Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I forgot the mussels

We were having friends round the other day and P was cooking, stuff from the sea, shellfish starters mussels for the boys and clams for the girls, Cornish brill all round for the mains, P doesn't do puddings which is a shame because I'm sure they'd be good. There was a problem and we had to dash out to solve it, you see I forgot to get the mussels.

P seemed quite horrified when he checked the fridge and they weren't there. He asked me where they were and I just said oops sorry, I forgot, which was the truth. I suggested he divi the clams up between all four of us, it would be fine but he said no there weren't enough. We had a couple of hours before our friends were due, P said we were going out to get some, I said I don't need to come P, it doesn't take two to carry a net of mussels, but he said I was the one who forgot them so I was the one who'd get them, no argument.

Now I want you to know there was no real anger here but there was certainly a determination on my husband's part to have his mussels as planned so I got up and off we went. Our first port of call was Waitrose and they didn't have any, P looked anxious, they had loads of other nice stuff, I asked him what was the big deal....why didn't he just choose something else. No, he said, mussels will be out of season for breeding soon and I promised Geoff we'd have some. P asked the counter guy if he had any in the back but the assistant said almost exactly what P had told me, they were in short supply because the breeding season was starting and they had a responsible sourcing policy.

'Well I didn't know that did I?' I said to my husband as he ushered me out of the store.

'You didn't need to know you just needed to do as you were told,' he said.

We headed to Tesco's where presumably they don't have a responsible sourcing policy and they had a few nets left sitting in ice. P handled them and the assistant came up immediately and asked if he could help, customers weren't supposed to handle the fish. P told him he wanted the ones with the least open shells, then he made his choice and the guy popped them in a plastic bag with a bar code sticker. 'Don't seal the bag please,' said my husband, 'they need air'. The assistant probably though my husband was a right prat but P didn't care, he'd got his mussels which he handed to me to take through the quick checkout.

So we got home, panic over, disaster avoided. But that wasn't quite the end of the see it got me spanked and frankly I didn't deserve it, I mean I didn't do it on purpose at all, I just really forgot which anyone can do sometimes, and I didn't know about mussels' breeding habits and all that so it wasn't exactly a priority to my way of thinking...but it still got me spanked. Not too hard and it was only over my jeans but hard enough to make a link between mussels and spanking. Then P was off to do his kitchen prep leaving me to smoulder with a unjustly warmed bottom.

Not often I say anything good about Tesco but I think they saved my bottom:)

We did have a lovely evening and P's mussels in garlic white wine and coriander went down well.


Couldn't find a picture of someone being spanked over jeans.


Anonymous said...

We used to buy live mussels quite lot but than George started to rescuing them:).Now I have to do with the frozen ones, which is the shame because they are not as good. George does not get spanking for saving the mussels because he is only 11.

Fondlers Anonymous said...

i know it's not something you intended to do but then, a lot of the time, stuff can be avoided if we all were a little more aware and responsible and didn't "forget". So in itself forgetting isn't a deliberate act of going against P but I think his point is that you shouldn't be forgetting things.

still, hope the lovely dinner made up for everything in the end. =)

Emen said...

I think you broke even. Warm bottom, mussels in garlic white wine and coriander (ooohhh I can smell that). Yup, I enjoyed it :)

Michael M said...

And here we were thinking that was you in the photo.
Interesting jeans.

abby said...

Warm bottom and delicious seafood,sounds like a perfect meal.

Hermione said...

It does sound like a lovely evening, but why were the mussels only for the boys? Girls like mussels too! (Although I adore clams as well.)


Anonymous said...


You are so lucky that Tesco had the mussels or you may have typed the story standing by your desk.

I am glad that you had a nice dinner.


PK said...

What kind of wife are you? Not knowing mussels' breeding habits! What are you doing with your life? Oh well, you got spanked and you got a great dinner - I guess all's well that ends well.


Anonymous said...

We're in a landlocked area, so no muscles for us. Now catfish....

Forgetting used to be one of Lynda's big issues. It got her spanked a lot.

It's not so big a deal for you. But then, sounds like the spanking was mild too.

I'm glad you had a nice dinner.

Anonymous said...

I love mussels. Mussels mariniere is my fave way to enjoy them. Saturday i will be attending a mussel throwdown in celebration of Belgian National day.

But what i really love is how P held you accountable for your mistake. I know it wasn't on purpose but you needed the discipline. I'd love to be held accountable for my forgetfulness, I'd get my bum spanked everday...sometimes several times a day. Hmm...i am not sure spanking will correct my behavior ;-)


SNP said...

Glad this story eneded well, Ronnie:)

ronnie said...

Margita - LOL. I don't like mussels that's why the clams. Thanks Margita.

FA - He just wanted to make his point:) Evening was lovely, thanks FA.

Emen - The clams were just as good:) Thanks Emen.

Michael - :) no not me but I wouldn't mind a pair of those jeans. Thanks Michael.

Abby - A perfect evening really:) Thanks Abby.

Hermione - I don't like mussels and niether does my friends hence clams for the girls. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - I initially typed "Tesco saved my bacon" but thought bottom was mopre appropriate:) Thanks Joey.

PK - A bad one by all acounts for not knowing about mussels breading season:) Thanks PK.

Mick - I usually get spanked if I forget something P's asked me to do but yes only mild one for that offence:) Thanks Mick.

Hedone - Mussel throwdown, sounds interesting. What happens? No it wasnt on purpose but I only had to pick up two things and one of them was the mussels:) Thanks Hedone.

SNP - Thanks to Tesco it did:) Thank you SNP.


Anonymous said...

