Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thrashed all those Rears

The Sunday Times attracted my attention with the above words, as you can imagine it would but had nothing to do with this type of thrashing of rears.

It was on the back page of Review, where it was announced that the girl on the right was awarded Rear of the Year last week, and the Times reporter cheekily congratulated her on thrashing all those other contending rears.

Anyway my attention was focused and I googled to see if I could find a better picture of her. I couldn't, but what I did find reported in the Daily Mail was that the 2011 winner of this dubious award, a certain Carol Vorderman, the girl on the left, said she was disappointed to have been pushed aside and have to hand the award over.

I wondered which one my husband would prefer so I asked him which one he would most like to spank and it didn't take him long to make up his mind although his reasoning, as ever, was not entirely straightforward. He chose the girl on the left (Carol Vorderman).

"How come?" I asked. "She's much older and she looks a bit over padded to me," I said.

"Age doesn't come into it at all," said my gallant husband, "but substance does and Vorderman's got substance. She's a mathematician, you know."

So that's it then is it, P, perhaps I need to get my calculator out:)

I copied another image of Ms Vorderman from the Daily Mail's article just for good measure.



Michael M said...

Great post.

The Sunday Times is usually good for a bottom or two, generally in the Style magazine where I think the Editor might be a spanko.

The b/w image of those 3 girls is from one of my favourite Janus issues, where there were three girls in leotards being spanked and caned during a ballet lesson.

Carol’s rear does not really do it for me although, as P acknowledges, she could at least count the cane strokes.

The 2012 winner, Shobna Gulati, has a good bottom. Is it just me or is her name onomatopoeically erotic?

For me the best ever winner was Carol Smilie – her cheeky grin was matched by the cheeky leather clad curves of her bottom.

Anonymous said...


I agree with P on this one. I prefer a lady with substance.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Yes, substance provides a more inviting target.


Hermione said...

She looks extremely spankable. You find such enticing articles in your Sunday paper.


SNP said...

Well, who knew there was a Rear of the Year award? I wonder what the winner get for this award besides bragging rights? Thanks for finding the pics to show all of us.

Sara said...

So P likes a woman with substance or a rear with substance? Maybe both? He's become quite the connoisseur!


sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, your husband chose wisely, I would have picked her too. And furthermore, I'm sure he picked you to be his partner, for the same reason. Ask him?.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

when offered such a choice, I say spank them both.

Red said...

Ronnie; I would have picked what was behind curtain three... Neither would be my choice, but I do enjoy your newspaper's quest for excellence.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Michael - We've said the same:) I didn't realie the first picture was from Janus so thanks for letting me know. Don't remember Carol Smilie winning the title. Thanks Michael.

Joey - I'll let him know someone agrees with him:) Thanks Joey.

FD - P likes women with something up top as well and I don't mean breats:) Thanks FD.

Hermione - Yes the ST's is good for spotting a bottom article:) Is she still in Corrie? Thanks Hermione.

SNP - Nothing other than a throphy and as you say bragging rightsL:) Thanks SNP.

Sara - I think he's prefer both:) Thanks Sara.

SOTB - I remember to ask him. Thanks SOTB.

OBB - You would:) Thanks OBB.

Red - I do try and find articles I think my readers will enjoy. Thanks Red.


sunnygirl said...

My hubby would have picked CV too. He loves bottoms and is especially fond of the latin ladies, i.e. cruz, hayek and lopez and last but not least mendez.

Anonymous said... can't make this stuff up

ronnie said...

SG - Some nice bottoms there so I can see why your hubby likes them:) Thanks SG.

Ana - LOL, no you can't. Thanks Ana.


Daisychain said...

A rear needs to have a certain presence... and to me, Shobna's is almost non existent! Carols is way out front...or should that be behind??? xxx

Rod of The Canery said...

Carol and her delicious bottom have always been popular. There are even Yahoo! Groups dedicated to the wonder that is Carol's arse! I'm lovin' it...

ronnie said...

Daisy - Beats me how she won. Thanks Daisy.

ROTC - I had no idea there were Yahoo Groups dedicated to s bottom. Thanks. ROTC.


Anonymous said...

Those two delightful ladies certainly are well endowed in the hind quarters. I should like very much to have either of them bare bottomed over my knee especialy miss Vorderman. For i am certain i could bring some excellent colour and hot flushes to her cheeks with a good application of my trusty old leather slipper. And in case you may be unsure of which cheeks i refer to? it will be both bottom and facial but for entirely different reasons which i will leave you to contemplate on.

Correction Man.


ronnie said...

CM - You like the slipper CM. Any other implements? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I also certainly enjoy *if that is the correct word* bare bottomed OTK hand spanking , together with a robust wooden hair brush or wooden handled cloths brush frequently seen in the 1950s.Which when required will quickly bring a wriggling deserving females bottom to a most glorious sunset red; thus swiftly addressing any ill mannered bratty conduct.

Correction Man.