Monday, 10 September 2012

Birthday + car bonnet + Hoodie

You may remember it was my birthday recently and I got spanked, it was lengthy and it was deeply appreciated and it made me horny as hell when we went into town to eat later. I shall tell you about it in another post.

But first, lets skip forward to after my (main) birthday spanking and a wonderful Italian meal and a stroll through the town and round the leafy perimeter of the cathedral, arm in arm, hand on bum etc etc, we got back to the car park which was almost empty and my husband took me by surprise and bent me over the bonnet of the car and spanked me (no he didn't take my trousers and pants down)

He said it was for being saucy during our meal and touching his backside while we walked around the town and because he knew I liked the idea of al fresco spankings..........and because he loved me. I thought the Montepulciano must have gone to his head, P is not generally much on lovey dovey stuff, but anyway I was thrilled by what he said and what he did.

He only gave me a few spanks and then let me up and that was when I saw the hoodie and my eyes widened and the word 'Shit' escaped me. P thought I must have got dirt on my top or something but then he saw I was staring, just across the road from the car park a guy in a grey hoodie had slowed to a dawdle pace to watch me get spanked. P straightened up and looked right at him and the hooded voyeur immediately quickened his pace and disappeared round a corner.

P just laughed and said he hoped he'd had a good look, I said 'what if he got our number' but my husband just said so what, since when has it been illegal to spank your wife. I could have argued against that but, needless to say, I didn't.

I still don't like the thought that someone might have P's registration number, even though the likelihood is remote as my husband assured me, the guy's eyes were no doubt focused on my backside not the car number.

Have a good week.


Let me know if the picture is yours so I can give credit.


Michael M said...

I am sure you gave the onlooker something to think about and brightened up his day, like you brighten ours. Look forward to hearing about the birthday spanking.

MrJ said...

I'm afraid P's estimate is entirely right.

Fondles said...

hey take it from someone who's dating a voyeur... he's looking at your bum, not at the number plate.

that sounded terribly exciting btw! glad you had a good birthday.

Dee said...

I think if I stumbled across something like this in a car park..... a registration number wouldn't even enter my mind. I think you're safe :)

Dee x

PK said...

I'm sure all Mr. Hoodie took away from that was a smile and a great story to tell his friends. It all sounds like a lovely evening to me.


Hermione said...

How terribly exciting and embarrassing! Good for P for taking a chance, although I would have been worried about the hooded one too. Somehow it wouldn't have been so bad if he's been wearing a Burberry mac.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a hot scene.

While running in the park one morning, I saw a spanking scene. The couple looked a little embarrassed which really made me smile. They should only know I thought.


SNP said...

Glad you had a nice birthday and as the others have said then I think you are pretty safe as his focus was on you:) Look forward to your story about the spanking as well. Have a good Monday.

abby said...

I bet you your hoodie 'friend' will be walking by there daily!
hugs abby

sunnygirl said...

How exciting. In addition to making your date memorable I'm sure the spanking made the "hoodie's day memorable too.

Minelle Labraun said...

There is absolutely no way he took the registration. As everyone else said...I am sure he was too focused on the scene. Nice present!

ronnie said...

Michael - How lovely of you to say. Thank you Michael.

MrJ - He normally is:) Thanks MrJ.

Fondles - Funny the number plate was the first thing that entered my mind when I saw him. Thanks Fondles.

Dee - Yep your right. Thanks Dee.

PK - Hopefully my son isn't one of his friends. It was a lovely evening. Thanks PK.

Hermione - I did get quite a thrill. Funny you mentioning a Burberry mac - there was a report in a local paper recently about a man wearing what looked like a Burberry mac and flashing. How true I don't know. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - I'd love to stumble on someone getting a spanking al fresco though I would be embarrased for them being caught. Thanks Joey.

SNP - I think I am as well. Enjoy your Monday. Thanks SNP.

Abby - I'll make sure we park elsewhere next time were in town:) Thanks Abby

SG - P certainly likes to please everyone:) Thanks SG.

Minelle - Was the best present I had:) Thanks Minelle.


Emen said...

Sorry so late to the party. Happy Birthday!

If that guy took his eyes off the spanking he's probably of no consequence.

Totally agree he's come back to see if you were there!

Spread the joy!

Kaelah said...

The thrill and the dangers of outdoor spankings! ;-)

I'm quite sure there's no need to worry, Ronnie. But being quite paranoid myself at times, I can definitely relate to your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

You know, I must be getting old..but I'm getting less fearful of being outed.I mean look at it this many people can truly say they savour a solid,tested loving and stable relationship? Think about it....
I'm still paranoid about my professional role because I work with children/young people.But that's a different matter.
So P has a touchy feely side to him too? Interesting. Sarah,LD,UK

1manview said...

P has been adventurous and as you say, more loving of late. What have you done to him? :) As for the Hoodie, maybe he was hoping for a tag along.. hehehe...

Mrs. Soft Bottom said...

Maybe he went home and spanked his girlfriend- you never know?

ricky said...

Wow, close call!
But the story is so sweet.
Happy birthday, ronnie.

ronnie said...

Emen - Never too late. At least I was decent, no trousers and knickers down:) Thanks Emen.

Kaelah - Yes the thrill of an outdoor spanking but I don't want to be discovered:) Thanks Kaelah.

Sarah - Your right and to be honest if family or friends found out I don't think I would be too worried but not to be caught int he act. Thanks Sarah.

1MV - Just enjoying life as we get older I suppose. A threesome - I don't think so LOL. Thanks 1MV.

MrsSB - Never thought of that:) Thanks MrsSB.

Ricky - A little too close:) Thanks Ricky.


Red said...

Ronnie: how blooming wonderful... You gave the poor chappie a jolly good show. Your first,or one of your first outdoors spanking, coupled with a very romantic husband! You should be thrilled. Just goes to show that a walk in a quiet wooded hillside could be a bare bottomed for real spanking.. and it would be delicious.
Tell P I think he did exactly what you have been dreaming of.
bottoms up

Ana said...

LOL! I am sorry to laugh, but...that is great! Especially the bit about being spanked for putting *your* hand on *his* bum. I dare you to tell him that you're going to spank him for putting his hand on yours. :P

Never mind, I want you to live until your next birthday.

Good thing your pants were still up, eh?

ronnie said...

Red - I was but think I would prefer a quite hilside spanking where we can't be caught:) Thanks Red.

Ana - LOL I'll tell him that as I know he spank me for it:) Thanks Ana.


Lea said...

Oh my! I think P is right, the guy was probably entertained by watching you, not paying any attention to the car.

ronnie said...

Lea - I think your right or at least I hope so. Thanks Lea.