Monday, 4 June 2012

Liebe in Spanien

Love in Spain.

You know I love art and especially if it has anything to do with TTWD so when I spotted this little piece on eBay, I bid and won. Do you like it?

I'm going to frame it and give it to P for his birthday. It will be a little reminder of Spain.

Hope your week goes well.



MrJ said...

What a charming presnt!

bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

Very nice Piece reminds me of the last time i went to Spain, i wasn't wearing a bull fighters costume though and i was wearing a smile

Take Care


SpankCake said...

That spanking will definitely have the bulls seeing red!

Dee said...

Love this picture, great present Ronnie :)

Dee x

PK said...

Now that was a find. That will be a great reminder of your wonderful trip!


ronnie said...

Just running out the door but thought I'd quickkly reply to your comments.

Mr.J. Thanks.

Bob - Thanks. I hope he enjoys it.

SpankCake - I might just get an extra few swats:) Thanks SC.

Dee - I think he'll like it. Thanks Dee.

PK - It will definitely remind him. Thanks PK.


Emen said...

I love it too. You think it's comical but it's then it's very intense. Great find!

SNP said...

I think it is a very unique gift and he will love it. He will know you thought of him and it will be reminder of Spain. Nice find.

Michael M said...

Viva Espanha.

Holidays there might be getting cheaper any time soon. The Spanish seem fairly keen on spanking as well, if the internet sites are anything to go by.
Hope P likes the picture - sitting room or bedroom wall?

Red said...

Love the art, but exactly where do you plan to keep it on the wall? It will definitely be a conversation starter for friends and family...

Anonymous said...

Love the art piece, too! My maternal grandfather was born in Spain.


ronnie said...

Emen - I think so as well. Thank you Emen.

SNP - Yes definitely unique. Thanks SNP.

Michael - Thanks. I'm hoping were heading there this summer. Maybe office:) Thanks Michael.

Red - I thought of that AFTER I bought it:) Would definitely be a conversation starter but not sure I'd be comfortable putting it on the lounge wall. As it's P's present I'll leave it to him to decide. Thanks Red.

Kitty - Thank you. There is Spanish blood on P's mothers side of the family. We lived over there for a while so it's my favourite country. Always feels like home when we visit.


Julia said...

Love the pic and title! Being german, I can understand that. I love when a blog title grabs me like that! :D

overherlap said...

Love the picture Ronnie, I am sure you and P will enjoy it.... wish I had seen it :)


sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, The Pain, in Spain, stays, hot on your bot, alot. Would'nt you agree? Te! He!. By jove she's got it.

ronnie said...

Julia - Hello to you. I had to look Google the words:) Thanks for stopping by Julia.

Dave - I was lucky to have spotted it. Thanks Dave.

SOTB - I certainly would:) Thank you.


Elysia said...

I love this Ronnie. Have you given it to P yet?
Just noting that the text seems to be in German. What do you know about the piece?

marita correa said...

Hello Ronnie
I’m Marita, from Spain, I participate in the blog “azotes y nalgadas” and I would like to tell you something about this men, he is called a ” bandolero”, a bandit, a kind of Robin hood. These men lived in the nineteenth century, hidden between the mountains, they were very poor, and they assaulted carriages and they robbed rich people. There are lots of stories about them, but I never imagined one of them as a spanker. What a wonderful surprise!!
Thank you for sharing this lovely picture

Love, Marita

amigospanko said...

"Olé" Very good image!! Thanks.

Your blog is excellent! I'm Fer, the editor of the first blog of spanking in Spain and in Spanish. And the promotor with Ana K. Blanco of the 8th August as the International Spanking Day.
Marita, one of our best writers, has linked today your post.
Also your blog is linked.

Muchas gracias!

ronnie said...

Marita - Thank you for your comment. I am reposting picture tomorrow with your comment.

Amigospanko - Thank you. You are very kind. I have email Marita.

I will be linking as well.