Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Spank and Tie

I picked up this item the other day - Spank Ties. Thought they would be ideal to use on holiday and small enough not to take up any space in the case even in hand luggage.

They wouldn't be effective as a spanking toy (my opinion) but to use them for light bondage fun would work as they are soft and flexible so no danger of any cuts or scratches and no keys to lose.

Maybe I'll ask P for a test run on the weekend:)



Michael M said...

It would be good to have a test report. I have seen them once or twice but not bought them.
I can imagine they would be "thuddy" rather than "spanky" if used on the bottom.

Autumn said...

Ohh, I like how versatile it is!


Dee said...

They certainly look versatile :)

Dee x

Anonymous said...

Right at first, it looked like candy to me. I guess you make up any number of jokes about that :).

under cover said...

They look good,not sure my Dom,would appreciate the pink colour,though lol...

Anonymous said...


Interesting concept. I hope you have some fun with them.


PK said...

I've never seen them before. It might pack more of a punch than you might imagine - think loopy johnny. But I do love light bondage so I might look into this.


PS thanks for my post idea today.

SNP said...


Anonymous said...

If you find the above impliment a little tricky to use, i could always offer you a well used leather soled slipper for P to use.

Correction Man.

Emen said...

I love the one with her hand tied to her leg. Great concept even if not for spanking. Can't wait to hear if you tried.

wordsmith said...

Look really good, restraining but in a gentle, civilised way.

sunnygirl said...

I'm thinking it may hurt more than you think. Will await your trial run.

Thanks for sharing and for sending PK her old post.

ronnie said...

Michael - I don't think P will be too keen on using it as a spanking toy but I'll ask if we can product test or perhaps leave it until we go away. Thanks Michael.

Autumn - Hello. That's exactly what I thought. Thanks for stopping Autumn.

Dee - I'll know better when we use them:) Thanks Dee.

Mick - To be honest they'll probably be just as much use as a candy cane is for spanking but I won't knock them until I've tried them:) Thanks Mick.

UC - Hello. I think P will be the same. Thanks UC.

Joey - So do I. Cheers Joey.

PK - Yes I should try before I knock them. I'll let you know what I think. I'm glad you re-posted it PK. Thanks.

SNP - Lets hope so. Thanks SNP.

CM - Thanks for the offer but P has one already and I wont be reminding him:) Thanks CM.

Emen - If P doesn't want to use one to spank me maybe I'll suggest I use one on him:) Thanks Emen.

Wordsmith - Yes an effective fun restraining toy.Thanks Wordsmith.

SunnyGirl - Feeling them I don't think so but you never know. PK's letter was very well written and I thought other might like to read it and possibly help others. Thanks SG.


Blondie said...

Well it might be fun for bondage but I think it would not be so great for spanking, it might be more irritating because I don't like things that are too light or that tickle. So let us know how it works and I will withhold judgement till you do.

abby said...

Looks interesting....can't wait to hear about your trial run. abby

Hermione said...

How very creative! They look effective but comfortable.


Daisychain said...

They look fun, Ronnie! Where did you find them? xxxxxxxx

SpankCake said...

I like the convenience...quick tying and untying! They do remind me of those foam wire hair rollers... what was the price point on these?


ronnie said...

Blondie - I think you could be right, fun for light bondage but not spanking but we'll see. Thanks

Abby - I may wait and give them to P for his birthday, that way I know he will test them. Thanks Abby.

Hermione - I tied one around one of my wrists and they do seem comfortable. Thanks Hermione.

Daisy - I got them from Ebay for £6.99. but after I noticed this UK site has them for £6.99 with free delivery -
(I need another lesson from our friend Hermione on linking:)) Thanks Daisy

SpankCake - Can't say about quick untying yet:) Yes, you right giant foam hair rollers. £6.99 from Ebay. Thanks SpankCake.


Steve said...

I think this is the first time I've ever posted on this blog, but, your post reminds me of something I've actually purchased.

I bought these about two years ago so my wife and I could add some new toys to our routine. I guess I can sum it up by saying that I was a little disappointed. They are definitely more 'thuddy' when used for spanking. I have no doubt that they could produce some bruising if one swung them hard enough. Having said that, my wife hated getting spanked by them. It was a "bad kind of hurt" according to her - not much sting at all, but just a thud. I had her try it out on me and I agree ... the sensation is almost annoying.

I really don't mean to be slamming this product, but within the spanking world there really are better implements. They are very mediocre for use as restraints as well. You'd be better to just use a silk tie.

Anyway, that's just my two cents!


ronnie said...

Steve - Hello and welcome. I think your right about them being thuddy and no use for spanking. Slightly disappointed to hear they are not much use for restraints either. Probably still ask P to try them. Thanks for letting us all know about them.