Monday, 2 July 2012

Olives and the Cane

"It reminds me of you and olives," said my husband after he'd caned me.

"What?" I responded, not knowing what on earth my nearest and dearest was on about.

"You remember how it took you years to come round to liking olives, I mean gradually with me coaxing, encouraging, rewarding."

"Yes I suppose so, although it seems completely natural eating them now and I can hardly remember the days when I found them loathesome."

"Well it's a bit like that with the cane isn't it. I mean, I'm not suggesting you love it the same way you do olives but you do seem to have become, what could I say, adjusted to it over the years, perhaps conditioned to it would be more accurate. And although you object when you see me reach for it, I can't help thinking sometimes your bottom is secretly quite willing to sumbit to its kiss."

"P!" was all I said and I pulled a face as if to say he was way off the mark.

But he wasn't:)

Enjoy your week.



Anonymous said...

Love it ! Sadly, not got a swing in my step this Monday morning.We tried to grab some time yesterday but were interrupted and lost the moment.So frustrating.Hey ho. Sarah,LD,UK

MrJ said...

Beautiful metaphor!
Makes me wonder how it tastes.

Emen said...

Ha. I love both too. So cute.

Anonymous said...


Excellent metaphor and story. Many of my friends had listed the cane as a hard limit, but now crave it.


Hermione said...

It's amazing what we can grow used to and even love, given time to adjust.


SNP said...

I like where you said "my dearest" when referring to P. Very sweet.
You guys are a great couple and it is nice to read your every day life stories. Have a good Monday.

PK said...

As I was reading I knew he was right. I haven't come around to loving it myself, but I'm happy for you. Isn't it wonderful when our men really get to know us.


sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, like mature aged wine. A mature aged bare bottom receiving a good caning tastes great.

Red said...

I totally agree with SNP that you have a great relationship with P. Spanking, and living the lifestyle of TTWD has so many positive results of heating up sexual passions, and problem solving any disagreements.
If you are now enjoying (up to a point at least) the cane, can the loopy johnny be far behind? smiling
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Sarah - I hate when that happens. Hope you can find some time very soon. Thanks Sarah.

MrJ - Definitely a bitter/sweet taste:) Thanks MrJ.

Emen - But which the most:) Thanks Emen.

Joey - I never dreamed I would ever say I like being caned. Thanks Joey.

Hermione - Your right there. Thanks Hermione.

SNP - Thank you for saying. We do our moments:) Hope you have a week SNP. Thanks.

PK - Maybe one day I'll hear you say you do:) Thanks PK.

SOTB - And I do like my Thanks SOTB

Red - Now come on Red, the loopy John, no way. I'm glad P doesn't read here as it would remind him it's not been in use for a long time:) Thanks Red.


sunnygirl said...

Ronnie, one of these days I might have to give it a try. Right now I'd settle for anything.

ronnie said...

SG - I think every girl should experience the cane once:) Thanks SG.


Michael M said...

The cane can become very addictive.
It has the same sweet and bitter feel to it that a large juicy olive can give your taste buds.
Enjoy the flavours.


Anonymous said...

What a grand way to describe things comparing the kiss of a well used cane to an olive, good job it was not Marmite or you may never have got accustomed to it, unless you are one of those who actualy enjoy Marmite i know i certainly do not LOL; and have a very good week yourself.

Correction Man.

MrJ said...

Bitter-sweet - that's sweeter than most olives ;-)

MrJ said...

Bitter-sweet - that's sweeter than most olives ;-)

Daisychain said...

I hate olives too.... ;) xxx

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Can you describe what it is like to submit to the kiss of the cane?


Lea said...

I'd take the cane before I'd eat olives. Yuck. ;-)

ronnie said...

Michael - I can taste both just thinking about them:) Thanks Michael.

CM - Can't take the credit for it:) Marmite, love it or hate it. I hate it. Thanks CM.

MrJ - Olives are bitter and the cane sweet:) Thanks MrJ.

Daisy - Took me a long:) Thank you Daisy.

FD - Hard one. Have to think on that. Thanks FD.

Lea - So would I but I love them LOL. Thanks Lea.


Ticcers aloud said...

daisy, u can hardly eat anything lol.... i hate the cane... and think i always will to be honist.
ronnie, havent been around for som years but back under a new name, its good to see your still going with your delights. thanks xx

ronnie said...

TC - Cane - a bit like Marmite you either love it or hate it:)

Thank you. I love blogging to much to stop. Good to see you. Will pop over when I have a little more time.