Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ho Hum

Just another day in paradise....or a week...or a you ever go on too long without doing something different to break you out of a routine? I do sometimes, I don't suppose the routine is all that bad really but it seems like it is, especially after the long run of lousy weather.......I mean usually by this time of year we've had several barbecues, attended an outdoor show or concert or exhibition here and there, taken long walks in the woods just because it's nice, you know what I mean. But this year it's been horrible (though we are having a warm spell at the moment but more rain forecast for the weekend) and furthermore last week the heating system started up a couple of mornings and that shouldn't be happening in July.

This time last year we'd had a lovely holiday in warmer climes and now P said we can't take a break till September because he's got things he needs to be here for until then. Well, P, maybe we could take the whole of September off to make up for the summer we haven't had so far (only joking he wouldn't do that).

It makes me irritable some days, that's what my husband says anyway. He's probably right. He should spank me for it, yep, any day I'm irritable he should warm scorch my bottom, I'm sure it would help.

I know it would:)

Out today catch up with you soon



Ana said...

You might get summer with a vengeance if the heat waves (ahem, of the weather I mean) appear in your area.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ronnie, feel exactly the same.Me and Peter are like ships passing in the night because he is busy with work...I've taken some time off for the school holidays, but seem only to acquire everyone elses kids and shedloads of muddy clothes because it is constantly raining.I'm up early to try and get straight.This time last year I had a lovely tan, just from walking around.I am restless,narky,preoccupied and fed up. And I'm not prone to gloomy thoughts.A sound spanking would make me feel tons better but it is JUST NOT HAPPENING Sarah,LD,UK

Michael M said...

Try pouring a glass of cold water over P's head to cool him down today.
Sure it will get you roasted.

Fondlers Anonymous said...

i agree. a spanking would definitely help!

Hermione said...

Cheer up. The Olympics will be starting soon. Are you going?


SNP said...

I am sure it would help, too!
Yes, I am curious about Hermione's question to you as well.

Anonymous said...

If you cannot have a warm climate, a hot bottom is a good alternative.

PK said...

I think you should take September off, come to the US to tour the south! I can give you a place to stay when you're near here - and it's usually still very warm in Sept.

And YES a spanking makes EVERYTHING better.


Bas said...

Ronnie, I cannot thank you enough for sending all this beautiful weather in my direction this week.
Now at last, we have the possibility to enjoy paradise. Being irritable, even when P promises you a nice break in September, indeed makes you eligible for daily spankings.

Red said...

Ronnie: a spanking ALWAYS cures the blues for at least a day, and far better than any pills. SO ask sweetly that if P and you cannot go somewhere warm this August, then at least your bottom be kept warm often.
Love the beautiful bottom in the photo! Anyone we know????? nudge nudge wink wink you know what i mean you know what i mean!!
bottoms up

Minelle Labraun said...

My husband always says "It's like a Scottish summer" When the weather is less than stellar here. I can see why, per your description!
I think the spanking would "right your mood!"
Hope the sun shines soon!

abby said...

It's only reasonable if the
is not going to give you have to find some on your own! abby

ronnie said...

Ana - I think I know the area you really mean:) Thanks Ana.

Sarah - Think you need to take time out together but I know when you have kids and especially this time of the year is virtually impossible. Hope things pick up soon. Thanks Sarah.

Michael - Probably get me more than I bargained for:) Thanks Michael.

FA - It certainly helps me when I'm like this. Thanks FA.

Hermione - Oh don't get me started on Olympic tickets. Opening ceremony tickets are still available for Friday as a cost of £2,000 +:( Thanks Hermione.

SNP - I know it would:) Be watching it on TV. Thanks SNP.

Joey - I very much like that alternative:) Thanks Joey.

PK - That's lovely of you. I may have to take you up on it one day as touring parts of the states is on my buckets list. Thanks PK.

Bas - My pleasure. Like the sun to shine on friends. I hope you don't get the rain we have been forcast for the weekend. September seems a long way off. Thanks Bas.

Red - LOL. Not sure if I could handle a warm bottom every day but I'm willing to give it a go, now all I need is P. Yes you know who it belongs to:) Thanks so much Red.

Minelle - "Scottish Summers" yes I like that. Would certainly help my mood.

Abby - And I do need some heat:) Thanks Abby.


1manview said...
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1manview said...

1manview said...
P probably hasn't spank you for those days yet, because he's saving them for make up spankings.. If make up spankings are as good as make up sex, I'm really sure that's it... lol.. I was just joking, but now I'n curious, do you have make up spankings?

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

Hoping you get the help you need ;).

sunnygirl said...

Scorched bottoms always help. Will the Olympics cheer you up any?

ronnie said...

1MV - I wouldn't say I haven't been spanked lately:) Mmmm make up spankings - sort of if if I haven't been spanked for a while. More of a re-connection. Thanks 1MV.

Mick - Have had a little helping had:) Thanks Mick.

SG - Always for me. I was bitterly disappointed I couldn't get tickets, well I could have got tickets but not to the particular sports I wanted to see. Like the 100m and 400 meters. Dressage and tennis. Yes I will definitely b e cheering on Team GB:) Thanks SG.


Lea said...

I hope you and P get to enjoy a bit of summer together. Warm temperatures put me in a cranky mood. I'd rather be cold than hot.

ronnie said...

Lea - If things go to plan we will be away sometime in September fingers crossed.