Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Russian girls celebrating

Courtesy of the Sunday Times and my husband, a lovely picture of two Russian beach volleyball girls. My husband spotted it in the Olympics special pull out, I don't know why he was reading the beach volleyball section (I do really) but he spotted this and drew my attention to it.

There wasn't a caption attached immediately next to the photo but I found it lower down, they were apparently celebrating, my husband had thought they were spanking each other.

"Perhaps they were," I said, "why not?"

This is a much better picture of the girls. Thanks to Beanpoleuk for sending link to the Telegraph.



Anonymous said...

beanpoleuk said...
The telegraph has a better definition picture you can download.........


31 July 2012 08:45

Anonymous said...

Pity P could not get some of those spare tickets that were floating around.My testosterone filled teenage nephews were in paradise....Sarah,LD,UK

Hermione said...

I just might start watching some of the events if there is going to be spanking. Great find!

It's a pity how many seats are empty for the events, after so many people were disappointed when they couldn't buy them.


SNP said...

It does look like a spanking. I bet many had that first thought, too.

sunnygirl said...

Just a little reminder of what can be expected if they don't win, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Great photo. Thanks.

ronnie said...

Beanpoleuk - Thanks so much, appreciate it.

Sarah - Empty seats correct but try and get tickets for them. Impossible. Thanks Sarah.

Hermione - It's a disgrace the empty seats but apparently they are releasing tickets every day but I've tried and I can't find any:( Thanks Hermione.

SNP - Us spankos certainly would have. Thanks SNP

SG - :) Thanks SG.

Joey - Thanks Joey.


Bas said...

Hmm, my Son in Law had tickets to the beach volleyball and posted a picture on his facebook. Just some completely uninteresting Dutch guys playing.
Maybe I will ak him to post his pictures of the other matches too!

smuccatelli said...

This seems to common among beach volleyball players (at least the female ones). The American champion Misty May (or May-Treanor) used to deliver a good smack to her partner's pert rear after scoring a point. And those girls have such pert rears, don't they?... :-)

Red said...

one of the few Olympics sports i like... thanks to P for finding this.. and you for sharing the view..
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Bas - Lucky devil to have tickets. Does he have them for the ladies beach volley ball as well? Thanks Bas.

Smuccatelli - Hello. Yes it seems all the beach volley ball ladies have great bottoms. Thanks Smuccatelli.

Red - Your welcome. Thanks also to Beanpoleuk for the link the last photo. Cheers. Red.