Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cushion saved my bottom

We ate in town recently

and I was lucky enough to have a nice soft cushion to sit on.

Why? Well for two reasons 1) that I'd been spanked and 2) that the seat, or at least the one I was given, was hardwood and unpadded, like a little wooden throne and I had to ask the waiter for a cushion. I did! And didn't I blush when he brought it back and P was smiling at me. You can see part of the seat, part of me and part of the cushion in the photos below which my husband was kind enough to insist on taking with his phone which for some reason has stopped flashing hence the blurrdness.

The place we were eating is a little bistro over 300 years old, with beams and nooks and crannies and reasonable food but not a place to go after you've been spanked, unless you like being reminded of your spanking throughout your meal of course, in which case I suppose it's an excellent place as all the seating is either solid wood or straw seats on wooden frames.

What got me spanked was my own fault really, I'd been whingeing about P's untidy habits, not serious whingeing and I suppose not serious habits really, it was mostly about him kicking shoes off all over the place and never putting them away, he had sandals behind a chair here, brogues under a foot stool over there, espadrilles in the hallway, trainers by the fireplace, it goes on. I put them all away for him and when he came home he complained he couldn't find any of his shoes.

They're all upstairs, I told him, where they should be. And that was the end of the matter until it was close to going out time.

When it was nearly time to go out he wanted a pair of light slip-ons as it was quite warm (yes we had a few warm days). He couldn't find them and called me from upstairs to ask where they were; I hate when he does that, calling loudly from one room to another and expecting an answer, I mean it's rude as far as I'm concerned and if it became accepted as a norm well things would obviously get ridiculous so I didn't answer him. Nor when he shouted a second time. He didn't shout a third time, he came downstairs looking frustrated that he couldn't find his shoes and angry that I hadn't answered him.

"It's polite to answer people you know," said my barefooted husband.

"It's impolite to shout from room to room," I countered sweetly, "why not put another pair on you've got plenty to choose from and they're all in one place now."

"So you did hear me then."

"Yes P, I'm not deaf but I soon would be if we always shouted around the house."

My husband didn't seem impressed with my reasoning. He strode across the lounge, sat next to me on the sofa and started to pull me across his lap. I said no, please, I'm ready to go out, my trousers will get all creased, I'll be too hot, my hair'll get messed know the kind of things that sound like excuses to men but are serious issues to us girls. Anyway my husband doesn't let excuses stand in the way when he's decided a spanking is called for, he did make a concession though...he stood me up.

"Take your trousers right off, fold them and lay them somewhere neatly."

"I'll come and find your shoes, P, I'll do it now." I tried to escape but he wouldn't hear of it.

"The only thing you'll do now is take those trousers off or I'll do it for you and you won't like that."

I took them off, they were white linen which creases too easily, my knickers almost came down with them, they were the M&S no pantyline ones which are wispy as anything, but I pulled them back up. I stood there, I don't know why because I knew what had to happen, perhaps I just subconsciously like hearing his voice when he tells me to bend over his lap. He didn't actually say that, instead he said I'd better get across his lap if I knew what was good for me. I got across.

"And you might as well have let these go with your trousers for all they're worth," said P as he lowered my knickers to my thighs.

He spanked me hard and fast, have I ever told you my husband's hands are capable of inflicting considerable pain? I sometimes forget how strong they are, I mean he doesn't do manual work but his hands are still so bloody strong and I was struggling from the first spank. Of course it was no use, he just held me firmer and spanked harder,

No this one isn't me (I think a Red Charles picture but don't have a link)

it went on for some minutes and I could hear his breathing raised and my own struggling became so violent that my knickers ended round my ankles and I thought I heard them rip I was kicking so much.

When he finally stopped I just slumped, exhausted and sweaty, snuffling because I get a touch of hay fever but I'm sure it sounds to my nearest and dearest as if I'm crying.

"There, let that be a lesson to you, now you can go an fetch my shoes for me and we'll get going."

"P, I'll need a shower, I told you you'd make me all hot," I complained, "and look at my knickers the seam has split."

"You don't need a shower at all you'll cool down, the only thing that'll stay hot is your backside. Now go get my shoes or you'll be back across my knee."

I scooted off and up the stairs, knickers and trousers in hand. I found his shoes easily (what's wrong with men, they can find things when they're untidy) and then pulled my knickers on, I'll be taking them back to M&S by the way, and my trousers which felt somewhat tighter. I looked in the mirror and twisted round to see if there was a glow, there wasn't but it felt like there should be.

So, that was what got me into the situation where I needed a cushion. Now I haven't got time left to tell you about what we ate or talked about or how my husband's hand was on my bum as we walked through the town back to the car on a lovely balmy evening, or how I was so horny by the time we got home I think I could have come just from touching, or that our son's car was back in the drive when we parked up and he was inside with a girlfriend and I didn't get what I wanted, but at least I told you about the spanking:)



Bas said...

