Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Temper Temper

My husband prides himself on his cool temperament, his ability to respond calmly and logically to different situations and of course, in his view at least, come up with the best solution or conclusion depending what it's about. I see a different side of him because I know him well, particularly his tendency towards, ahem, getting value.....

It used to cause disagreement ages ago but these days I've learned how to play him, I usually pretty much agree with whatever he says or just go quiet when he's mulling over a purchase of some kind, let him work it out himself, he often reconsiders his meanness shrewdness and ends up doing the right thing but not always....sometimes he makes the cheap call and of course it doesn't always turn out to be value at all and he has to fork out again.

It happened the other day and it got me spanked but not hard. We were in a supermarket and he wanted some wine for a BBQ we were attending but didn't want to take good stuff. We get a lot of wine online and sometimes use Majestic too because they have helpful staff; anyway he spotted an offer 'any three for £12' and picked out 6 bottles for £24. I asked him if he was making bourguignonne or something (my way of hinting that perhaps it might be OK for cooking) but he said, no certainly not, we'll take a couple to the barbie and keep the rest.

We checked out and loaded the car, on the way back I said "You know I think we've tasted at least one of those before and it wasn't nice." He said he didn't think so, he couldn't remember it anyway and they were great value. When we got home I opened one, it was a screw top of Spanish origin, I poured a drop and took a glass over to my husband. He said it was a bit early to be drinking but I told him to take a sip which he did and winced.

"Christ, is that one of those we just bought?" He asked. I told him it was and in my opinion they were probably all of a similar quality. He asked me why, if I knew they were crap, I hadn't told him in the store and I rolled my eyes and said "P, if you knew what it was like shopping with you sometimes you'd know why I kept respectfully quiet."

"Well they'll be OK for the barbecue," he said.

"I wouldn't be too pleased if someone brought one to a barbecue of ours," I responded, "and I don't think I'd feel comfortable handing any of them to our hosts so you can do it and be sure to tell them you chose them."

I could see his mind racing, he'd made a mistake and said we'd better take them back and get something different, what he actually meant was I'd better take them back and explain to Customer Services that we'd tasted one and it was crap so we were returning the lot for credit, while he mooched the shelves for something more suitable.

I refused to do his dirty work so in the end he agreed to come with me to Customer Services, which he did and the girl on duty started umming and arring, not helpful and said she needed to speak with a supervisor

and P got very annoyed and started reeling off the Sale of Goods Act and something about the product not being of merchantable quality and in the end the girl just refunded, I think to get rid of P from the desk where other customers were queuing.

We left the store without P choosing any new wines, he was fuming about the Customer Services girl's attitude (I have to say that she was rather snooty about it, bad attitude for CS but I didn't tell P I agreed) I told him it wasn't the way to get refunds smoothly.

He told me if I'd done as he'd asked and handled the refund while he went and chose some other stuff it would all have been fine.

By the time we got home he had cooled off but took me upstairs, I don't know why because we had the house to ourselves, into our bedroom and put me across his knee and started spanking me.

"Bloody hell P, I'm not the Customer Service girl you know!" I said.

"Well you could have helped me out and saved me from that sort of ordeal."

Then he made me lift up at the waist and pulled my jeans and pants down and spanked me some more for good measure.

I didn't bother telling him if he'd been a bit more sensible and thought about what he was buying instead of going for a 'great offer' it never would have happened.

And I didn't bother telling him later, when we took some much more expensive wine to the barbecue, that his penny pinching had actually cost us not saved us.

Still we had a really nice evening and maybe I'll save my smug little comment about penny pinching costing us for another time, you never know it might get me spanked again.



Michael M said...

Hi.It seems a bit unfair that you got the spanking when he was the one who was Mr Grumpy. He should have been over your knee methinks.

Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach.

(Spanish saying)

Lea said...

I think that a lot of times things are on sale because the products are crap and it's a good way to get rid of multiple crappy items at once. My former mother-in-law would buy anything that was on sale, whether or not it's something she even ate. "But it was 12 for $5!" Great, but do you NEED 12 tubs of butter. *rolls eyes* Well I think P knew at heart that you were right, but you got a spanking out of it so can't really complain, eh? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was only my hubby.Welcome to world of saving:-)

Daisychain said...

I have that joy to come! Shopping with Davey English style! I tend to buy in bulk too when things are on offer; but only if it is stuff I usually buy! (Lea, you can freeze butter!)
Ronnie, the wine label you have done is just hysterical, very funny, I love it, you thought of everything, even the Mouton Merdre bit, oh gosh so funny!
Davey has said he will give me a budget for shopping to keep to when he gets here; well, every time I remember he said that, I bristle and come over all "Stormy"!!! (Stubborn, Tenacious, 'Ornery, Rebellious, Mad, Yeahwoteva...) xxx

Bas said...

