Friday, 14 September 2012

Birthday Spanking

See, I haven't forgotten, I told you I'd tell you about my birthday spanking, what I regard as the real one not the late evening hoodie audience one.

I know lots of us do birthday spankings and I'm no different, it's a right, I expect it as much as I do a Mothers Day card or a Birthday card, I actually get two birthday spankings each year because I also get a spanking on my husband's birthday which is a pleasant little tradition which originated when we were on holiday years ago and P's birthday fell right in the middle of it and he spanked me for not taking a present with me (I mean he's the one who goes on about baggage weight restrictions) and it's continued ever since. Which suits me.

But I mustn't digress, back to the most recent birthday spanking which was a scorcher (not the usual xx and one to grow on) and made a lasting impression on me, literally. It also resulted in a damned good seeing-to as my husband put it at the time and in spite of, or perhaps because of, both had me feeling deliciously horny and naughty by the time we went out to dinner. If my husband had said, 'Lets just forget dinner and I'll spank you silly instead', I think I would have agreed although my bottom, if it had a say in these matters, might have preferred the dining out option as it was still smarting from its earlier attention.

What is it that most causes the effect of a spanking to last, severity or duration? Personally I'm coming to the conclusion that it's duration or maybe I'm just greedy and like being across my husband's lap as long as possible, anyway I got a pretty long spanking on my birthday, I'd say it went on for a good half hour and it left my backside feeling very thoroughly attended to without a single implement being used. I got breaks of course, while P changed hands or paused to roll his sleeve up and once about a third through when he took my knickers down, slowly.

I also got little comfort treats when his hands gently kneaded and stroked the womanly flesh they'd just been roasting. I purred through the little treats and got damp and my husband knew damned well what it was doing to me and each time I got to nuzzling my groin against his thigh because my pussy ached for it, he resumed the spanking telling me I was a naughty girl to have such feelings and that clearly he wasn't spanking me hard enough.

So you know how the story goes, he uses words like that, the spanking gets harder, naughty girl's feelings get stronger until eventually the little slut is wiggling and rubbing and oohing and ahhing and then, sneakily, during a comfort treat she slides her hand between her husband's thigh and her tummy down to where the aching is, then it all happens very quickly she feels her insides turning molten and starts bucking and her husband knows what's happening and he firms his grip and tells her he won't tolerate self abuse and he'll spank it out of her. And naughty girl goes off the Richter scale while she's getting her bare bottom thrashed. F--- F--- F---!!!, it's what I said when I flopped like a rag doll, enjoying my husband's hand now resting on my tortured bum.

I planned to slither off him onto my knees and then suck him off like I imagined a whore might but it wasn't to be; instead P started spanking me again, different rhythm, not as hard but focused on tender areas including my thighs and inner cheeks which parted obligingly for him. I told him I'd got nothing left and he said good, the spanking would be more effective then.

To cut this short, because I know I ramble sometimes, I'd inadvertently lied about having nothing left and I came again after some more spanking and this time with my husband's hand in my slit, which he remarked was soaking and had wet his jeans and I just rubbed against him and said I was the one who washed them. That got me a few more minutes spanking and then P ordered me up and to get on my hands and knees on the futon,

I again told him I'd got nothing left and wouldn't he like a nice blow job but he said he'd decide what he'd like. I heard him take his jeans off and then the futon dipped a bit as he climbed on, then I felt it against me and it was like a bloody flagpole and I didn't know whether I wanted most to suck it or impale myself on it but it wasn't my call and I let out an almighty gasp as he made the decision for me. P must have been quite excited because I could feel the urgency in him and that triggered me and for the third time I came as my husband rammed his hips against my punished bottom and thighs before emptying into me and making us both sing out.

Pair of jeans to wash, futon cover to wash, very happy birthday girl.

But here's the thing that got me.....less than two hours later we were getting ready to go out. I was pulling on a pair of RL jeans I haven't been able to wear for a couple of years and P patted my bottom and said they looked nice, made me look extra curvy, he said the spanking had probably helped too (he often says it makes my bottom swell with pride when I've been spanked, the liar)......and....I was feeling horny again.

My god, do women get more lustful as the years roll by? I think they must, or perhaps I've got a particularly skillful partner who knows how to bring out the best in me, I'm sure that's what he'd say if I asked him:)

Have a fun weekend.


Let me know if pictures 1, 3 or 4 are yours so I can credit.


Michael M said...

Great account of your spanking and you deserved a lovely birthday treat. So, do we assume image #2 is .....?
Hope you get a weekend spanking.

Michael M said...
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Turiya said...

Happy belated birthday!


1manview said...

"clearly he wasn't spanking me hard enough." Had me cracking up... Sound like you had a wonderful birthday.
And pic number two is... drum roll ....

Peace and love

Lea said...

Wow, that's one hot birthday spanking! I agree with you, I think it's duration over severity that leaves that after burn. I've had some fairly severe but quicker spankings, but a few hours later I rarely can still feel it.

Anonymous said...

Nice story. Thanks for sharing it.

