Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Meta Awesomest Blog

I'm so late with this.

Our friend Minelle honoured me with an Awesomest Blog Unicorn Prize. Minelle, thank you so much.

Rules - basically I have to tell you 10 new things about myself and then nominate other bloggers.

I said to Minelle I doubt I have 10 new things my readers don't already know about me but I would put my thinking cap on.

So here you are. I've included one or two about P.

1. P's side of the family has a very famous playwright ancestor.

2. I wear glasses for reading and computer work.

3. I once looked after a monkey for two weeks. He escaped from his cage and ran riot around my kitchen - you should have seen the mess. He didn't like our German shepherd and when she put her nose to the cage he would piss on her.

4. When I was 3 my cousin put me on a Great Dane and I rode him up and down our street until the owner came out and told us off.

5. P's the eldest of 5.

6. My worse subject at school was maths.

7. I'm not over keen on fizzy pop so rarely drink them.

8. P tans really easily and goes a gorgeous colour. Me - I only have to look at the sun and I go red.

I like going out without knickers on but don't do it very often now.

I love being spanked. You knew that one:)

Now for nominating other bloggers....... You know I can't. There are too many fabulous bloggers out there to choose only a few so pick one from my list and go say hello and make a new friend.

Thanks again Minelle.



Stormy said...

Cool tidbits. I like learning new things about bloggers :)

I agree, nominating other blogs is not something I could do either.


Bas said...

Goodmorning Ronnie,
A playwrights descendant and you, a talented contemporain writer. Good combination!
That thing with the monkey and the dog! Do you think I should try that with our dog, when she is having one of her famous Wednesday morning tantrums?

Hermione said...

Riding a Great Dane - how exciting! I have ridden an elephant, so that's close enough.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I wonder if you puzzle over American words?

Maths - The plural of several math courses? We would just say math.

fizzy pop - generic for carbonated beverages, such as Coca Cola? Regional American terms include, soda, coke, pop and soft drinks

...separated by a common language

Minelle Labraun said...

Hi! Thanks for doing this. Math was my worst subject as well. Those animals are a kick. It's funny what our Bottoms Burn said. Having a Scottish husband, I needed translation in those early years. Now I worry if he uses the American colloquialisms. FUN

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing so many interesting things about you and P.


ronnie said...

Stormy - Yes there are too many blogs worth reading to pick only a handful. Thanks Stormy.

Bas - LOL, I wouldn't try that one on your pouch. Thank you Bas.

Hermione - Yes the dog seemed as big as an elephant but I was only 3 and small. Thanks Hermione.

OBB - I like the differences. I could have said fizzy pop meaning coke and lemonade but not the bubbly kind:) Thanks OBB.

Minelle - Thank you for nominating me, it was fun. I have Scottish cousins and when visiting them in their parts I need them to translate for me:). Thanks Minelle.

Joey - Thank you. I enjoyed sharing. Hope you enjoy your weekend.


Kaelah said...

Congratulations on your award, Ronnie! The story about the monkey is hilarious. Poor dog, though.

Anonymous said...

Maths was my worst subject too.The teacher was an absolute bitch.I'd swing for her if I saw her now.Now, number 10 sure comes as a surprise ! Sarah,LD,UK

Emen said...

Congratulations! Oh you got me good. The monkey and the dog(s) were cute but the famous playwright? That's just evil :)

Spankedhortic II said...

I can't get the dog riding image out of my head :)

I have a literacy condition and I know my spelling and grammar are appalling, so I am not cocking a snoop at anyone else's misuse of the English language but consequently it does give me a bit of a buzz when I know something that seems to have passed others by.

"Math" and "Maths" are both incorrect as they are both poor abbreviations of the word "Mathematics". On the other hand "Math'" and "Math's" are both perfectly acceptable and correct abbreviations.


SNP said...

I enjoyed reading your list Ronnie.
Thanks for sharing more about you and P. Take care.

Lea said...

Omg, that is funny about the monkey!

ronnie said...

Kaelah - You should have seen the kitchen. Flour mixed with cornflakes then mixed with washing powder. You get the idea:) Thanks for stopping Kaelah.

Sarah - If I didn't know better I'd have said we had the same teacher. Thanks Sarah.

Emen - Nothing like a playwright on my side. Thanks Emen.

Prefectdt - LOL. You are right and I should have said Mathematics which would have been correct but Maths is shorter to write:) Thanks Pref.

SNP - I enjoyed sharing. Thanks for stopping by SNP.

Lea - Our pouch didn't find it funny:) Thanks Lea.


Spankedhortic II said...

It is still correct to write Math's but not Maths. Apostrophes count :)


ronnie said...

Slap on the bottom for me:) Thanks Pref.


Red said...

Ronnie: fun to read and learn a little more about you and p. Commando... always a good idea, second only to sexy lingerie..
bottoms up

Anonymous said...


I simply wanted to make my presence known and say, "Hi," and tell you I like your blog, instead of continuing to enjoy your hospitality from under my invisible lurker's cloak. I pop in here occasionally, but haven't read through all your past posts. I frequently see your comments on other blogs, and you make me smile with your steadfast encouragement and support, and unfailing kindness to everyone.

I love your anecdote about the monkey! I've wanted a monkey since I was very young, but I've been more enamored of the idea than the reality. How often that is true about many things! Maybe it's time I took the kids back to the zoo so I can enjoy the antics of all those cool animals, and then leave all the mess for someone else to address. ;-)


ronnie said...

Red - Thanks for stopping by.

Irishey - Hello to you. What a lovely comment, thank you. To be honest it was quite a nightmare having the monkey, I was glad when the owner came back. I haven't been to the zoo for yonks. Hope to see you again.