Hello Ronnie,
It's amazing how the world changes with a bit of warmth and sunshine.
What will never changes is male ideas about tidyness. My Lisa once had this wonderful idea of putting all my shoes in shoeboxes in my closet. For me that is the same as throwing them away. I don't know what kind of shoes I own. Have been wearing the same pair now for ages. I am not going to search through all those boxes. Her shoes are in boxes too, but she not only knows which shoes are in every box, but she also knows when and where she bought them, when she wore them and which friends already commented on each separate pair with "Hey Lisa, you've got new shoes!".
Well, Let's just say that I understand that tidying up man-shoes is as spankable an offense as not answering when he calls in distress.
Speaking of spankable offenses. You should not let P go into town with a malfunctioning Flashlight on his phone. Taking blurry photos of lovely ladies is not comme-il-faut.
Isn't it time to get the keys back from your son? These visits are very disturbing.

Susie said...

What impresses me is that you didn't blush when asking for the pillow!

Hermione said...

What impressed me was, they actually had a pillow handy to give you. They must get a lot of spanked customers.

A lovely story.


SNP said...

A great story...glad for all you were able to tell us about:) I am jealous of the 300 year old bistro.
Sounds wonderful, too.

PK said...

These are the stories that have me green with envy! He wasn't spanking you for tidying up his shoes, or even for not answering. He spanked you because he's your husband and you've given him the right to spank you when you annoy him. I love it. I find myself trying to annoy Nick hoping for the same results - not so far, but I 'm not giving up!


Minelle Labraun said...

Great story! I love how your relationship sounds. I agree that I am amazed you asked for the pillow with a straight face. As to the laters....I too have teens that are around at inconvenient times!If they even suspected they would be horrified :)

Red said...

Ronnie; A wonderfully hot story to read. Exceptionally good to hear that P takes the initiative to spank you when he thinks it is needed, but who can tell if you were not intentionally bratting just to be spanked.
However, using a cushion ...tsk tsk.. was that a ploy to be spanked again when you got home???

and why can you both not make love quietly when son is at home.

We are so very fortunate that children are all gone, and can spank and make love loudly at any time of day or night.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what did you have to eat? (asking the important questions here). Sounds like a good time was had by all.

Ana said...

What impresses *me* is that you know the names of all those shoes!! :)

I hope you hadn't ironed those much work to look nice and linen crumples if you look at it!

The night sounds lovely, and I can just imagine how grateful you were for the cushion. It probably only helped just so much, though.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you asked for a cushion! Too funny:)!!!

Great post, also.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy how your real life situations become erotic spanking stories. I love the way you and P communicate.

Thank you for posting this very amusing account.


PS. I am guilty of yelling in the upstairs rooms. It must be a gender thing.

Dee said...

Is it my imagination, or is P spanking you pretty regular lately? :)
The restaurant sounds lovely, and they supply cushions too? What more does a girl need :)

Dee x

sunnygirl said...

Lovely scenario. I envy your relationship with P. Love mine but a little jealous of yours.

ronnie said...

Bas - LOL. I have all my shoes in a box as well. It's time P had a new phone but he love his old Nokia and who am I to tell him to change:) Son has moved back in for now because of work. Thanks Bas.

Susie - Oh I did blush:) Thanks Susie

Hermione - LOL. We've been to the restaurant before and I've seen cushion on the throne type seats. Thanks Hermione.

SNP - There are a few old buildings in this particular town. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks SNP.

PK - I wasn't trying to annoy him just tidying up:) Thanks PK.

Minelle - Straight facce yes but I can assure you I did blush when he gave it to me. Thanks Minelle.

Red - I certainly wasn't bratting to be spanked all I did was tidy his shoes:) How on earth do you make love quitely, I can't.

Mick - LOL. Just for you. 2 beers, bottle of red wine. Starters - french onion soup, chicken liver pate. Mains - pork for P and I had trout on wilted spinach with a light sauce - Desserts. P had coffee and me a chocolate and orange souffle, yummy and a good evening. Thanks Mick.

Ana - Oh yes I ironed them as I hate creases in my clothes. Don't know why I wear linen:) I was there when P bought all the shoes. Thanks Ana.

Kitty - I can't believe P let me ask for a cushiion:) Thank you Kitty.

Joey - That's really very nice of you to say. Thank you Joey. I wonder how many other men doe the same.

Dee - Quite a bit more I would say:) The restuarant is nice, food OK but nothing really special and yes the cushion very welcome:) Thanks Dee.

SG - We all have a special and lovely relationship with our men/women each one different. We've been together for ever. Thanks so much SG.


Anonymous said...

We are packing to go to France and I'm at my wits end.Everyone asking 'Where's X ' and 'Have you put in Y'. Told them all that if they carry on and I drop dead with exhaustion they'll be sorry.....but if they bury me in the village cemetry I'll come back and haunt them all forever.Sarah,LD,UK PS You could do with mail order from Lakeland Plastics...tellya, boxes for EVERYTHING and on our doorstep

Blondie said...

It is kind of funny how the same type of things happen in so many households - men and their shoes and yelling out questions from another room.
I am so impressed that you asked for and got a pillow.
Sorry that things didn't get finished when you got home.

ronnie said...

Sarah have a good weekend and wonderful break. Thanks Sarah,

Blondie - Yelling from another room must be a gender thing. I was surprised P let me ask:) Thanks Blondie.


Lea said...

That was kind of the waiter to bring you a cushion. What seems glaringly obvious to us spankos probably didn't even cross the waiter's mind, I bet.

1manview said...