Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Letter to my Husband

As I've been busy catching up on long overdue housework and P having to use my laptop (his is in for repair) I haven't had time to prepare any posts.

So here's a blast from the past. PK kindly hosted it for me on Fantasy Friday. If you don't know about FF pop over to PK's she hosts great stories from wonderful talented writers.

Dearest P,

I want you to spank me - send a note telling me how I should be at the office, in the meeting room, and in position by 4.00pm bent over the conference table ready, I must not move. You won’t arrive at that time. Tell me what I must wear, that you've left clothes on the bed, the black luxury silk underwear and stockings you recently bought, the 3 inch high heels that you love me to parade in front of you, the earrings that you say are like my eyes, deep blue, the smart cashmere business suit with the tight fitting skirt that accentuates my bottom. Tell me I'm to bring the strap, the black leather one you made for me, and the red silk scarf, and place them on the table.

3.30 I'll pull my silk pants over my freshly showered bottom,

I'll shiver with anticipation and excitement, stockings, heels, the suit, the earrings, perfume nothing too strong, nearly ready for you, god I'll feel sexy.

The strap, I'll take it from your drawer and put it in my handbag along with the scarf.

3.45 I'll get in the car, only a short drive to the office.

4.00 I'll place the strap and the scarf on the table as instructed and be in position bent over the conference table ready waiting just waiting. I'll be still.

4.15 You won't have arrived. My body perspiring lightly, my heart beating so loud I will hear it. My black silk panties damp from the moisture between my legs, I’ll want so much to slip my hand down into my panties and feel my desire, stroke it, thinking of you, but still I will not move.

4.20 You won’t have arrived. I’d hear people in the street outside talking, laughing, doors shutting, dogs barking, a shiver runs through my body every time I hear footsteps approach, my palms sweaty from holding the table, my legs tired. I'll think you aren't coming, my heart will be sad, upset, I will feel foolish, angry even.

Then you’ll come, I won't see you but I'll know it's you, your key in the door, your footsteps, I'll feel your presence behind me, you wont speak to me yet.

You'll touch my face, my hair, run your fingers down my back over the swell of my bottom, linger lightly there, I'll be shivering and trembling from your touch, my legs weak, I’ll hold the table tighter, I'll be moaning, Oh how I'll want your hand between my legs to take the ache away. But you won't take the ache away.

I’ll hear you pick something up and I know it’s the strap; you’ll put it in your pocket.

You’ll take my hands and bind them lightly with the scarf, stretched out above my head;

I know not to move them. You'll put your knee between my legs, move them a little further apart until they're just so. I'll let a low moan escape me, I can't help it, I want.

Your hands raise my skirt fully up to my waist, which you hold firmly with your left hand, I know what that means. I feel your right hand caressing the fleshy mounds of my bottom through the flimsy silk of my pants, trailing lightly between the cheeks briefly touching the flesh where cheek meets thigh, and then your hand is raised and there's a whoosh of air as it crashes down hard against my right cheek, followed swiftly by the left, you repeat, build a steady cadence, it stings, makes me gasp. I clench involuntarily as the blows land but quickly relax again to plump out my flesh, make it attractive to you, to do with as you will. You'll notice these things.

When my little mms and ahhs start to become longer lower moans you'll stop. My bottom flesh is alive. All my senses are alert, I'm receptive to the slightest touch, a wisp of air as you move position, your thumbs as they smoothly hook the waistband of my panties, draw them slowly over my hips, my reddened cheeks, to rest at the tops of my stockings. I want to touch myself, I can't my wrists are tied, I wiggle my heated bottom, I'm trying to feel the table against my pussy, I can't, I moan and wiggle harder, I think it must look very lewd my red bottom framed by my stocking tops and suspender, writhing with such obvious intent. You must have noticed, you have to notice, you know me you know what I need.

You’ll say nothing, I hear movement. I’ll feel cool leather brush lightly against my greedy flesh, I’ll let out a whimper and push my bottom towards it, I'm unashamedly pleading, please touch me there right where my wetness glistens for you, please. You can see my arousal, you let the leather slide between my cheeks, touch me so briefly, I feel a trickle of moisture and try to clench the strap between my legs but it's withdrawn and my cheeks are left clenching air. You tell me I'm being lascivious, rude, greedy, impatient, that
girls like me need firm discipline to keep their emotions in check. You make me answer in agreement, my voice is distorted with lust and I raise my buttocks as far as I can to please you.

