Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ronny Spank Me Cards

Couple of cute cards I picked up. Apparently quite rare. 

Now how should I use them, any suggestions.



Michael M said...

I would post him the yellow one on a special day for both of you and the pink on the morning after, except you could change the tag line on the pink to F..k me, with a small cut and paste job.

harry bunter said...

Great to catch up.Micheals idea is good. Give to P at any appropriate time. Ronnie I happened to actually go riding out for the first time lately and took a photo published. I don't use a crop but I picked one up for the photo, it quite scary, I thought of you and your stories, it may be just up your street.

PK said...

I love them, not sure exactly how to use them, but I betting you find a way!


Anonymous said...

You could leave them out for P when you want a spanking.


SNP said...

Fun cards. Have a good day, Ronnie.

sunnygirl said...

I'm quite sure you will find a way. Have a great day.

Minelle Labraun said...

Maybe it could be a signal card, you put it out when you want to be spanked and the other for th afters!

Btw.... Lost 5 on the 5-2 ! Yea!

ronnie said...

Michael - Like your ideas. Or possibly decorate one for Christmas. Always could do with a spanking over Christmas to help relieve the stress with family around:) Thanks Michael.

Harry - Hello. Yes good ideas from Michael. Oh I love theriding crop. How did you like your ride? Thanks Harry.

PK - I'm sure I will:) Thanks PK.

Joey - That's a good one. Thanks Joey.

SNP - Thanks. Afraid not a good day so far but then it's not over yet:)

SG - I've decided to keep one for Chrismtas. Thanks SG.


Minelle - Congratulations. Well done to you, that's fantastic. Be careful though. Thanks Minelle.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you and would be keeping one for Christmas.It's a toss up between that and the school run when I have to get all five out of the door at 7.30pm....but asking for a spanking everyday would be too much to ask for !Sarah,LD,UK

Emen said...

One def for Christmas. And sooooo many possibilities for the other. Does the one facing front mean you get spanked on the front?

If you give me a minute I'm sure I can complicate this further :)

ronnie said...

Sarah - Yep one for Christmas. How on earth do you get 5 out of the house by 7.30. You must be superwomen:) Thanks Sarah.

Emen - LOL that would make a change. Thank Emen.


Bas said...

It's no wonder they are quite rare. Everybody would tend to hide them.
Funny age limits you have in the UK.
Not suitable under 3 years of age!
They expect you to start spanking at age 4?

Hermione said...

Ho cute! I love them. I would frame them and hang them in the bedroom.


ronnie said...

Bas - LOL. Do you not have that type of warning? Thanks Bas.

Hermione - LOL. I have them safely locked in my office draw. Thanks Hermione.


MrJ said...

Just don't do anything. Except of course for letting them next to your bed, half visible.

Kaelah said...

The cards are sweet, Ronnie! If you use one for Christmas, make sure that you don't mix up P's card with the ones for your other family members, though! ;-)

Ana said...

LOL, Bas, about starting at age 4!!

These are priceless. I know that the figure had to be taped down/attached, but the restraints imagery is hilarious.

ronnie said...

Kaelah - LOL heavens, I'll make sure I don't. Thanks Kaelah. Have a good weekend.

Ana - :) Glad you liked them. Thanks Ana. Hope you have a good weekend.