Thursday, 12 July 2012

Three Lovely Blog Awards

I'm tickled pink to have been honoured with "Three Lovely Blog Awards" from our friends -
Slightly Naughty Princess, Reneerose and Spanky.  Thank you so much. It was a surprise 
but a lovely one when there are so many more deserving blogs out there.

There are rules to the award.

Share 7 new things about yourself.
Link back to the person/s who gave you the award.
Pass on the award to 15 blogs you like to read.

I'm not sure if I have 7 things to share about myself that you don't already know but here goes and for a little fun as I'm not one for rules I've listed 8. One of them is untrue - can you guess which one?

1) One of my favourite leather implement is the tawse. Gives quite a bite. Hurts but good hurt, hurt that I can more and more of if you know what I mean. I'm loving it. I think I could actually reach sub space with it.

2) I was a member of a well know highly respected UK Athletics club who have produced a couple of world class athletes. I was considered very good but sadly didn't have it in me to go the whole way.

3) I hate flying so much I take a sedative before takeoff.

4) I have a bruised bottom but not from spanking. I fell over. I also have a few other bruises, hurt my ankle and I'm stiff.

5) I was a prefect as school and had to discipline unruly girls.

6) I love stripey tops and have over 20

7) I have gained 2lb over my target and may need P's expert assistance.

8) My favourite perfume is Channel No5. I have been wearing it for over 25 years since P bought my first bottle.

Did you guess?

Rule one done, rule two done, rule three - now that's a problem. As said I'm not one for too many rules so I'm not going to pass the award on because there are more than 15 blogs out there who all deserve to be read and I can't just choose 15, now can I?

Please pick one from my blog list and go say hello.

Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday. No3 was untrue. I absoloutely love flying.


First two pictures from British Spanking Magazine.


Emen said...

Congratulations. My guess is that you own no stripey tops because you much prefer the stripey bottom.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Congrats and can you tell us how you disciplined the unruly girls?


Bas said...

I doubted between the athletics and the schoolprefect.
But the untrue must be the athletics, otherwise it would be to easy to run away when P comes up with the cane. The schoolprefect must be true, your taste for spanking must originate somewhere in your youth.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing eight new things about yourself. I really hope that you get help from P to motivate you to lose those two pounds.


PS Did you adjust the scale to earn a sorting out?

SNP said...

So well deserved as I said on my blog. Loved learning the new things about you. Channel No 5 seems to fit. Elegant and Classy-just like you:) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Just 2 pounds??? I love Channel No5 as well!
Fun reading your new things and congratulations!

PK said...

Hmm... I'm guessing you weren't a prefect. I think I would remember you saying something about that before and I can't remember if you have.


bobbsroom said...

Congratulations Ronnie

Well deserved, i enjoy everyone that,s posted.

keep up the good work


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I think you deserve the award. I don't know who all the folks are that gave it to you, but you will recall that I choose you last month. And I am never wrong.

I'm guessing you weren't a prefect.

BTW, an explanation of sixth form, etc is long over due from British spanking authors.

sunnygirl said...

You are just so gracious. I am also guessing you were not a prefect at school.

ronnie said...

Emen - Thank you. I do actually own that many stripey tops. I think I need a clear out:)

FD - Depends on what they did butno caning involved. Had to send them to their form teachers/headmistress. We were allowed to give them detention during their break.

Bas - Athletics one is true:) and yes I was a prefec but no canings in our girls school. Thanks Bas.

Joey - I'm sure he will be very willing:) No didn't adjust the scales. Thanks Joey.

SNP - How lovely of you thanks and thank you so much for the award. Thanks so much.

Minelle - Thank you. 2lbs is a lot for me. I have tried other perfumes but I always come back to Channel.

PK - I was a prefect. I don't think I did mention it to you as I know you would have remembered. Thanks PK.

Bob - Thanks for stopping by.

OBB - I know you did and I really appreciated it. I was a prefect. What do you want to know about sixth form?

SG - Thank you SG. You would be wrong, I was a prefect:)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and well deserved.

Correction Man.

ronnie said...

Thanks CM.