I feel your left hand steady me, I let out another whimper, feel you raise your arm and then the strap comes thrashing down against my bottom with an ear splitting thwack, it connects with both cheeks, the leather is thick and supple, it curls a little but you'll adjust for that. I cry out, it's genuine, it hurts. You know it and bring the leather down again without giving me time to absorb the sting, aiming a little higher and shortening your stroke to cut the curl. You take it quickly to a dozen strokes I'm wriggling like an eel on the end of a line, I can't dissipate the pain, I can't imagine what my bottom looks like all I'm saying is please.... pleading.Don't stop.

Don't let me off the hook. I've been a naughty girl I need to be punished thoroughly until all those wanton feelings are subdued. Pause just a second, firm up your hold on me, tell me it's too late for pleading, raise the strap again bring it down harder than before, my bottom's hotter now it can take more, don't feel for me, a dozen more, two dozen if necessary until my wiggling has stopped and you can hear my sobbing.Stop. Untie my wrists, help me up I'll be bit unsteady, and take me in your arms and tell me how much you love me. Don't fuss me too much don't regret what you've done.

Tell me to go straighten up in the washroom now and then go home. You'll be a couple of hours yet, you'll see me later. I’ll go.

I’ll probably have a spring in my step as I walk to the car, and no doubt I’ll smile to anyone I pass in the street, they'll probably think I’m mad, I'll prepare something nice for dinner, your favorite and open a bottle of wine.



Michael M said...

Wowzers. Thanks for that letter. Terrific mind images and lots to work with on a lonely night. Hope you get something similar soon.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully erotic - and all the better being from a female perspective.

Fondles said...

i loved that. thank you for sharing.

Penelope said...

Beautiful - just beautiful. I am hot now!

bobbsroom said...

Hello Ronnie

You couldn't change that P to a B and send it to me could you. LOL hehe :):)



PK said...

As always - wonderful! You have just got to take the time to write more fiction!


Anonymous said...


Brilliant! That was really hot and so well written.

Thank you for posting!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Well written and HOT.

Minelle Labraun said...

Wow I agree with PK! You have such a knack for carrying us with you. Your words are perfectly descriptive, in the moment!Lovely.

sunnygirl said...

OMG. I wish I had read this at nite instead of this am. Now I will be distracted all day.

Great story and I agree with the others you should definitely write more stories.

ronnie said...

Michael - Thank you.

Anonymous - Hello andd thank you for leaving a comment.

Fondles - Thanks for taking time to read.

Penelope. I hope not too hot:) Thank you.

Bob - Maybe I should have left the initial out:) Thanks Bob.

PK - You know I can't write fiction well and anyway you have so many talented writers sending you stories. Thanks for FF.

Joey - Thank you kind Sir:)

OBB - Thank you, appreciate you stopping by.

Minelle - That's so kind of you to say. Thank you.

SG - I just can't do fiction well not like you. Thanks so much.


Ana said...

So the burning (:P) question is...did you send a letter and did it happen? Inquiring minds want to know!

ronnie said...

Ana - :) not sent all in my mind. Thanks Ana.


Hermione said...

Very hot indeed, and well worth posting for us to enjoy a second time.


June said...

Mmmmm - so very yummy, Ronnie. It sounds like a lovely afternoon to me as well..
"Dear Ward.." ;-)

Anonymous said...

'Don't fuss too much...don't regret what you've done '...yes, yes and double yes !

I've smiled several times passing COSTA and seeing 'your' fact I think it is apt as COSTA will be my downfall...Peter has the same view as P about the price. But I sneak in with our eldest daughter...I completely disagree with him on this....and at this pivotal time of school (Y13) what's a pound (or um eight) between friends.It's our little secret girly time.But I kind of hope that he'll find out... Sarah,LD,UK

SNP said...

WOW! Very Good, Ronnie. I did not get to read any blogs before I left today so a little late making my rounds. But, this was well worth it! Bravo.

Renee Rose said...

oh I loved that!!

Lea said...

I do hope that P read this letter. ;-)

ronnie said...

Hermione - Thank you. I wasn't sure how many would remember it.

June - Thanks. Maybe send it to him:)

Sarah - Maybe you should forget on purpose and leave a take away cup in your car:) I would but that's me. Thanks Sarah.

SNP - It was fun writing it. Thank you SNP

Renee - Thank you so much.

Lea - I was tempted when I first wrote it but no. Thanks Lea.


Zoe said...

Thanks for such a hot story. Loved it!

ronnie said...

Zoe - Hello and thank. Appreciate you stopping by.


t1klish said...

This was really good:)

ronnie said...

t1Klish - Thank you. Appreciate you stopping by.