Monday, 29 October 2012

Antipasti or Hankispanky

I spotted this when I was looking for a new bread knife the weekend, 

a Jamie Oliver antipasti board, it was massive! And heavy too, about 1cm thick, needless to say my mind drifted to other possible uses, I quickly snapped it, (blurredly because other customers were milling around,) to share the thought with you.

I didn't buy it in the end. I showed P the picture. He said it looked far too heavy to be used as a paddle but should have bought it anyway, it's a nice way to serve sharing of antipasti. I think he's right.

Have a good week.



joeyred51 said...

I would not want such a mean implement in my house.

ronnie said...

Joey - :) It was rather heavy but I think P's right it would be a nice way to serve antipasti when friends come round. Thanks Joey.

Mick and Lynda's Place said...

Yeesh, that's more of a club than a paddle, no matter how it's shaped.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I am thinking that if it gets into your home, your bottom will get a test lick with it.

Hermione said...

That's the one he uses on all his TV shows. Not for spanking, but for serving food. I guess platters and bowls are out, and lumber is in on stylish dinner tables. Who knew?


Minelle Labraun said...

Ant use except an implement, ouch! That looks nasty and should only be used for the antipasti.

MrJ said...

Anti-spanki pasta

Michael M said...

You are right this is probably a bit thuddy. My wife bought an olive wood spoon whilst on holiday two or three years ago. It was used frequently back in the hotel bedroom and it is the "ouchiest" wooden spoon I have come across.
It resides in the utensil holder back home and is never used for cooking with, but comes out for "quickie" spanks when she needs to remind me of something or other.
She has been known to ask me to pass her "Olivia".

sunnygirl said...

That looks hurtful,. Better for kitchen use only. Maybe I could turn the lexan into a bread cutting board.

Have a great week.

ronnie said...

Mick - Club LOL. It was rather heavy. Thanks Mick.

OBB - Probably not but I'd have no objection to try it out:) Thanks OBB.

Hermione - Yep, platters and bowls are not Jamie's thing now. I quite like it for serving antipasti so might go back and buy it. Thanks Hermione.

Minelle - I know P wouldn't use it for anything else.

MrJ - That would have been a perfect title. Why didn't I think of it. Thanks MrJ.

Michael - I love your wife's name for the spoon:) Thanks Michael.

SG - Let me know if it works:) Thanks SG.


Red said...

The heavier the implement, the lighter the spank has to be when it is being used... I would rate this as a FAIL ( on Hermione's idea) that you did Not buy it...bottoms up

ronnie said...

Red - But I might go back and purchase it:) Thanks Red.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Good lord, that is WAY too heavy! Unless you've been a lot naughtier than you've told us...;)

ronnie said...

Ana - Me Naughty, never:) Thanks Ana.


Lea said...

I agree, it looks really heavy! Wouldn't want it touching me.

ronnie said...

Lea - If I buy it I can be safe in the knowledge that P will only use it for it's proper purpose. Thanks Lea.