Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday Spankings

Click pictures for bigger image.

I love my black and white spanking pictures. Hope you did.

Have a fun weekend.


Pictures found at eBay, British Spanking Mag. Fourth picture I'm not sure so let me know if it's yours and I'll credit.


Minelle Labraun said...

Hi, Just from a purely artistic standpoint....number three is so cool!

Dee said...

These are great. Black and white can be more effective than colour eh. Have a great weekend :)

Dee x

PK said...

You know I love them, so classy!


ricky said...

Great choice, as always, Ronnie!
I particularly like the first one-
the little brat is sticking out her
tongue, hoping to get another
spanking, but only gets her writing lines-that's funny!
I love B&W pics, too, especially
B&W movies. The lighting is so
creative, creating shadows that
really bring out the mood of the
Thank you,

Hermione said...

What lovely detail on the riding crop!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ronnie for sharing your photos.


Ana said...

Ooh...classic *and* lovely. That riding crop made me positively tingly.

sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, beautiful vintage spanking scene photo's. I love to see spanking scene from the nostalgic past.

SNP said...

Happy Weekend and I enjoyed your pics!

Anonymous said...

That's perked me up for the w/e.I needed a 'pick me up '....the local coop has started selling Christmas stuff (for chrissake)TGIF Sarah,LD,UK

Bas said...

Nice pictures. Black and White always gives a special atmosphere.
It's unbelievable how many spanking pictures exist.
There is a lot of spanking going on in this world.

ronnie said...

Minelle - We have good taste, Iove that one. Thanks Minelle.

Dee - Black and white always my first choice in pictures. Thanks Dee.

PK - We both have good taste. Thanks PK.

Ricky - The first one made me smile. Spotted on ebay. Your right on the B&W molvies, love them. Thank you Ricky.

Hermione - I thoguht you might appreciate that photo:) Thanks.

Joey - My pleasure. Thank you Joey.

Ana - I'm considering leaving our the bed and hope P spots it:) Thanks Ana.

SOTB - I knew you'd appreciate them. Thanks SOTB.

SNP - Havea good one yourself SNP. Thanks for popping over.

Sarah - LOL. Christmas raffle going around our office. They came into ours but when they saw only P was in they left. P doesn't do Christmas until Christmas Day:) Thanks Sarah.

Bas - And I'm glad there is. Thanks Bas.


1manview said...

I really like the OTK with the panties down. Being dark and not able to see him, actually made that picture very visual. Especially if you have a devilish mind like mines... :)

Have a great weekend

sunnygirl said...

You have the greatest collection of pix. Thank you for letting us enjoy them too.

June said...

I'm partial to black and white as well,Ronnie. There is something simple, clean and quite lovely in them.

Mrs. Soft Bottom said...

Love the first one with the french lessons!

Red said...

Great pictures.. thanks for sharing, and the excellent research.
Have a great weekend
bottoms up

Emen said...

I remember too many of these. Thanks for the memories!

ronnie said...

1Manview - We must have the same sort of devilish mind, my favourite. Thanks 1MV

SG - Just lucky finds. Thanks SG.

June - Hello. Yes your right, simple, clean and so lovely:) Thanks June.

Mrs SB - That one made me smile. Thanks MrsSB.

Red - My pleasure. Bottom up to you. Thanks Red.

Emen - Happy you enjoyed a trip down memory lane. Thanks Emen.


Lea said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Poppy said...

Love them! And the top one is my favorite- the girl with her tongue out is fabulous!
Hope your weekend is going well

ronnie said...

Lea - My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by.

Poppy - I can imagine you doing just that:) Thanks Poppy.