Friday, 3 August 2012

Your Avatar

I was musing over the 'followers' sections on a few blogs the others day, my own too, you know the bit which displays all the avatars, at least on Blogger I'm not sure about Wordpress. I know some avatars are generic but most definitely aren't.

I don't think I've told but P chose mine from about half a dozen I showed him.

He said the picture reminded him of me as my hands go straight to my bottom when I'm told I'm going to get spanked and definitely after he's spanked me.

I'd like to ask you all why did you choose your particular avatar?

Have a fun weekend.



1manview said...

I have changed mines a couple times over the years. i change to this one because I wanted something that looked sexy and people would know my blog was a erotic blog when they saw the avatar. Plus the positions the couple are in just happen to be one of my favorites.. :)

Have a great Olympic weekend...

SpankCake said...

It's simply a photo of my bottom that I thought worked well as a small, square shape. I'm sure as I take better photos I'll rotate them out.


Hermione said...

Since my nom de plume is Hermione I chose a picture of Emma Watson in her role as that character in the Harry Potter movies. The downside is that people may think I am only 16.


Anonymous said...

All this time, I've never had one. Just left it blank, which probably says something about my personality. Or perhaps intellect. :)

Bas said...

I choose mine to let people think I'm a cute little Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppy.
Didn't work, people recognized my "Middle Aged" habits immediately.
Hermione, you ARE 16, aren't you?
Actually I used this Avatar way before blogging, so it has absolutely no connection with TTWD.

Anonymous said...

I have a photo of a sign on a very important road in Brooklyn and Queens within NYC -- the Belt Parkway. The belt is my favorite implement and I have spent many years of my life in both counties of NYC.


Minelle Labraun said...

If I were more computer literate I would choose something to reflect my art work, or something reflective of being an artist.

Emen said...

I made every mistake in the book when I first came online, used my real nickname, used "real" email addresses, which I continue to do so why not a real picture of me? I do sometimes get sick of seeing my face pop up but alas, I lack the bottomage to do a Spankcake :)

sunnygirl said...

She was such a Sunny Girl and brought us many sunny days.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We wanted names for a couple, the artwork followed.

Red said...

Picking a name to use that would reflect spanking, I chose red (for a red bottom), and Often (for frequent spankings. The avatar has a man being seriously spanked, and wearing a red shirt so his partner can make certain his bottom is red enough before she stops. However, Cindy many times makes a greyish area within the red, and this only goes back to red much much later.
lastly, there is a blog called bottoms up, and that seems a fun thing to say.
bottoms up

Cowgirl Up said...

Hi Ronnie. I recently discovered your blog. I'm enjoying it. What an interesting question. Since I call myself Cowgirl, using a cowgirl avatar was a given. The one I chose actually looks a lot like me, and I love the sunset (and the horse)!

ronnie said...

1ManView - Certainly is an erotic Avatar 1MV. Thanks. I'm looking forward to next week's olympics lots of field and track events.

SC - And such a lovely one. Thanks SC.

Hermione - I do like that name. Thanks Hermione.

Mick - I think you just haven't got around to it:) Thanks Mick.

Bas - Cute - I bet you are:) Thanks Bas.

Joey - It was seeing your avatar that made me ask the question as I wondered what the connection was so thanks Joey.

Minelle - I'm sure it would be lovely. I've had mine since I started blogging but I can't remember how I went about it. Maybe someone will remind us in case you or anyone else would like to add one. Thanks Minelle.

Emen - How lovely. I never realised it was a picture of yourself. Thanks Emen.

SG - I wondered if she was a special part of your family. Thanks SG.

OBB - A perfect choice. Thanks OBB.

Red - I like your avator. Didn't you have a different one when you first started? Thanks Red and bottoms up to you.

CG - Hello and welcome. A good choice and a pretty gorgeous one. Thank you CG.


Fondlers Anonymous said...

I've gone thru a few. the most recent one is a pic of BIKSS' hand holding on to my arm. Because He Can. LOL

I like the contrast :)

faerie said...

