Thursday, 9 August 2012


We were sitting on the sofa after a little fun the other evening and look what came out of the bottle of red Minervois I opened.

I stood it on the table because I thought we might not finish the bottle. A little later our son came in and said "Blow job, eh?"

I nearly died, I'm sure my face went beet red, I wondered if I had anything round my mouth.

He obviously noted my confusion and picked the cork up, smiling and turning the end towards me, "That's what they call it, a BJ?".

"Well I suppose it depends who they are and what you're reading," I said, thinking christ does he think his mom does that sort of stuff.

"OK I'm off to bed now, I'm in at 6.00 tomorrow," he said and was gone. He clearly didn't give a second thought to what had just been said.

Perhaps his mom shouldn't either:)

Hope you managed to celebrate Consensual Spanking Day yesterday.



Michael M said...

Perhaps he should have gone over your knee for using such impertinent phrases in front of his Mum.

Anonymous said...


LD and I always wonder what our children think about us and our intimate moments. I think we both would have been red and speechless as well.


Hermione said...

What a coincidence! Too close for comfort, I'd say:)


PK said...

At any age our kids can give us heart stopping moments. I doubt they give any serious thought to what we might do, not believing it's possible. I know I'll probably still believe Mollie's a virgin even after she has two or three kids!


Dee said...

LOL! I can totally see why you went red. I have many many moments of cringing when I hear "muuum" accompanied by that special tone of voice that my girls reserve for when they have questions relating to "how are babies made?" and the likes.
I've decided I'll tell them when they're 30!

Dee x

SNP said...

Oh, Ronnie. I laughed when I read this, but I know it was not funny at the time. Good recovery on your part:)

Fondles said...

that was a funny read. but i'm sure it wasn't funny to you at all!! LOL

ronnie said...

Michael - No, he's bigger than me:) Thanks Michael.

Joey - As long as they only wonder and don't catch us:) Thanks Joey.

Hermione - A little too close. Thanks Hermione.

PK - I think your right there. They never think their mom and dad could get up to such things. If they only knew:) Thanks PK.

Dee - I heard a little girl in the supermarket this afternoon ask that very question and quite loudy I must say and you know what her mother said? Aks your dad when you get home. I burst out laughing. Thanks Dee.

SNP - It is funny when I think about it. Thanks SNP

Fondles - It threw me for a minute. Thanks Fondles.

Anonymous said...

I would have just died if one of my sons had said that, too. I can talk about sex a lot easier with my girls...go figure.


sunnygirl said...

That's funny. I'm quite sure it wasn't funny for you. You will laugh about it much later. He probably thinks you are a virgin anyway. LOL

Red said...


I think we had the exact same ideas of our parents, as the younger generation has of us. However, anyone

I know seeing BJ would immediately think of blow job.

In reality, isn't it nice that he lets you know he will be home at 6:00, so you can well be finished the kinky little bits, and he doesn't have to walk in on them...

A very thoughtful son... nd one spanking for you for leaving BJ visible at the table. Enjoy.

bottoms up

Bas said...

Excellent choice of wine Ronnie.
Be proud of your son. You made him into a stable man, who can smile when he thinks of his mother and BJ's.
Because, yes he did. He is not stupid.
And he cannot find any reason to act upset. Just smiled.
That young man will get what he wants and be a real man.

ronnie said...

Kitty - Yes I think it could be easier talking to daughters than sons about sex. Thanks Kitty.

SG - LOL virgin, that made me laugh. Thanks SG.

Red - I'll happily take the spanking for leaving the cork that way up:) Thanks Red.

Bas - He's got his head screwed on alright. Thank you for your lovely comment Bas.


Minelle Labraun said...

I do not even know what I would have said. Of course they probably would have thought they needed to explain 'what that meant'

Blondie said...

That is too funny. It sounds like something that happened in our house. The less we say the quicker the conversation goes. Lol

ronnie said...

Minelle - Funny now. I'll remember not to leave the next cork lying around depending if it has anything written on it. Thanks Minelle.

Blondie - The less said the better, your right:) Thanks Blondie.


1manview said...

It tells you about the sexuality gap between the generations, It was instantly on his mind and he said it, We would of smiled and said nothing towards our parents. I'm surprise P doesn't hang unto that cap and use as a signal when he's in the mood. He seems to be as devilish as I am... lol ...

ronnie said...

LOL. I have still got the cork. Maybe I'll suggest that. Thanks 1MV.