied a long weekend somewhere, I copied P on it too.

And so it was that on Saturday I ended up over my husband's lap, my favourite position, still being lectured about my attitude, which was absolutely perfect for me because I rather enjoy sinking into that feeling, realisation in fact, that my attitude truly has been defective and therefore I deserve what I'm about to get. I also very much like it when I can tell P is serious about what he's saying, it makes it better for me.

There is a formula which always works for me, a pattern which the best spankings (I'm not talking sex spankings) always follow, it's more or less as below:-

Genuine annoyance (husband) + subconscious guilt (me) + initial denial + initial resistance + spanking + gradual submission + spanking + complete submission + spanking + apologies and pleas + more-spanking-for-good-measure = contrite, subdued, respectful Ronnie
And the thing about these kind of spankings is they make me want sex more than sex spankings, though not always immediately. I know lots of you know the feeling.

Anyway back to the spanking which started as his lecture was winding down, I think he likes to save his breath, he probably also realises his wise words would be drowned out by the resounding thwacks which supplement them and the girlish cries they elicit, not to mention the struggling which inevitably occurs. Short sharp words or phrases work best during a spanking so I pick up on things like "Keep still" and "Harder" and "You deserve" and "Pants coming down".....etc whereas an ongoing scolding, however well reasoned, would be lost.

I didn't tell you I had my jeans on, did I? Well I did, at least for a couple of minutes and I didn't tell you he was hand spanking me either but he was, though both conditions were to change. I believe I've told you before my husband has powerful hands, creative maybe even artistic, but strong, they can hurt. I tried not to show how much they hurt and when P paused to ask me if he was getting through to me I didn't answer. He asked me again, I sensed impatience in his voice and I said "You've got nothing to get through about......." and then as an afterthought, "..And anyway it's been so long since you spanked me you've probably forgotten how to get through." I'm sure my voice trailed off towards the end of the sentence, I know my bravado did and when he asked me to repeat what I'd just said, I wouldn't. 

It didn't make any difference anyway, my jeans were undone and pulled down,

not the easiest thing to do when otk and he was quite rough, my panties followed much more easily and he spanked me some more then I felt him reach to the floor whilst gripping me firmly in place with his left hand, I couldn't see what he'd picked up but I guessed it was one of my house slippers which I'd kicked off. I was right, I knew instantly when the smooth rubber sole landed across my bare bottom, the slipper soles aren't huge not big enough to spank both buttocks together so I got them in batches alternating between cheeks and it went on for ages and eventually, after pathetically  struggling and demanding he stop, I cried out that he was getting through to me and would he PLEASE stop. He didn't of course and then I started telling him I was SORRY, I REALLY WAS, and PLEASE, P, I'VE LEARNED MY LESSON. I felt like I had, too, my backside must surely have been swollen, it had gone past 'hurt' it was almost numb and I had stopped struggling, I could feel tears in my eyes but I wouldn't let them come. P knows me well enough, a few more hard spanks to show he'll be the one who decides when it's over

and then it stopped and I heard the slipper drop to the floor.

I stayed over his knee, I was sniffling, his hand was gently rubbing my back. He started talking to me calmly again, no tension in his voice, he told me I'd been a silly girl but that was it, all over now. I told him again that I was sorry and I knew I'd been out of order and I hadn't meant to be nasty to him. "Come on then, get up, I'm going to make a cup of tea, would you like one?" Asked my husband. "Yes please," I sniffled as I got off his lap and pulled my knickers up.

When he came back with two hot mugs I was sitting on the sofa, jeans still round my ankles. He sat next to me, put the mugs on the floor and his arm round me and I let my head rest on his shoulder.       

"You know what started all this, the holiday," he said, ".....well, it's not quite the same but Stefan has asked me to meet him in Helsinki end of this month or early next and I thought you might like to come."  

I just made a Mmm noise and snuggled closer, stifling an ouch as the seat grazed my bum. Helsinki isn't quite like Spain, especially at this time of year, and I knew it would only be a couple of days but I suppose it's the thought that counts.


Pictures from Miss Pink.


1manview said...