At first I am reading and looking at the picture thinking whose muscles??
Yep, my brain was not totally engaged. As to the mussels, my hubby might be frantic to have them too.
Fun, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not only did you have a successful cook out but you also got a well deserved spanking. I receive these for not marking down and allowing enough time to get something done. My husband carries a pen and pad and marks down things to do. When either of us forgets or does not mark things down: the culprit gets a well deserved spanking as part of our memory improvement program and Anti Alzheimer training.
Rachel & aj Widget

sunnygirl said...

First, I loved the pic.

Second, we both learned a lesson. Imagine going through life not knowing about the breeding practices of mussels.

Third, all's well that end's well. I think that is something some English fellow wrote a while back.

otk4us2 said...

Sounds familiar, I am always forgetting something at the store Ronnie, so finally I have resorted to making a list, it is not fool proof, but seems I forget less with the list.... I just saying.......


ronnie said...

Minelle - LOL. My brain gets like that as well. Thanks Minelle.

R&W - Hello. Anti Alzheimer training love it. Thanks R&W. Lovely to see you.

SG - LOL. We've both learnt something then:) Thanks SG.

Dave - I do take a list with me when supermarket shopping but the thing is I end up buying other things and forgeting whats on my list on the list:) Thanks Dave.


Anonymous said...

Mussels throw down is a big eating festival. A reason to stuff oneself full of mussels, frites, and beer. Last year it was a competition between restaurants , hosted by Bobby Flay and broadcast on thw food networkk. Don.t know if you get the food network or have a similar channel.

Red said...

Ronnie: I am confused... You love to be spanked! However, you do not want to be spanked as a punishment when you have done something wrong.
Why not! It allows P to express himself and work off a little steam, and you get a bonus spanking! A definite WIN WIN situation!!!
You can show approval for P's efforts by trying not to forget a basic ingredient the chef, for the evening, had requested. I usually take a small piece of paper with me for all the things we need, but then sometimes lose the paper.

My conclusion: you should be happy that P spanked you, because the evening went smoothly!!

PS: when I buy lobster they used to put them in a paper bag, then fold it very tight and place it in a plastic bag... The lobster can die in that method before you cook them. I never let them use plastic, just a paper bag, and put an empty box under the bag in the car to not wet the car. P is a methodical and thoughtful man: a treasure :)
bottoms up

MrJ said...

This is a GREAT scenario for a really unforgettable Tesco TV commercial. You may wish to cash it.

Ticcers aloud said...

Hi ronnie, I often get spankings like this.... its wired, its not DD, but I often find it a hard pill to swallow. so I understand your disgruntlement. however it works as im forgetting to do less now.....
hugs and glad u had a wonderful evning xx

ronnie said...

Hedone - P would love that festival. Me not a fan of mussels but beer and frites definitely. Thanks Hedone, enjoy.

Red - But I didn't do it on purpose but the silly thing is I only needed to get two items and I forget one which was the mussels:) I'm very lucky Red he's one in a million:) Thanks Red.

Mr.J - LOL. Love it Mr. J. I wonder how it would go. Thanks Mr.J.

TA - Think I need it reinforcing a little:) Thanks TA.


Bas said...

Now Ronnie, for once and for ever. Repeat after me: Mussels are delicious from the second half of July up to the first half of April.
In between they are having sex and we shall not disturb them nor encourage Tesco to disturb them. That way we will have enough fresh Mussels in the next season to keep Bas and P satisfied!

Anonymous said...

You made a link between mussels and spanking and will continue to do so ?! Some would say that is a tenuous link.The more informed would recognise and applaud a true spanko !Sarah,LD,UK

Daisychain said...

<<shellfish allergy, so prawns, mussels, clams, crab, lobster etc are all off limits, and I am so glad, because I don't like the thought of eating them anyway!!
I was in a restaurant in France once, and the people on the next table had a FREAKIN' HUGE family platter of shellfish... all I could hear was shells being cracked and legs torn off, and sucking and slurping... I literally gagged and had to dive for the restroom to throw up!!

Glad you had a very successful evening. I can see you deliberately forgetting them next time, haha!xxx

Julia said...

I have done that before, really just forgot something that he really cares about. I got a spanking for it too, although I still don't think I deserved it, but on the other hand, I have not forgotten again!

Ana said...

Bas still has my vote for funniest comment. :D

I think you should write Tesco a nice letter telling them about this story. Maybe you will get free mussels for a year and save yourself from any more trouble. ;)

ronnie said...

Bas - LOL. Thanks for explaining about the mussels. Everytime I see a mussel now I'll be thinking of your comment about them having sex. Thanks Bas.

Sarah - Yep I did tell P I thought it was weak but he didn't agree. Thanks Sarah.

Daisy - I don't know why but I thought you were going to say the table next to you had a big plate of frogs legs - them I love:) Thanks Daisy.

Julia - Hello to you. I don't think I'll be forgetting the mussels again:) Thanks Julia.

Ana - LOL. Any suggestions for the letter:) Thanks Ana.


Daisychain said...

Oh, Lord, Ronnie, you HAVE to be kidding? Frogs legs? Some things are just not meant to be eaten...and frogs legs, snails, horsemeat, caviar, and tongue all fall into the NOT EDIBLE category. I wish I could say I was allergic to them...I can't, because they would never get within eating distance of my mouth.

ronnie said...

LOL Daisy. Tried them all but only the frogs legs out of that lot I would eat.


Hermione said...

I would never eat frogs' legs again (tried them once) because of the cruelty involved, but tongue is delicious! Daisy, you wouldn't be allergic to that :-)



ronnie said...


It's been a while since I've eaten any and now after your comment I looked up how they are killed and I wont be eating them again.

Tongue, no thanks. Ox cheek is very tasty.

Thanks Hermione.