Dee said...

Haha! Sounds a fab birthday spanking! And yes, I do think women get more lustful with age, or else I have a partner who brings it out in me too lol! I ain't complaining either :) Have a great weekend.

Dee x

sunnygirl said...

A spanking like that makes it worth getting a year older. Glad it was so great for you both,

PK said...

Thanks a lot Ronnie! This is the post you have to put up when I'm going off to spend a weekend alone?? What kind of friend does that? Oh well, it does sound like a most wonderful birthday and i'm happy for you.

Hugs anyway,

Minelle Labraun said...

Well that was a nice account of your birthday 'present' I very much agree that we gut we get older!!
I quite enjoy that aspect of the aging process!:-)

Anonymous said...


Wow! P really knows how to treat you well on your birthday. Thank you for sharing a very erotic and wonderful birthday spanking with us.


Anonymous said...

I am envious of that Birthday spanking but still so very happy for you. What a sexy time!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall sezs "glad you had a happy birthday. sounded very special"

Bas said...

Wow, Ronnie,
You should have put a warning up to this post.
"Warning scorcher ahead, will schorch readers too. Don't read this when you tend to get envious while reading about super bliss".

SNP said...

Terrific birthday story about your birthday spanking! Erotic and loving at the same time--which are the best stories of all. I am still smiling for you. Happy Weekend and I hope you get some more good alone time this weekend!

Anonymous said...

It's all in the duration isn't it ? The odd swat does nothing to 'fix' me at all.I want his full, undiluted, carnal attention. If that means I'm greedy, so be it ! Sarah,LD,UK

otk4us2 said...

Sounds like a birthday about once a week would work for you, or at least the spanking part, and of course all the follow up as well :) Thanks for sharing!


ronnie said...

Michael - Thank you and yes no2 is:)

Turiya - Lovely to see you, thanks.

1ManView - Wonderful day and picture no2 yes:) Thanks 1MW.

Lea - I'm thinking that way as well. The longer the spanking the longer the burn:) Thanks Lea,

Maryann - Hello to you and thank you.

Dee - There's something to be said about getting older then:) Have a good one yourself. Thanks Dee.

SG - And this girls not complaining:) Thanks SG.

PK - LOL, sorry. I hope you've packed a little something to help with the, you know:) Thanks PK.

Minelle - The more you have the more you want and if you don't use it you loose it:) Thanks Minelle.

Joey - He does have his moments. Thanks Joey.

Hedone - Thanks so much.

OBB - Thank you Bacall. It was a lovely day all round.

Bas - My bottom was quite hot when he'd finished:) Thanks Bas.

SNP - Spanking and a bit of afters are the best:) No time alone this weekend I'm afraid:( Thanks SNP.

Sarah - Definitely. Undiluted, carnal attention now P would say I was greedy:) Thanks Sarah.

Dave - Every other day on the spannking side would suit me:) Thanks Dave.


Hermione said...

Mmmm, yummy! I think it's duration too.


otk4us2 said...

Hehe, you sound like my Lady Ronnie, she is not happy unless She is spanked at least once a day :) And of course, who and I to complain... lol


ronnie said...

Hermione - I was rather. Thanks.

Dave - Once a day I would be in heaven:) Thanks.


Fondles said...

OH OH OH so HOT HOT HOT. thanks for sharing!!

ronnie said...

Fondles - Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend.


Spankedhortic II said...

Another vote for duration, I love a good long thrashing :) Happy belated birthday. Shame about all the extra washing you had to do (Titter).


MrJ said...

"My god, do women get more lustful as the years roll by?"
At least you are, I guess. But I'm sure you're not alone.

Red said...

Fabulous adventure... I think anyone who reads it would convert to TTWD. I agree that a longer build-up spanking is more intense, and makes the bottom feel the spanking much longer than a short hard spanking.
You look great in the before number two picture.
bottoms up

Ana said...

LOL!!! Oh, sound so utterly blissful and as if you don't care two cents what happens as long as you get to have another spanking like this again.

I bet you forgot to bring the gift on purpose! Just to start this tradition. :)

Happy birthday again...

ricky said...

Talk about duration!
No kidding now,
You were in the Olympics,
weren't you?
Happy birthday, Ronnie!

Julia said...

Mhh, very nice!

Renee Rose said...

ooh, lovely. thanks for sharing!!!

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - Washing was worth it:) Thanks Pref.

MrJ - It seems most of us ladies do:) Thanks MrJ.

Red - Longer the better. No 2 is me not 1:) Thanks Red. Delete

Ana - Me forgetting a gift so I could get spanked, never. Not that time:) Thanks Ana. Delete

Ricky - LOL. Thanks Ricky.

Julia - It was:) Thank you.

Renee - Thanks for stopping by.


Kaelah said...

Beautiful account, Ronnie! Sounds like a nice birthday celebration. Was picture no. 2 taken right on that day?

ronnie said...

Thank you Kaelah and no wasn't taken on that day.


Zoe said...

Very hot and very fun. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday!