Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Reading is Sexy

Couldn't decide on a title:)

After reading Joey's post where he shared a little about his reading habits got me wondering what book are you reading right now - kinky or vanilla.

I've started re-reading some of the classics and my current book is Around the Word in Eighty Days. Totally vanilla.

What are you reading? Might give us all some ideas for future reads.



Anonymous said...

salinger, the catcher in the rye

a classic I hadn't read yet

love ara

Lea said...

Is it bad that I can't remember the last book I read? I spend too much time on blogs. ;-) Need to pick out a new book soon.

MrJ said...

Coetzee, In the heart of the Country.

Dee said...

I love reading and have varied taste depending on my mood. I've just finished Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishigure.......... a strange read really. Not sure how I'd rate it.

Dee x

Fondles said...

pdf version of richard castle's nikki heat stories - heatwave.

(before this, i was on 50 shades and renee rose's blushing books stories)

reconditionedman said...

Silver by Andrew Motion, follow up to Treasure Island.

Anonymous said...

Just finished 'Astonishing splashes of colour ' by C Morrall on holiday which was a good read.Going on to 'The Bell Jar ' by Sylvia Plath.This is timely because I'm always looking for ideas.Thanks.Sarah,LD,UK

PK said...

Vanille for me at the moment. The latest Mary Higgins Clark book.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

The Father Of Us All, Victor Davis Hanson.

Anonymous said...

I am reading Dracula on my Kindle as a result of your recommendation. Thank you for the reference.


Hermione said...

I just finished reading a book about how to organize your house, room by room. Yawn.

I also have a vanilla novel called "The Finishing School" on the go. I had hoped there would be spanking in it, but it doesn't seem to be going that way at all.

Then there's the autobiography of Ron Jeremy. He's a former porn star who was our favourite when we used to buy VHS porn tapes through the mail. We liked him because he had a great sense of humour, always came up with something witty to say, and seemed to be having fun with the shoot.


Emen said...

Sex at Dawn, The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality, Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha. Fascinating and a great read.

Young Adam, Alexander Trocchi. Had to read it after I saw the movie.

Snow, Orhan Pamuk. Amazing. Beautiful and strange. Does for Turkey what Midnight's Children did for India.

Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to Alll Creation, Olivia Judson. Hysterical. Written by an evolutionary biologist.

Thus Spake the Corpse. Collection of writings from the avant garde newspaper The Exquisite Corpse.

Quantum, Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality, Manjit Kumar. Not as good as reviewed. Gee, could you tell from the title?

Thanks. Love book lists :)

sunnygirl said...

South of Bixby Bridge for me.

Bobbie Jo said...

I haven't read any books lately, but one I read some time ago was Ivanhoe. It is a great read. At least I thought so. I am more into biographies, but I do read other things. I have a book that is the biography of James Butler Hickock, aka Wild Bill Hickock. I need to read the whole thing! LOL

I have a lot of books! I should read more. :-)

ronnie said...

Ara - Hello. Good choice, excellent book. I enjoyed it, Thanks Ara.

Lea - Not at all. To be honest I don't read too much in the summer. Try one from our friends here. Thanks Lea,

Mr.J. Hi. Don't know that one, will have to Google it. Thanks Mr.J.

Dee - You obviously enjoyed it. Thanks Dee.

Fondles - I keep meaning to pick one of Renee's books to read. Thanks Fondles

Reconditionedman - Loved Treasure Island. Haven't read Silver. Thanks RCM

Sarah- Hello to you and welcome back. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Will have to look up Astonishing Splashes by Colour. Yes I need a few ideas for my holiday read:) Thanks Sarah.

PK - I've read a couple of hers. Thanks PK.

OBB - The Father Of Us All, Victor Davis Hanson. New one for me. Will look it up. Thanks OBB.

Joey - Are you enjoying it? Hope you are. Thanks Joey.

Hermione - Did you get any ideas from room by room? Finishing School sounds like there should be some spanking in it:) The autobiography sounds very interesting. Thanks Hermione.

Emen - You certainly have a varied list. I'll definitely have to do some checking. Thanks Emen. A little bird told me you've started your own blog, great news. I shall be over when I have a little more time.

SG - I have that one but haven't read it yet. Thanks SG.

Bobbie Jo - Enjoyed Ivanhoe, yes good read. I love autobiographies myself. Thanks Bobbie Jo.

I've really enjoyed reading your reading lists:) I think we have some excellent recommendations here. Thanks so much.


Spankedhortic II said...

I'm trying to read Fifty Shades Of Grey but it is so badly written that it makes it a boring drudge to get through even a couple of pages at a time. I keep going back to a book called De Verloren Zonen (The Lost Sons), which I had put to one side, not thinking much of it but after a few pages of 50 Shades, it seems to read so much better.


Minelle Labraun said...

I was just thinking about rereading a book by John Connolly called The Black Angel. The story is very dark but I love that stuff.

ronnie said...

Minelle - I've heard of the author John Connolly but never read anything of his. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks Minelle.


theoccasionalmuse said...

I'm slowly getting back into reading for pleasure after years of reading so much for work that it became a chore. Currently reading Aleph, by Paulo Coelho. One of my favourite authors, though not always the easiest of reads.

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

Hello, lovely to see you here. A friend mentioned Paulo Coelho and said I should try one of his books and now you mentioning him I think I will. Thank you.

Love and hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

I am currently reading Fortune Cookie by Bryce Courtenay, an incredibly gifted Australian author. This book is vanilla but two that I have read, a two book series, have a spanking or two and the mention of spanking.

My all time favourite book of his is April Fool's Day. This book is based on the death of his son from AIDS. It broke my heart and renewed my faith in the power of love.


ronnie said...

Waruwi - Hello and welcome.

I have heard of the author but not read any of his books. I will Google April Fool's Day. Thank you Waruwi.


Chross said...

I have started reading the epic "Wheel of Time" saga by Robert Jordan a while ago.
Right now I am reading the fourth book of it I believe


ronnie said...

I've heard of the book Chross but not read it.

Sorry for the late reply to your comment.

Thanks for stopping by.


Red said...

Ronnie; don't read as much as I would like, never can find the time when retired... Except on a sea day on a cruise.. or on an airplane..
I just finished watching Dr. Who season four, and have obtained season five from the library...
newest book Tom Clancy..locked on
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Red - I don't read that much in the summer prefer to be out and about.

We are fans of Dr. Who.

Thanks Red.