You forgot a couple S words.. Spicy, sexy, slippery, spoiled, special, and not in that order... ;) I truly enjoyed how you wrote this, it was very creative and entertaining...

Love and peace

PK said...

That was quite a spanking. I can't believe what you said while you were already otk of an annoyed husband! You have courage (if not smarts)! I'm glad you feel better and I hope you enjoy your trip. Hoping next year finds you in sunny Spain for an extended period.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your story with us. I do not think I would want the bottom of a rubber slipper hitting my bum.

Perhaps you should have P read your account of your last trip to Spain, it might provide some motivation.


SNP said...

Yes, thanks for sharing your story with us. Your personal stories are always a good read. Happy Wednesday.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

It seems that getting in a snarky word during a spanking is almost required. Bacall seldom fails. It builds up in her and bursts out. I live to hear them. Should have written them down.

Respectful Ronnie! How long does that last?

Ana said...

Ronnie, you did NOT say that to your husband just before a spanking? Oh my goodness...I am amazed that he let you sit down at all. Enjoy Helsinki!

Minelle Labraun said...

Brave woman! Sometimes the irritation isn't over even if you think it's over. Now you know it's over, plus such a thoughtful resolution.... Helsinki.

sunnygirl said...

Quite a spanking. He heats you up and then cools you down with a trip to Helsinki. LOL

You are a brave girl to be so cheeky whilst OTK.

Hermione said...

What a wonderful man you married. First a lovely spanking then a trip to Helsinki. Bon voyage!


ronnie said...

1MV - Your the one good with words. Thanks 1MV.

PK - Sometimes I can't believe what I say when OTK. Thanks PK.

Joey - Neither did I but I didn't have a choice:) Would make any difference if he did read it's just not to be this year. Thanks Joey.

SNP - I enjoy writing them down. Thanks SNP.

OBB - Respectful Ronnie - depends on how hard the spanking was:) Thanks OBB.

Ana - Sometimes I can't help it, it just comes out:) Helsinki is a lovely city. Thanks Ana.

Minelle - Yes, sometimes P has to spank me more than once for it to get through:) Thanks Minelle.

SG - More of a fool I'd say and yes Helsinki will be cold this time of the year.


ronnie said...

Hermione - Sorry I missed you there. He has his moments:) I'll enjoy Helsinki. Thanks Hermione.


MrJ said...

Well - that makes you winter-ready and looking forward to Helsinki, I guess.

dancingbarez said...

Oh Ronnie, I have only gotten smart while otk once; it was not a good idea then either.

I hope you enjoy your trip, bring some warm clothes.

Michael M said...

Helsinki - nice beer, saunas and birch twigs. Maybe not all that bad.

Bas said...

That was a nice and cosy domestic scene.
Especially the tea at the end , makes it a warm scene. You will nreed another scene like that in cold and dark Helsinki.

Lea said...

That formula works fairly well for me too. Thanks for sharing and I hope you both enjoy a trip soon!

ronnie said...

MrJ - I much prefer the warmth but Helsinki is lovely. Cold yes but you can get wonderful blue skies and the market in the harbour is interesting. Thanks MrJ.

Dancingbarez - Not good to get smart when your OTK. Warm clothes it is. Thanks Dancingbarez

Michael - Yes, good beer. I had a sauna when I was there before but no birch twigs. Thanks Michael.

Bas - We Brits do like our tea. I'm sure P will warm me up while were there. Thanks Bas.

Lea - I think works for a lot of us. Thanks Lea.


Anonymous said...

Tea : the perfect elixir.I just love the way he brings you tea.Tea and cake cure most things, don't you think?Or maybe it is just that all round warm feeling...Sarah,LD,UK

Anonymous said...

I know that formula that you're talking about. Even though there is a real element of disciple, I get a big charge out of it that I might not have in the play spankings. I like having the authority.

I used to worry about that, but then I decided, "what the heck?"

ronnie said...

Sarah - I do love my cup of team:) I think it's the all round warm feeling. Thanks Sarah.

Mick - That really does work best for me. Thanks Mick.

So good to see you back and I love your new name. It's perfect for you both.


Anonymous said...

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