Friday, 6 July 2012

Girls Night In

Never seen all these pictures together in one place before so I thought I'd post them here.

I wonder if there are anymore of the girls.

Have a fun weekend.



bobbsroom said...

lovely set of photos Ronnie. Reminds me that i have to pay some attention to Little Miss naughty tonight.

Have a good weekend


Erik A. said...
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Stan/E. said...

lovely pics, as you said, never seen all the set before. I use some of those, without knowing there are a connection beetween... Great. From Janus, I presume ?

Emen said...

They're great. Would live to see more. Thanks.

Emen said...

Love to see more, live to see more, same thing :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots.



Spanky said...

The fourth one is my favorite. But they're all good.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures ronnie.


PK said...

Does look like it would have been a great weekend. Wonderful pictures!

Have a great weekend Ronnie.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I would like to play with them.

wordsmith said...

Always wondered what happened on a girls' night in!

SNP said...

Nice grouping, Ronnie. Have a great weekend.

SNP said...

Nice grouping, Ronnie. Have a great weekend.

ronnie said...

Bob - Sounds like you will be starting the weekend off just right Bob:) Thanks.

Stan - I didn't know there was a connection until I saw the last picture. Not sure if Janus. Thanks Stan.

Emen - Maybe someone will let us know if there are more. Thanks Emen.

Hedone - Thank you.

Spanky - Hi. It's the look on her face, like it myself. Thanks.

Joey - Thank you Joey. Enjoy your party.

PK - Thanks. Hopefully it'll stop raining but forecast not looking good:(

OBB - To cane them or them you:) Thanks OBB.

WS - Now you know:) Thanks.

SNP - Thanks. Have a good one yourself.


Red said...

fun photos... are we to conclude that the cane is becoming your passion??? oh la la
Have a great weekend
bottoms up

Ana said...

OUCH!!!! Just...ouch! :P

sunnygirl said...

I'm with Ana, looks ouchy to me.
Have a great weekend.

Hermione said...

Goodness! That's quite a collection! Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Delightful all of them , however i would prefer to be administering the cane myself wonder why that is lol; and have a very good weekend both of you.

Correction Man.

Anonymous said...

Well with the rain persisting one has to make entertainment in other ways....! Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Red - I wouldn't go as far as saying that Red but I do seem to have a few pictures of canes just lately:) Thanks Red.

Ana - Yes canes can be very ouchy. Thanks Ana

SG - :) Hope you have a good weekend yourself. Thanks SG.

Hermione - Your welcome. I thought they were nice. Thanks Hermione.

CM - Mmmm I wonder why:) Thanks CM. Have a good one yourself.

Sarah - LOL. Let's not mention that word:) Quite bad here yesterday. Thanks Sarah.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm not into canes. I prefer to deliver my spankings by hand, with a firm wrist action.

ronnie said...

GB - Hello to you. OTK hand spanking would be my first choice. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


reneerose~closetgirl said...

Love them! thanks!

reneerose~closetgirl said...

btw, just named your blog in my lovely blog award post here:

marita correa said...

Hello Spanko World!

There is only one month left to celebrate our special day
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Servitor said...

Actually, there are quite a lot more. This is a photoshoot from Janus, the British spanking mag.

And there is a blog, dedicated solely to reprinting (and publishing complete articles with ALL the photos from) British spanking mags. How the author escapes copyright action, I have no idea. But anyway:

This one was definitely in it, with maybe 20 photos or so. He did the ones with lots of photos early on I think, but it's not a well-indexed site so apart from telling you it's quite a while ago, I don't think I know exactly how to find it. There's a lot to go through. Perhaps someone has a submissive who needs a task?

That blog's nothing to do with me, by the way. Actually, my blog is If you do come and have a look at it, you'll realise that my interest in this photoshoot was rather more the lady holding the cane, than the one receiving it!

ronnie said...

Reneerose - What a lovely surprise. Really sweet of you. Thanks.

MC - Hello to you. Date noted. Thanks.

Servitor - Hello and thanks for the information and for yo0u link. I will definitely pop over when I have a little more time.