Thursday, 30 August 2012

I don't want to live in Greece

We were watching a wildlife documentary the other day and that awful TV ad for Greek yogurt came on, (don't know if you've seen it) two girls are talking with each other and the camera pans out to expose them as mythical half girl half pony creatures, I can't find a picture of it. But anyway, my husband said that's where we need to go, Greece. I asked him why, because of the pony girls?

"No not at all, because they'll be some bloody cheap property out there when the drachma returns."

"Aren't they staying in the EU then?"

"They think they are," said P, "but I don't think many others do, not in the longer term, just a matter of time."

I didn't know whether he was being serious or not but I don't want to go and live there anyway and I told him so. I don't speak any Greek for a start, I do a bit of Spanish, and I'm not that keen on Greek food, no offence to any Greeks.

"OK no problem," said he, "we'll wait for the peseta to return instead."

I didn't argue with that, whether he was joking or not, I definitely do like Spanish food and I know my husband has a regard for those sultry senoritas.

We do have some odd conversations in our house from time to time and I'm sure it's the same in yours.



Anonymous said...

Yes, we all have our odd conversations. Personally, I would love to at least visit Greece and all of Europe...

PK said...

lol! Odd conversations are the spice of life. It's not exactly cheap, but you're welcomed to come here and live - I think that would be fun!


Anonymous said...

LD and I do as well. Thank you for sharing.

Have a great weekend.


Hermione said...

We have a large Greek community where I live, and there are plenty of Greek restaurants with delicious, authentic Greek food. Greek yogurt has recently appeared in grocery stores here and it is so yummy, it's the only kind we buy now. Haven't tried Spanish food but the wine is lovely.


sunnygirl said...

Trust P to look for a bargain. LOL

ronnie said...

Mick - Greece is nice. We are lucky living in the UK and having Europe on our doorstep. You wold love seeing Europe. Thanks Mick.

PK - I'd pack up and come tomorrow:) Thanks PK.

Joey - That was one of our less odd conversations:) Thanks Joey.

Hermione - Greece is a lovely place to visit but I don't want to live there and personally I really don't go much on the food. Spanish Tapas super and and you say - the wine is delicious. Thanks Hermione.

SG - Oh you know P well then:) Thanks SG.


Red said...

ronnie: no place like home, but other places are great to visit... Love the photo.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Red - I love visiting other places and I have been to Greece but I don't want to live there. Thanks Red.


smuccatelli said...

I KNEW there was a reason I liked women's beach volleyball...

Michael M said...

There is plenty of cheap property in Spain right now, even if they don't come out of the Euro currency and I agree with you it is probably a better option to live in Spain than in Greece. Spain has too much going for it and it will recover more quickly than Greece.
The other nice thing about Spain is that it starts with Sp just like another favourite word.
I have had some of the best holiday spankings in Spain - must be something to do with the Sangria and the sun and generally not having many clothes on.

Emen said...

"The other nice thing about Spain is that it starts with Sp..."


Emen said...

You do have interesting conversations!

Spankedhortic II said...

I've never been to Greece but I love the food. Grilled meat with loads of sauces :) Yummy.

I think that the word that you were looking for might be Centaurs.


Anonymous said...

The grass is always greener....I'd say that if you don't speak the language it's a no don't go.We talk about our ideal working lifestyle which would be working in the Spring/Summer in England and buggering off to the sun (anywhere) for the Winter.Chance would be a fine thing.My goodness you two really need that are beginning to fantasise. Sarah,LD,UK

Minelle Labraun said...

If we had money...we would go to Scotland first. My cousin's family has a home in Greece and they love it.

ronnie said...

Smucatelli - :) there are some rather lovely ladies from that part of the world. Thanks Smucatelli.

Michael - We have been lucky enough to travel quite a lot but I always feel like I'm coming home when I go to Spain and the same as you, I've had some of the best holiday spanking there:) Thanks Michael

Prefectdt - Like the country but not too keen on the food. Yes Centaurs. Thanks Pref.

Sarah - If I couldn't live in a hot country, half and half would be idea but as you say that would be a fine thing. Is is September yet? Thanks Sarah.

Minelle - Scotland is beautiful I hope you someday you can viist. Spain is my dream place to retire. Probably to do with having lived there for a time. Thanks Minelle.