Well, a good Château Mouton Rothschild never hurt me. But I do have some doubts about the Mouton Merdre. The pope will also love his new nickname.
Actually Lisa never buys wine. We would be stuck with vinegar forever because for Lisa the quality of wine is inversely related to the price.
The spanking you got was absolutely justified. It is very wrong to let P talk to service girls. Men are not equipped for those kind of ordeals. I always hide behind Lisa's back in such cases. It's almost as awful as asking for the road!

Dee said...

Oh hahaha, funny story Ronnie. Laughing at P being able to turn it all around so that you ended up 'paying the price' so to speak. He makes himself feel better and you get a spanking. Win win all around I'd say :)

Dee x

Anonymous said...


Terrific spanking story! I guess you should just lay out your favorite spanking implements on the bed before you shop with P.

Thank you for starting off Wednesday morning with an interesting and fun story.


Anonymous said...

Yep, you got spanked because he was mad at the service customer clerk and because he was embarrassed about his decision.

So you got to be over his knee and feel superior at the same time :).

As long as you both got something out of the moment. :).

PK said...

LOL! Don't you love it when their wrong and they've made a mistake and you get spanked for it. Oh well, I guess any reason will do. Keep your smug comment in your pocket, incase he need a reason to spank in the further!


Susie said...

I like to try the "How is this my fault?" questions while OTK. Your approach is smarter!

SNP said...

Another snapshot of your real life. I like the line that "you are not the bloody customer service girl." Ahh, men. We love them.

Elysia said...

Gives credence to the olde saying;
"Spanked if you do, and spanked if you don't"!;-)
I love now you tell a story Ronnie! You are brilliant! :-)

sunnygirl said...

Your life sounds like one adventure after another. P has to be a "kick in the head" even when he needs a "kick in the pants".

You came out the winner though, good wine and a spanking along with a smug comment to hold back for the next time.

ronnie said...

Michael - Is that a true Spanish saying? Never heard it before. Thanks Michael.

Lea - That's what I think otherwise why reduce the item. I wasn't complaining:) Thanks Lea.

Margita - I think a lot of men are like that. Thanks Margita.

Daisy - Afraid the wine label isn't one I did, lucky find on Google. What fun you'll have when Davey arrives. I can't wait to read all about your trips across his knee:) Thanks Daisy.

Bas - Like the choice of wine. LOL. Yes P does hate dealing with CS girls. P's the wine buyer and normally his choices are excellent but he does like his value for money but this time didn't work:) Thanks Bas.

Dee - Don't you love win win situations. Thanks Dee.

Joey - LOL. Implements are his choice, I rarely get to choose. Thanks Joey.

Mick - Yes, I got a sore bottom and P felt better. Thanks Mick.

PK - I'm saving that one for a later date:) Thanks PK.

Susie - Yes doesn't work, tried it:) Thanks Susie.

SNP - Well I wasn't:) Thanks SNP.

Elysia - LOL. Kind of you to say. Thanks Elysia.

SG - And that comment I'm definitely keeping for another spanking - I mean for another time:) Thanks SG.


Michael M said...

Yes it is spanish
See the header on web site


Emen said...

Thank you for the label. Need to print it out and paste it on a bottle currently in the fridge, daring me to taste it again.

As for the spanking, je ne parle pas toplogic, cher :)

Spankedhortic II said...

"I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you for it." Yes, I too have had a few spankings based on that philosophy, over the years.


Hermione said...

I would have been sent to deal with the exchange too. Men!

I love the wine label.


Minelle Labraun said...

You always make me smile! I too dislike bad wine. It just makes you feel sick.
Love how you handled it all!
Next time he goes for the wine make sure you show him the wine label prior to the purchase.(even if you get spanked again.)

ronnie said...

Michael - Thanks for the link.

Emen - LOL. I thought of pasting it on a bottle when we have friends around to dinner.

Prefectdt - And I'm always willing to take the blame:) Thanks Pref.

Hermione - Thought the perfect label to go with the post. The wine was really awful. Thanks Hermione.

Minelle - That would get me spanked:) Thank you Minelle.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh out loud, Ronnie!
The penny pinching man in the grocery store, sometimes our HoHs are such cliches.
I think it was completely unfair that you got a spanking. Just my humble opinion.

ronnie said...


I agree unfair I got the spanking but I wasn't complaining:) Thanks for stopping by Lillie and sorry for late reply.