Wednesday, 5 September 2012

T-shirt missed

I saw this t-shirt the other evening through the window of one of the little boutique stores in our local town, it's a man's but that doesn't matter, I liked it, I think it must be the rebel in me and I decided to go in next day and buy one if they had a small size. I thought it would be nice to wear, just casually, in the house and test my husband's reaction.

Unfortunately it was the only one left and it was an XL, which was probably why it was marked down. I passed because it would have been like a tent on me, it didn't look so big in the window but that's because they peg it at the back, ah well, I probably wouldn't have had the nerve to wear it out anywhere and my husband would probably have spanked me for wasting money on a frivolous rag.



1manview said...

Personally, I like my little lady in a oversized shirt. As long as she wears it all by itself... This is were I need a picture of a devil grin... :)

Dee said...

Hahaha! No way would you wear that in public lol! Yes he would probably spank you for being frivolous, I'd go back and get it, today!! :)

Dee x

PK said...

Dee right! Never miss an opportunity!


Hermione said...

I love it! You could buy it as a gag gift for P.


Bas said...

Sure you're going to be spanked when you wear this.
Very naughty to point a gun at him.
But still, XL is not that big. Just peg it up at the sides.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.


Minelle Labraun said...

I use those big shirts as sleep shirts. Perfect timing if P is so inspired. Doesn't one action ahem... lead to the other?

abby said...

I agaree with Minelle...wear it to bed...see how long it stays on!

sunnygirl said...

I agree with most of the above. You should go back and get it and wear it as a night shirt. Whatever action gets you spanked is worth the price.

Red said...

Ronnie: You could have worn it as a nightie!. When P found out the price, you would then be rewarded with a spanking that you always enjoy... who knows, you might have even been pegged in the ...backside... jolly good show..
bottoms up

Cowgirl Up said...

I think Minelle's on the right track. It would be a perfect bedtime shirt. Just imagine the look on his face the first time you wore it.....:)

ronnie said...

1MV - This one would cover my bottom way too much. I can imagine your grin:) Thanks 1MV

Dee/PK - Mmm I must have had a moment of madness as I normally never miss an opportunity for a spanking, Thank you Dee and thank you PK.

Hermione - Now why didnd't I think of that. Thanks Hermione.

Bas - If would look a little ridiculous on me and not at all sexy. Mmm that would get me spanked me as well:) Thanks Bas.

Joey - My pleasure. Thanks Joey.

Minnelle - I only wear channel in bed in the summer:) Thanks Minelle

Abby - It wouldn't stay on long but not P taking it off it would be me as I don't like being restricted in bed:) Thanks Abbey

SG - Or wear it to the office one day - that would surely get me spanked. Thanks SG.

Red - Can't stand to wear anything in bed Red so that wouldn't work. Thanks Red.

CG - I can just imagine the look on his face and feel the warmth in my bottom:) Thanks CG.


crankyspanker said...

I want it! I can not believe I don't have a link on my blog for you. This I will fix today.


Poppy said...

I would never dare to wear that out and about but in the house and leading to a spanking- that sounds like fun ;)

ronnie said...

Crankyspanker - Hello. Thanks for adding me.

Poppy - Hi. I did make a mistake, didn't I. Wonder if they still have it. Thanks Poppy.


reconditionedman said...

You wear channel in bed?
Not the English one surely?????

Ana said...

Buy it and use it as a spanking mini-dress. :D

ronnie said...

Reconditionedman - Opps I mean chanel perfume:) Thanks RCM.

Ana - Good idea. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

P surely would not's not so far away from that iconic picture of the rear of a girl in tennis gear..that adorned every self respecting teenagers bedroom (in his generation !).Glad to hear you had a good b/d...meal with a friend and then meal with hubby tops all in MHO.Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Sarah - I did go back but sold out.
B/d was lovely. Only a quick light lunch but still nice to catch up with a friend:)

Have a good weekend Sarah. Thanks.