It was never a question of using a faerie for me. The question was which faerie to use, lol.

Erica said...

Nothing unusual about mine, just a headshot that I liked. Figured I'd keep the avatar vanilla, just in case I ever wanted to comment on vanilla sites (seemed remote at the time, but I actually have!).

Anonymous said...

I started out using a Hello Kitty avatar and then cycled through several until a blogging friend, Karl Friedrich Gauss, sent me one he thought fit my personality and my blog. Daddy liked it the best and so that was that. I can't imagine changing it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ronnie. I really enjoyed learning how each person selected their Avatars.


PK said...

My teen fantasies often involved a hairbrush. I saw this one and it seemed like something that might be on a southern woman's dresser.


SNP said...

I liked the one I found that looked like a princess and she is in the arms of the guy she loves.
Have a great weekend Ronnie. I am late, late on reading any blogs!

Jz said...

Mine is me, as I started my peek into this world...

Secret Spanko said...

One of my first blog posts was about how there are a variety of spanking tastes and breaking them down like ingredients and condiments you might put on your hamburger. Just kind of stuck with it. cool topic.

Renee Rose said...

Mine feels like me. But I changed it from a pic I didn't have the rights to use. Gotta be careful these days!

ronnie said...

FA - Quite a strong Avatar and yes a lovely contrast. Thanks FA.

Faerie - I think you picked the perfect one for you. Thanks Faerie.

Erica - A famous and lovely one of you. Couldn't use mine to comment on a vanilla site:) Thanks Erica.

Kitty - Yes I remember that Avatar but I like this one better. Thanks Kitty.

Joey - Yes it's been lovely reading how everyone chose their Avatars. Cheers Joey.

SNP - Perfect for you then. Have a good one yourself. I'm late reading around and wont have much time the weekend either:( Thanks SNP.

JZ - Lovely. I thought it might have been you peeking:) Thanks JZ

SS - Interesting. I'll have to go back and read that post. Thanks SS.

Renee Rose - I thought you had changed yours. I do like your new one. Thanks RR.

I'e really enjoyed reading how you all picked Avatars. Thank you.


Ana said...

Mine doesn't show up in blogger, but I chose a picture of cookies because I like to make cookies...and use them for bribes when necessary. :)

ronnie said...

Ana - LOL. Cookies work. I wonder why your Avatar doesn't show up on blogger. Thanks Ana.


Kaelah said...

That's an interesting question, Ronnie! I always use pictures which show me (usually kinky ones made especially for our blog) and I change my avatar picture from time to time. That way, my profile gets a fresh look every once in a while and I can use both, topping and bottoming pictures. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

grace said...

I just thought mine was sexy!

Interesting question! Now I'm paying more attention to others!


Anonymous said...

No blog yet and so no avatar....but banking on the fact that Sara left it a few years before she felt truly equipped.And now look at her...the good, the bad and the ugly.You could not begin to make that stuff up.Sarah,LD,UK

Mrs. Soft Bottom said...

I found mine online and it felt right. I am a redhead and the quote was right on target for me. It was really interesting to read about others- thanks for asking the question.

ronnie said...

Kaelah - I think all your photos I've seen are gorgeous. You look lovely. It's been interesting reading others. Thanks for stopping by Kaelah.

Grace - It is sexy:) Thanks Grace.

Sarah - "no blog yet" hopefully soon maybe? Thanks Sarah.

Mrs Soft Bottom - I love that quote, makes me smile every time I read it. Thanks Mrs Soft Bottom.


Penelope said...

Hi Ronnie, forgive me for only now finding your blog - I'm discovering wonderful, new (to me) places all the time - and I'm very glad I found yours!

My avatar is probably a bit snooty, as it's a closeup of an 18th century oil painting. I love it because it really captures something of the magical, tranquil, escapist experience that is reading. And I use it because I think that the beautiful world of literature (and other realms of creativity) have a lot in common with the world of ttwd.

ronnie said...

Penelope - Hello and welcome.

Your Avatar is no way snooty, I think it fits you perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

Look forward to popping over to your blog.