Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I Spanked my husband

Yes I did, I'm not joking.....

although I was joking when it happened...well before it happened to be precise. You see he came into the bedroom with a bath towel wrapped round his waist, he'd just showered and wanted some pants and a pair of jeans. I was sitting on the bed re-sticking the little leather flap at the end of my Anne Summers riding crop (the one and only from there) which had come loose. P brushed past me and bent forward to open one of his drawers and I pulled his towel away just for fun.

"Ooh stay like that, I could just..."

"Very funny," said my husband.

"I could, you better believe it."

"Go on then, do it," he said, I'm sure he didn't think I would. So I did.....just one stroke with the riding crop right across the middle of his backside on the fleshiest part and gosh it sounded very loud .....he said FUCK!!!!!........and shot upright. "Christ I didn't think you were going to do that," he said as he rubbed his bottom with one hand and rummaged through his drawer with the other.

I was tempted to give him another, I rather enjoyed it especially the fact that it seemed to really quite shock him. He asked me if it always felt like that when he used the crop on me and I told him I didn't know because I couldn't tell how hard I'd swatted him, but I thought it was probably much harder when he spanked me. I didn't get chance to swat him again anyway, he grabbed a pair of pants and turned round and you know what....had a stiffy.

"Ooh P," I exclaimed, "I do believe you could be a closet spankee."

He told me not to bet on that but he wouldn't mind some light relief being as I seemed to be in the mood.

Needless to say I happily obliged.


First picture from an F/M blog but I can't remember which one so please let me know if it's yours.


Michael M said...

From little acorns !

You may soon have P over your lap for some erotic play spanking.

Good F/M image - not seen it around so you must have a new source.

sunnygirl said...

Don't you just love it when you get to turn the tables?

Kaelah said...

Wow, that sounds like a sweet and at the same time hot little incident! Thanks for sharing, Ronnie. :-)

Anonymous said...


Very hot story. Thank you for sharing.


david said...

Hi,Ronnie I bet you`ve got the biggest grin ever and keep patting him asking hows our bottom today love to both of you David

Anonymous said...

Aren't we full of mischief today!

Hermione said...

What fun! I'm glad he didn't mind too much, as he was up for some attention after it.


PK said...

I love it! Nick want to know what the different implements feel like so he'll let me give him a swat or two anytime we get something new. I think you need to sneak in a few more swats when you can. I mean either you'll get away with it or you'll get spanked for it - your classic win/win situation.


SNP said...

Another good personal story from Ronnie and P. I liked it:)

Ticcers aloud said...

hhehe cool, wel done hun x

MrJ said...

Great story! Obviously very exciting for you, ronnie.
Frankly, I'm not sure what aroused P., though.
I do try how implements feel before I start using them, both for reasons of care AND because I like it when I know what she feels. You may wish to further find out...

Our Bottoms Burn said...

From the number of comments made, it seems your fans want P spanked by you.

Red said...

What a great post... P didn't mind at all, judging by the results.
Hope the light relief went both ways... If it didn't, I think you need to inform him that this behavior warrants a few swats with the crop for being selfish, or even a trip over your knee. Make a bet with him that you believe he will rise to the occasion.. if done romantically.
bottoms up

faerie said...

Heeheehee, great move Ronnie :) I've tried that a few times. I discovered Musicman is still pretty quick on his feet, lol.

reneerose~closetgirl said...

Ha! Great story!

Bas said...

"Misstress" Ronnie. I'm shocked. Don't let it happen again. I begin to seriously doubt your inclination after seeing your pictures from "Girls night in" and your strange attraction to a displaced paddle in Solihull.

ronnie said...

Michael - No, there's no way we would switch. Like it as it is. Yes I thought a good picture but I really can't remember which blog I got if from. Hopefully someone will know who it belongs to. Thanks Michael.

SG - Oh yes, a little fun. Thanks SG and for making me laugh over at yours.

Kaelah - Just a little fun:) Thanks for stopping by Kaelah.

Joey - I just couldn't resist the moment:) Thanks Joey.

David - LOL. You got it. I did pat his bum a few times during the day and asked how it was. Thanks David.

Mick - Mischief yes I was but not today Mick:) Thanks.

Hermione - I thnk if I do it again I'll get spanked:) Thanks Hermione,

PK - Don't you love win/win situations:) Thanks PK.

SNP - Glad you did. Thanks for stopping by SNP.

TA - Thanks:)

Mr.J - I like surprises too much so I'd rather not know whats coming:) How do you try them out first Mr.J? Thanks.

OBB - Yes but P wouldn't want me spanking him and I don't think I'd want to be a top. Thanks OBB

Red - LOL. Yes P obliged very nicely:) Thanks Red.

Faerie - Next time I pick up the crop I think P will move pretty quick:) Thanks Faerie.

Rennerose - Thanks for stoppinbg by.

Bas - Hello and welcome. I'm not sure what you mean:) Thanks for stopping by. Will pop over.


ronnie said...
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otk4us2 said...

Good job Ronnie, I was a spanker for years before I decided I would not mind being spanked occasionally, so we adopted the Spencer spanking plan in our house. If anyone is unfamiliar just google 'Spancer Spanking Plan"


MrJ said...

Well, ronnie, my body is still flexible enough to enable some self-testing. ;-)
Only once, of course. That memory is enough to add value to (her) spankins.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear of your mischief making.Nothing like keeping things fresh ! Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

OTK4us2 - Hello to you. Happy it works for you. Thanks for stopping by.

MrJ - Thanks for explaining.

Sarah - You have to Sarah. Thanks.


Daisychain said...

Haha, funny! I don't think most of the spankers have much idea of how it feels... Davey always tests implements out on his own arm first, but the sensation is very different across the bottom!! xxxxxxx

1manview said...

It's nice to see P enjoyed his uplifting experience..
Especially the part when you brought him back down.. hehe ...

Have a spankee wet weekend Ronnie...

ronnie said...

Daisy - Your right sensation would be totally different across the bottom. Thanks Daisy.

1MV - Thanks. I don't know about a spankee weekend but I know it will be a wet one:( Have a good one yourself. Thanks 1MV